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  1. Need to get these posted ASAP! Any takers for £12 posted?
  2. Thanks. Alternatively if it's not gone by this time next week, I'll do it for £30
  3. Hario Mini Mill, unused! Some minor scratches (See photos) - need it gone quick as moving house, so £15 including postage to mainland UK.
  4. Moving house very soon and need to get rid of last few coffee and tea bits hanging around, so these 2 pots up for grabs. The glass one has never been used, the grey one used but in excellent condition. Both approx 300-400ml. £15 posted to mainland UK. Also selling Cafflano Klassic on other thread.
  5. For Sale: Cafflano Klassic. Only used a handful of times before I moved back to the old 'hand grinder in an aeropress' but nice bit of kit. In excellent condition as you'd expect. £40 posted to mainland UK. Clearing out coffee gear before I move! Also selling 2x teapots - see other thread. Happy to combine postage.
  6. I have a Cafflano Klassic to sell - one of the earliest models (I guess 2015-2016?) but the design hasn't changed AFAIK. Just hardly ever used it! Probably used 5 times in total. Now looking to sell as we're moving house (and have a bunch more stuff too!). I think I'd probably ask £45-50 as it's selling for £80 on Amazon? Also an enquiry on job lots - I have a few bits of coffee and tea gear, and wondering if there would be any demand for selling as a big job lot, eg Hario hand grinder, 2x teapots, 2x milk jugs, for eg £25 posted ?
  7. In fact will do the mini mill for £20 posted as I need it gone before we move! ?
  8. Hi @Doodlegame, you can replace the burrs in the porlex, but you wouldn't need to on this one in my opinion - it's not had much of a hard life, it just needs a clean but there's loads of life left in it. Perfect for aeropress (that's what I used it for) - in fact if I remember right it even fits inside the tube part of the aeropress making it easier to transport. Josh
  9. Hi @ashcroc I haven't measured it - happy to if you like, but it's brand new never been used so don't want to fill it with water if I don't need to. I would estimate approx 350-400ml. Let me know if you'd like exact! Josh What size is it?
  10. French Press SOLD - Glass teapot still available if anyone fancies it? Will take it down to £12 inc postage - need to sell before we move house!
  11. Hi @rob177palmer - capacity to spout is actually just over a litre - I guess Dualit are playing it safe and taking usable capacity. Let me know if you're keen ?
  12. Hi @rob177palmer - capacity to spout is actually just over a litre - I guess Dualit are playing it safe and taking usable capacity. Let me know if you're keen ?
  13. Will do Rob - spec here says 880ml - I'll double check for you. https://www.dualit.com/products/cafetiere
  14. Dualit Stainless Steel Cafetiere - love this, but never use it, so getting rid of it. In VGC. Makes a bunch of cups. Insulated, double filter. £22 posted. Birchall Glass Teapot - brand new, boxed. £14 posted (with lots of bubble wrap!)
  15. Two hand grinders for sale - a Hario Mini Mill, unused but has minor scratches to the plastic, and a used Porlex Tall, which I've used pretty heavily and the handle has worn slightly - though it works and doesn't slip. Also needs a clean! More pics for both if needed Mini Mill - £25 posted (mainland UK) Porlex - £12 posted (mainland UK)
  16. For Sale - Kruve sifter - originally backed on Kickstarter, used very lightly. Comes with box, 11 sieves - 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 micron - most not used! - and also the holder stand. £45 posted to mainland UK - happy to send elsewhere just ask for cost.
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