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  1. Adore my Brewtus and it's given sterling service over the last four years, although I've noticed that it's just recently developed a small leak around the steam valve. I'm based in the south west near Bristol- can anyone recommend somewhere to get it fixed locally? I could courier it further but would prefer to find a local option if possible. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Yes - PM me your email and I can send them over.
  3. Hugo, not as much to be honest. I would imagine I'll be in London at some point over the next couple of weeks. Whereabouts are you?
  4. This is still available, so I'll add that I'm based in Bath and work in Bristol, and will make it available at £130 for anyone wishing to collect.
  5. Yo man, hope this is the right Japes to 'friend'?

  6. I'm asking £140 for this delivered via courier. I bought this via the forum from Shrink (thanks again!) as an upgrade to a Mignon. it very much illustrated to me the difference that a grinder can make as part of the process. Quality of shots has been excellent, and has helped my shots to be far more consistent. Only going as I have something else in it's place now. Specs as follows: http://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/nuova-simonelli-mdx Manufacturer Nuova Simonelli Width 8.0 inches Depth 14.0 inches Height 23.0 inches Weight (lbs.) 30.0000 Watts 290W Volts 220/240V Case Material Stainless Steel Bean Hopper Capacity 2 lbs Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel Burr Diameter 64mm Material Stainless Steel The grinder itself is fully working and in good condition- plenty of life left in the burrs. The casing itself has a few knocks and scrapes but nothing that I would class as major. I'll endeavour to take pictures later this evening- available on request.
  7. I will have a nuova simonelli mdx available shortly that might suit you. 64mm burrs, step less adjustment.
  8. BTW Daz, the MDX grinder I have is in Bath- you're welcome to come and try it out any time if you're in the area. It's this model: https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/nuova-simonelli-mdx
  9. Appreciate it's a perhaps little over your budget, but I'm looking to move on my current grinder which is a Nuovo Simonelli MDX. I bought from another forum member and it's been a revelation; worlds apart from the Eureka Mignon I owned before. I'm looking for £150; let me know if you interested at all.
  10. japes

    First De-scale

    Would appreciate your guidance... Mid first-time descale of my Bewtus. Have flushed what feels like several litres of fresh water through after the descaled but still tasting traces of metallic descaled in water from the group head. How much water does your BB guide suggest for flushing, and are there any other tips worth noting? A search online lists other ideas about disconnecting and draining brew boiler but I'm loathe to start opening the machine up unless necessary.
  11. I believe this is the MDX model. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the very same via this fine forum (thanks Shrink). A great grinder that I've really enjoyed using and yields really good results. A fair match for Mazzer SJ's I'd say, and at this price, a very good buy for someone. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Hackney Pearl a little tucked away in hackney wick. The counter cafe over that way also good. Red brick at the pavilion is good, but not wondrous. Climpsons have improved over the last couple of years I think. If you get the chance to head in to brick lane way, then nude and allpress both worth visiting.
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