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  1. I had a rocky years ago and did the top burr carrier mod with Teflon tape (I think). Removed the play and allowed the burrs to get closer. You should be able to find a few threads as this mod was popular and easy. Hope it helps!
  2. Not normal compared to my machine. Assume you are hitting the first notch with the gear so only line pressure. If you look at the pressure gauge, it shows the mains pressure about 2-3 bar (hard to tell from the video) and then drops to zero. Weird unless Kees changed the latest versions - Pm EricC as he has a new model. My speedster (2 years old) stays at line pressure of first notch and jumps to pump pressure on second notch. Suggests you have a blockage somewhere.
  3. I've also used Ferrari Espresso a few times now for my Electra Nino and they have been excellent. My most recent problem was the single doser was randomly and automatically firing so it was becoming impossible to leave the nino on or change the settings (mountains of ground coffee on the floor). I called Frank and he helped me diagnose the problem over the phone and ordered me the correct parts. All fixed and happy and will definitely be continuing to use them.
  4. What did you descale with? Could it be aluminium flaking off the inside of the boiler? Do a quick google on this. Not sure how healthy this would be to drink or if this is even the problem but wanted to at least mention the possibility.
  5. I used it earlier tonight and it worked.
  6. Good luck with the sale Eric. For everyone else, I bought Eric's first nino and can confirm it was in immaculate condition. I doubt I'd ever sell it. Paul
  7. Mrboots2u - Lancaster - L1 - ek43 Systemic Kid - Preston, N West - L1 - Arrarex Caravel - EK43 - HG One - Quest roaster - VSTII refractometer dfk - Newcastle, Gaggia Classic, Arrarex Caravel, Eureka Zenith Club 65E, Compak K8 Milanski - London, Silvia PID, Mazzer SJ (additions to come: Mazzer Royal and Arrarex Caravel) Coffeechap - varied and changing lever machines varied and changing grinders, but happy to help M4lcs67 - Halifax, West Yorkshire - Gaggia Classic, Eureka Mignon Thecatlinux - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - Rocket Evo 2 , Mazzer SJ repeat - Strathaven, Lanarkshire - Speedster, Elektra Nino, OE Pharos, Lido
  8. thanks - still debating the inline carbon filter. Should be plumbed in by the end of next week. Any recommendations on a carbon filter system? Was born and brought up in Ayrshire as well but now just up the road in South Lanarkshire.
  9. Thanks for the input. Water is definitely much nicer here of that there is no doubt. I'll skip using the brita filter and see how it goes.
  10. thanks jeebsy. Are you seeing any scale build up or doing any descaling?
  11. After almost 20 years in the London area I've just moved back to Scotland. Of course for the weather and to get my vote in. :-) However, I have a more important question - would you use a water filter? The water is soft and the pH is right around 7. Don't smell or taste much chlorine. Down south the water was rock hard and I used a Brita Quell ST C300. My machine has to be fully plumbed in. Anyone in a soft water area using a filter and if so why? Can't see the need but wanted to check with you guys. Cheers!
  12. Dave, great to meet you yesterday, pick up the coffee and to see the range of equipment you have. Especially the roaster and the 001 Duetto! My wife and I had a couple of latte's this morning and the coffee is excellent. Cuts through the milk really well. Tasted a quick espresso and it has a deep spicy flavour on my palette. I plan to test over the coming days (as it degases) and will report back but I'll certainly be picking up my regular supply from you. Cheers!
  13. I'd be interested in 500g. However if you want to switch me out with someone who can take 1Kg off your hands I'll understand.
  14. Dave, I live a few miles from byfleet and would be very interested in this arrangement.
  15. Had the nino a couple of years and used every day. Change beans every month or 2 and is very forgiving and adjustments are just small tweaks. Much easier than the SJ.
  16. Congratulations Doggycam! I am very excited for you! Can't wait to see some pictures in situ. CoffeeChap - top job on the draw. Appreciate all the efforts you and Glenn go too and apologies if that hasn't come across. Paul.
  17. Lol. What rules? Did you read the first post?
  18. I don't agree and I think you are out of order. I'll be on a plane when the additional tickets are offered so can't even participate. So you are directly impacting my odds. So you are saying tough luck. Is that the spirit of the forum? Anyway, what's the rush? If we need to pay for the machine then let's collect the money from those in now. If the forum is going to fold because it's £100 short, I'd gladly put some more cash to the forum via PayPal but to suggest we are out of order is ridiculous.
  19. From an extraction standpoint from what I can tell it doesn't look so bad. Maybe a bit of wdt as you seems to have a dead spot which suggests it could be more packed with coffee. Personally, I would go extreme and try and find sour by coursing up the grind and letting it run through (without major channeling) in about 20 or so seconds. Fine tune from there.
  20. The article was a nice read. Did you checkout the cost of the coffee in the webshop? Cheque please!
  21. From my understanding tds is all dissolved solids in water. Organic, inorganic, etc. the figure I gave for tds is where the best tasting water is apparently. Hardness is a measure of how much calcium and magnesium carbonate are in the water. This (limescale) is the bigger problem as it has limited solubility and therefore comes out of solution easier during boiling and cooling. I would think it's the main component of tds. I use a kit that tells me specifically the water hardness in German degrees. Before filter around 20 which is hard. After filter, 3-4 which is the upper recommendation from kvdw. I can send you my test kit (ph, hardness) in the post if you pm me your address.
  22. From what you are telling me the filter is removing hardness but I have no idea how effective it's being. Have you a way of measuring the hardness rather than the tds?Never used a tds meter so no idea what readings you can get.
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