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  1. I think they had one to try, but decided to concentrate on the Dalian. I like it though. Four hours faultlessly, so far, this morning.....
  2. No, it's a Bideli, not a Dalian. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi @DavecUK, 1, when I first posted, I hadn’t seen the RCD trip, hidden behind the MCB switch, when I reset the RCD, power was restored. Yes, it tripped two consumer units as well as it’s own RCD, an SQO 120EB6 B20 MCB and a CPBR 321 B32 0.03A 2 The Bideli has a 32A Plug, power goes up to 4Kw 3. First trip was around an hour from first swithed on, second was around 10/15 minutes after being switched on. Since then it ran for around an hour last night, (2 roasts) and been on for about an hour this morning, (one roast) so working fine for the last 2 hours of operation. Including some time at 4kw, but usually I only go up to around 3kw. I have a multimeter, but not sure how to use it! The heating element was on both times it tripped. I can’t measure the power on the 32A supply(?) I’m afraid. Roaster is in a saperate building, some modern (4 years ago) wiring, some old. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I’ll have to to check if they are RCBO’s or RCD’s in the morning, but the machine, the nearest consumer unit and main consumer unit, all three tripped. After I reset them all, it tripped all three again after about five muniutes at 3kw, I then restarted it, let it run for around 30 mins, then nervously roasted two further batches successfully with some of the roast at 3kw. Water spray in one hand and fire extinguisher in the other....... I’ve got an electrician coming tomorrow, hopefully to rewire where the Amazon gets it power from, so that should eliminate dodgy wiring between the roaster and the main unit. Many Thanks,
  5. I’ve a problem with my Amazon Bideli which has worked fine since I got it from Bella Barista a few months ago. I was roasting my third 1Kg when it tripped both the consumer unit which feeds it and the main consumer unit. There is power going into the machine but nothing comes on. Everything looks ok, no obvious faults inside the unit. Anyone with any ideas? I’m pretty desperate as I need to roast around 15 kilos tomorrow! Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. That's correct, although I'm not sure about the exact figures, I thought the machine was valued at around £700. I've had mine for about a month now, but don't remember an nasty surprises in terms of VAT/Duty. Absolutely delighted with the machine.
  7. Got mine a few days ago. Delighted with it so far!
  8. Hi @Ted_Kent, can I ask where you got the flexible flue from? Thanks!
  9. Many thanks @The Systemic Kid for the grinder, absolutely delighted with it. Great to meet you and Mrs TSK today and many thanks for the help.
  10. Convinced! Thanks both. @The Systemic Kid, I'll have it, as long as we can arrange a mutually convenient meeting point, I'll send you a PM.
  11. Thanks @Rhys. It would be for retail mostly (I'm setting up a coffee roasting business) but would be nice to have it for in house use as well. I have a Niche, but am curious to try the EK43. As it is mostly for business though, it would need to satisfy French Press users, that like pre-ground coffee. Would the average customer notice any difference in the burrs? I should have tagged @The Systemic Kid to my original message as well!
  12. Hi, is there any disadvantage in using the Turkish burrs for coarser grinds over the standard burrs? Where in the North West are you? I'd be coming from north Wales.
  13. Thanks @Scotford, having attended several times, but unfortunately not really paid attention to the coffee bars, your estimate "feels" right. I appreciate all your comments, especially regarding being efficient. I'm fairly confident about having the best coffee on site, going on previous events, but understand that people are reluctant to queue!
  14. Many thanks for the comprehensive reply @Scotford That's very useful. Not sure if it was clear in my OP that there would be six coffee outlets, so wouldn't singlehandedly be dealing with 150,000 people. 150,000/6= 25,000. Over eight days is a potential of 3,000 people per day. So would expecting to sell 500 - 1000 drinks over a 10 hour day be realistic?
  15. That’s really interesting @MildredM Thanks!
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