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  1. Not one I'd looked at, but it looks like it could be an option, I'll measure up some space and see if it could fit. I feel like it's the requirement to also use the same grinder for brewed methods might be the one I drop, as that seems to limit the options quite a lot.
  2. Haha, thanks for that - good to know! You're happy with yours though right? Out of interest, what do you think the 'best' grinder would be in my price range? I hear you, I've considered things like this - it's just a bit too big and I'd need to keep the Vario for brewed coffee, my kitchen would basically become a coffee preparation space only, and while that suits me, I'm not sure it would sit well with my partner! Is it safe to say you would go for one of the smaller grinders with flat burrs if you were in my situation space wise? (eg. the Forte)? Thanks both for your replies!
  3. Looking for some more opinion/advice on the old home espresso grinder problem. I've confused the hell out of myself if I'm honest, I thought I nearly knew what i was doing, and then I started researching grinders! I've got a Vario which i bought back in 2013, and a Sage Dual Boiler. I've had my eye on a mini linea for a while, but I'm not sure if upgrading the machine is really required at the moment, and I might be able to start getting much better results by upgrading the grinder, and then deciding if a machine upgrade is worthwhile. I drink lighter roasted coffee usually, and I've found with some lighter roasted single origin coffee (roasted for espresso) I get a big increase in flow part way through the shot and often very quick extraction times, even when grinding nearly as fine as my Vario will let me. So, here's the problem: I'd happily pay up to £1000, maybe more if it's worth it. I live in a small flat, and sitting a commercial grinder in my kitchen isn’t really an option right now. I can't decide between things like flat burrs and conical burrs, single dose / low retention would be a bonus for the way I use it at home. I'd also like to use it for brewed coffee (usually a v60) if possible (but could potentially get a steel burr set for the vario and use that for brewed) If you were in a similar situation, would you buy: Niche Zero Lux D Baratza Sette Baratza Forte Another one that I've missed/not seen? I like the look of the Niche, it’s just the conical/flat burr question that's making me hesitate, and also the idea that if i upped my budget by a few hundred quid I'd be in commercial territory, although I've read that the Niche grinds as well as a £1200 commercial job. Any help/advice/opinion would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, I've had a look around for the same problem, can find similar but not exactly the same I don' think, so - My Gaggia is only a few months old, it was working fine until this morning, when the coffee just never started to flow out of the portafiller. I did my usual, put it on and the pump comes on with it's usual noise, then at the point when the coffee starts to extract, nothing. So I tried again, easing up on my tamping pressure, still nothing. Tried again with a coarser grind and less pressure still, nothing. A lot of water flows down the small silver pipe when I switch the pump off again, and sometimes there's a pool of water sat on top of the coffee inside the basket. Water flows out if I turn the pump on with no portafiller attached, and with the portafiller attached but with no coffee in the basket. My suspicions after reading this forum are that one of small bits inside is blocked (I think I'm in a pretty hard water area, too.) Should I pursue de-scaling (things I'm just leaning about today, so bear with me) first, or is this unlikely to help? Really don't want to have to take the thing to bits - I'm not sure of a warranty, I got it in January so I'm hoping it's still covered. Apologies if I'm posting asking for help with things I an find on here, there's a lot of posts so I'm still looking, just wanted to throw something up in case anyone had any ideas.
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