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  1. Just changed my seal because it occasionally leaked and dropped in pressure. The seals were gone. The new seals are brilliant it's like having a new machine again and the shot is sooo much better.
  2. Whoooohooooo 27 is my lucky Number. My wife and I are 27, we live at number 27 we have 27 fish, we have 3 children and its drawn on the 9th (3x9=27) I was told about this raffle on the 27th, My birthday is on the 27th. What can I say its written in the stars.
  3. Don't be so impatient. I've paid too but maybe some are waiting to get their pocket money from the missis. Lol.
  4. I used to have a Mignon and loved it. For the money it's great. Step less, range of colours, clean, tidy on demand grinder which is pretty consistent. Compact too. I paired mine with my l1 and had great results.
  5. For the money a Mignon new is excellent. Compact range of colours and before i upgraded to a Eureka Olympus 75mm titanium burrs I paired my Mignon with my L1 and was very pleased with it. It's on demand, step less and very clean and tidy. Pretty consistent too. If I was on a budget again for a brand new grinder I would buy a Mignon. The flavours are better with my Olympus but depends what you are used to and what machine you have.
  6. RASD4651

    Should I ?

    Aaronb if you are getting that many sink shots as the actress said to the Bishop, you're not doing it right. Lol.
  7. RASD4651

    Should I ?

    I think a question has already been answered above with regards how good the L1 is in that there are very few second hand ones. That's because they are fabulous to look at, to use, to show off to your friends. Let me point out too that I change beans regularly and in three years I can count on one hand how many shots I've put down the sink. The L1 is so forgiving even a bad shot from it is most people's good shot. Sorry I've raved on long enough.
  8. RASD4651

    Should I ?

    I've tried a coffee from the Rocket which was very good but it was made for me by someone very experienced in making coffee. The thing with the L1 is consistency of great shot after great shot. And you don't need to be an expert to use it. Once you have your grinder set up to the L1 you'll never put a shot down the sink. Had mine three years just changed the piston and pf seals myself which was a doddle and like new again. If you are only drinking two cups a day not sure it's worth upgrading, depends how much you love coffee I suppose.
  9. RASD4651

    Should I ?

    Also my Eureka Olympus on demand grinder is very tidy does not spray everywhere. I think when you get s lever you will fancy another cup or two each day. I have about 4.
  10. RASD4651

    Should I ?

    Yes yes yes, the L1 is the perfect choice you won't regret it. I know it's expensive buy oh oh oh the coffee is awesome.
  11. RASD4651

    Spooky stuff.

    No just a regular dunelm tea towel I'm afraid.
  12. RASD4651

    Spooky stuff.

    OK so check this out. My tea towel was under my portafilter which at the time was leaking. I rang out the tea towel and placed it on the radiator to dry out only to be faced with a very eerie picture of what looks like a bat.
  13. Congrats w dog you lucky lucky thing
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