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  1. Got mine last week and it is great. Some of the comments about dangerous low TDS water are interesting given our central scotland tap water has a typical TDS of 18! This is lower than most are reporting on here after treatment with the OZ. I thought the OZ mineralisation cartridge would add more back, water from the OZ is showing a TDS of 6-8 typically? The difference in taste is surprising; presumably from the removal of Chlorine etc. The Peak jug tasted similarly good, but I always got resin beads in the water so stopped using it.
  2. Lol at the irony of this. A machine capable of accurately maintaining temperature and pressure with surprising accuracy and reliability is undone by 3cm of copper tubing! Do you know if the vesuvius or crem one suffer from this?
  3. Interesting. The steam boiler autofill was somehow causing the problem?
  4. I replaced the vacuum breaker back in July and it appeared to fix the issue (or something else I did!). However, the vibe pump failed a few weeks back and since replacing it the problem has returned. I cannot see any evidence of leaks. The problem only surfaces when the machine has been off overnight and cooled completely. When I get up in the morning the brew head is only 35C despite the machine being on for 45mins. One other observation is when the machine is left on for a long time, the 25s to first drip problem surfaces unless I perform a flush prior to brewing (which I do anyway). This definitely seems like a leak somewhere but I am struggling to isolate it and I am not keen to start randomly replacing parts unless I know they are defective! Any rhoughts?
  5. I got my niche a few weeks ago and I haven't used my specialita since. I find the specialita to be less clumpy than the niche and once dialled in for a bag of beans the timed dosing makes it super easy/fast. If you switch coffee or brewing method regularly the niche is untouchable, this is the reason I haven't used my specialita since getting the niche. I now have several bags of coffee open at the same time and switching between them is super simple, this just wasn't feasible with the specialita. In terms of taste I cannot tell any difference between the niche and the specialita. Interestingly I average 1.3% higher EY with the niche. So if you want to open a single bag of coffee and use it to completion the specialita is bullet proof and easy to live with. If you want to use several bags of coffee and switch between get the niche. You say you will relegate the breville to decaf duty; if you get the niche I would be very surprised if that happened for the reasons mentioned above...
  6. 7yr, intermittent pid failure, tank.
  7. The Osmio Zero seems like an amazing device for the majority of the country as a highly efficient way of reliably getting high quality water for coffee. Does it still make sense for use in scotland given the purity of water we enjoy? Our water is almost pure measuring <34ppm with a tds meter. gh/kh both measure <20 mg/l (it is below the sensitivity of the test). I therefore add bicarb and epsom salts to my water prior to putting in the machine typically yielding 100/50 th/gh water or I just go for the lazy option and put tap water into the machine knowing it will be slightly softer than optimal. I bought the peak water jug to filter out chlorine etc and the ability to adjust it appealed. This frustrated me because I get resin beads in the filtered water, but I can pick the peak filtered water blind so it got me thinking about proper water treatment and the obvious choice is the Osmio Zero. 1. I therefore wonder if it is still worth it for our basically pure water? What benefits will we see? 2. How much energy does it consume, I assume it runs 24/7? We dont really use a kettle so the ability to get hot water on demand is of limited use. The same is largely true of cold water because the tap water is so pure.
  8. I have checked the brew valves etc and no sign of leakage. However, I notice the brew manometer is steaming up. Is this likely to be the culprit?
  9. Central Scotland here so water is very soft. Tap water is 37ppm and filtered water is coming out at 24ppm (setting just below 2). I have put quite a lot of water through mine, > 60l. I ran some water through it on setting 4 and it came out 6ppm! Also no smell of fish after a month of use. However, I also have the bead issue. Didnt get a reply when I sent them an insta message...
  10. I have a 2013 Expobar dual boiler and recently I have noticed the group head isnt getting hot. If I lift the lever up half way (before pump engages) water can be heard gurgling (presumably filling the brew boiler) before it eventually comes out of the group. At this point the group gets hot. If I notice the group is cool and dont do this, it takes > 25s for the first drips to show compared to a typical 12s. I have had a look at the machine and the only obvious fault I can find is the vacuum breaker on the steam boiler. This is obviously leaking and failing to close as it should. Other than this the machine appears to operate normally and I cannot see any obvious other leaks. N.B. I did notice a small leak from the pump lever when the machine was cold a few months ago. It seemed to resolve itself and I took no action. Things I have tried: 1. I replaced the E61 group components in 2018 (link to kit: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/espresso ... d-kit.html). The lever had become difficult to move and the drain valve was failing to open which was resolved by this kit. 2. Descale - no scale found, made no difference. 3. I replaced the temp probe approx 9 months ago after the original failed. I definitely need to replace the vacuum breaker, but is there a way I can pinpoint the fault so I can purchase the right replacement components? TIA,
  11. Are the holes always in the same place? When I switched to the vst baskets I found I was getting holes around the edges. Fixing the distribution cured the problem for me.
  12. Thanks, Did you adjust it up to 1.3 yourself? I assume it was pretty easy?
  13. Is that with the steam boiler running at 1.1-1.2 bar? I bought the 2-hole tip when I bought the machine but havent tried it yet.
  14. It looks like you got the milk too hot. 65c should be the max temp reached as beyond this the foam starts to break down (and lose sweetness). Plan to stop steaming at 60-62c which allows for it to rise a little further after you stop. I thought your use of the ikea whisk was great by the way and should certainly help homogenise the milk/foam.
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