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  1. OE Pharos 2.0 ready for Milano Barb and Doug
  2. I think that most coffee gear makers recognize the growing lack of respect for intellectual property these days for manufactured objects..particularly if the item can be made by CNC machining. But I do want to take a moment to address a seeming misconception referencing China or Chinese knockoffs..... Orphan Espresso has come up with quite a few ideas over the last decade or so and our products have been adapted into identical or similar products, with no recognition and certainly no compensation ( read ripped off). Espresso dosing funnels and cylinders, pour over brew stands, manual grinders, Compak mini hopper, even our entire espresso parts business model....and none of our admirers, so far, have been Chinese companies or individuals. Our $10K cost to patent our latest whiz bang idea will have to be passed on to the consumer as the get in first, make your money, and move on model does not hold up well in today's coffee gear market/environment, particularly if any long term investment or slow return on investment is involved. Even a patent does not deter a copy cat ( refer to the OCD, whch claims a patent, now available from a German company) but most distressing is supporting the copy cat because their take on the idea is more economical. I don't want to step on any toes (bad for business), but there is certainly a lot of smarmy behaviour in an area defined by "I just want a good cup of coffee". Just sayin'.
  3. And as a west coast frequenter of hip cafes, a bro'spro is an espresso served with no saucer. The term is used by the same people who greet my wife and I with "hi guys". 'Spro is indeed cringeworthy but this guys thing really bugs us.
  4. We have determined that our Swiss burr is superior in many ways (precision manufacture and easier turning are two) so going forward we are using this burr exclusively in all the Lido variants. Lido E has all aluminum body parts (and of course plastic hoppers) so the weight is about the same as Lido 3 . The precision burr has forced us to add a bearing above the burr to remove the adjustment ring threading from the alignment system (an espresso centric grinder will be operating at an extremely small burr gap so precision becomes criticall all through the machine) . The adjustment system is fine thread pitch so the espresso range ( considerations of machine, bean, atmospheric conditions and phase of the moon made here) is about 1/4 revolution of the adjustment ring..but frankly the is only one set point at any given set of variables, it is just that this one point is a bit easier to find with fine threading and we observe that many people prefer constant dialing in of the espresso grind vs manipulation of dosing and pre infusion for flow control and the fine threading gives more feedback to the user for small setting changes. As for speed, not the essence for coffee grinding, in our opinion...uniform particle size is more essential than speed....speed is nice but we use hand our hand grinders all day every day and find there is plenty of time for other pursuits.
  5. The Lido 1 outsold the Pharos by about 2 to 1....likely due to many more people hand grinding for all the different brew methods than using a manual mill for espresso day in and day out. By changing the parts manufacturing methods from cutting to casting we are making the Lido 2 a scalable product and we will likely approach building the large conical into an espresso centric grinder not unlike the Pharos at some point in the future. For now we finish the Lido 2 and then see where these hand grinders take us.
  6. Hello all...good to see a bit of notice of the upcoming Lido 2 manual grinder on the UK board here. We just gave the first look showing of the complete prototype at Coffee Fest Seattle with a very good response to all of the new features on the grinder...very user friendly not to mention quite beautiful overall. We plan to reduce your dependence on purchasing retail from OE by using stockists in your countries. Our target price is 175 USD but have no problem with your local brick and mortar underselling our website price. We are currently about 2 months behind schedule (due mainly to our obsession for getting even the smallest bits right), that and 3 rounds of prototyping! Apologies that our promotion lacks the entertaining pizzazz of the C40....just plodding along here, knowing that if done right the Lido 2 will generally promote itself. Thank you for your interest in our latest project Barb and Doug Garrott Orphan Espresso
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