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  1. Just a quick update. I got a two hole from Bella Barista that fits and it was only £6.62. In case anyone is interested its the tip for a Quickmill Verona. Code no QM4WST
  2. Anyone know where I can get a 0.9mm steam tip for my La Spaz? I can only find US suppliers that want £40+ for shipping!
  3. First the chassis went rusty, even though it's stainless steel and I had to return it for replacement. Then the grinder wouldnt grinder consistently and apparently needed shimming, which I wasn't happy to do on a fairly new machine. Then the basket kept sticking to the group head, the spring in the portafilter was just not strong enough to retain it. See this post: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?21136-Video-of-Barista-Express-Basket-Sticking-to-Group
  4. Will only put a brief review now and come back later and upload some footage etc. Got sick of my Sage Barista Express as had nothing but issues with it and returned after 18 months and bought the La Spaz Vivaldi II. It was a lot more money but god can you tell the difference, this machine is glorious. There is nothing about it I do not like. Look at the difference in size between the machines.
  5. Have you tried using Clef as security?
  6. One.com is who I am with. They'll even install WP for you.
  7. Not really but if it's of use to someone I would. It's not foolproof to set up however,.
  8. I have a set of Wüsthof knives and they are brilliant. I use a Mirosharp ceramic stone to keep their edge and hone with a steel
  9. I have a spare DrayTek AP800 and that will easily cover a whole house. Google it. They're business grade
  10. All Jack Nicholson's fault
  11. I will when I reach 50 posts. Already sent an email to Chris's
  12. I'm in Essex. My friend came over last night (he used to manage a Costa) and he managed to froth a jug of milk to perfection in about 20 seconds. I called him a few names.
  13. Tried several different techniques, plunging the arm to the bottom of the milk, having it on top,or just below the surface, high pressure, low pressure etc but I cannot seem to get any froth onto my milk. I use cravendale semi skimmed and a thermometer but the steam arm seems to raise the temp to 60-70 before any froth appears! It takes about 15 seconds from chilled. Have looked at videos online and some make it seem easy, am I missing something fundamental?
  14. Group head and seal is spotless, cleaned every time the machine is switched off.
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