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  1. For anyone who has received their Aergrind, which Kickstarter tier were you in?
  2. I was definitely not expecting to find a filter in that location. The amount of debris accumulated after a decade in service was negligible, but the pipe is narrow and the filter material is dense, so it was reducing flow to a tiny trickle. It was just enough to top up the boiler after steaming without hitting the 60 second limit, but anything else was a no-go. Very happy I got it resolved, and I don't want anyone else to go through it!
  3. I've recently been doing some major renovation on my 10 year old original model Duetto, and I ran into a very frustrating issue where the flow to the group was perfectly normal, but I was only getting about 80 ml/min into the steam boiler when it needed to fill. I spent a while checking flow at various fittings, disassembling the solenoid valve and removing the armature to see it was impeding flow (it wasn't), even swapping in a new pump. I couldn't figure out how the group was getting normal flow until I unscrewed the fitting indicated in the photo which I had previous avoided because I was concerned about damaging the pipe. Inside there is a little steel wool filter with a tiny amount of debris which was almost completely obstructing the flow. To clean it out, I removed the solenoid armature (the moving part inside) and hooked up the fitting backwards with some flexible rubber hose and used the boiler fill call on the pump to backflush the filter. It's now working perfectly and I just wanted to post my experience in case anyone else comes across this problem in the future. Another tip I have found useful is to mark the orientation of the two sides of the fitting for the long copper pipes so you don't need to play around with the alignment to get everything back together. This is especially frustrating with the hot water tap pipe since you need to remove a ton of fittings and several electrical connectors and pull the whole steam boiler out just to adjust it.
  4. You don't have a problem with a business owner ignoring a customer trying to contact them three times? I wanted some extra o-rings and rubber bands, and asked him to include them with my order in an email in Aug 15. Two further emails were also ignored, and he is still providing no shipping confirmation. As I said, he is simultaneously doing really well and still completely missing the mark on even the most basic level of customer service.
  5. Ordered 14/8, shipped 19/8, arrived here today in Canada. Not a peep out of Peter, and three emails ignored. It's amazing he manages to simultaneously do so well and still miss the mark by so much.
  6. I agree completely. I wasn't aware how much the dealer situation had changed since I last ordered from him, and I'm never going to tell people to order direct again. The really annoying thing is it would actually have been cheaper for them to order from Dear Green because Peter charges £20 for international shipping, so they have paid an extra £5 to wait a month or two for their grinders. I'd tell them to cancel and re-order if I thought there was even the slightest chance Peter would reply to the order cancellation request.
  7. Unfortunately it still seems to be business as usual over at Knock. A large batch of Feldgrinds was released for sale this month, and I sent several friends to order one as they were added, not realizing Peter now has distributors with stock who could have shipped to North America. He hasn't made any more available for a few days now, which I assume is a good sign, but nobody seems to have heard a peep out of him for quite a while. I've emailed questions several times and received no reply, but I kind of expect that from prior experience. I noticed someone just complained on Instagram about an order from June 24. I always tell people what to expect, but it's embarrassing having to explain that the product is amazing, but the customer service is legendarily bad, and their grinder will arrive at an unknown time in the coming months without any prior notice. I really don't understand why Peter hasn't taken someone on to help build grinders or deal with emails. It's been two years for the Feldgrind, and three years for the Hausgrind, and he is still totally unable to keep up with demand or provide even the most basic customer service.
  8. It only comes with one rubber sleeve now. The Porlex rubber sleeve fits well and only costs 3 quid at hasbean.
  9. My first cup was very slightly overextracted but still very tasty. I'll be drinking a lot of coffee in the new few days since I'm also testing the LIDO 3. The LIDO grinders are great, especially if you're grinding for a crowd. I was grinding 400g/day for my family for a couple weeks at Christmas, and it was absolutely miserable weighing out several lots of beans and filling the hopper over and over again compared to doing it all in one go with the LIDO 2 the previous visit. The Feldgrind is amazingly tiny and perfect for lightweight travel without a big checked bag. I absolutely love the solid grind adjustment mechanism compared to the LIDO locking rings. The Feldgrind is probably the best value hand grinder on the market right now.
  10. The new version is a nicely polished update to an already very nice grinder. The catch cup fit is definitely tighter, though certainly nowhere near as solid as the threaded jars on the LIDO grinders. The popper stopper fit is fine, but not snug enough to stay put with the grinder upside down. It sits about 6.5mm inside the body, which does reduce the hopper capacity slightly when it's used; in practice the difference is small since you lose beans if the hopper is full to the brim anyway. It's made out of the same plastic as the catch cup bottom, and unfortunately it won't fit the v1 pictured without turning out the centre hole a little bit more. The new knob has a rougher texture and spins more freely, but the latter isn't noticeable during grinding. The handle fit is machined slightly tighter than the v1, but again it makes no obvious difference during grinding. It's worth noting only one rubber sleeve part is included with the new version. The Porlex rubber sleeve is a great addition to the Feldgrind and I really think Peter should look into adding something similar. The internal mechanical design appears to be identical. That's slightly annoying in that nothing has been done to address my biggest annoyance with the grinder: when you load up the hopper for two cups, the bean column invariably gets stuck above the crossbar half way through grinding, which necessitates shaking the grinder to dislodge it. That's easier with the lid, though. The anodized finish may make a difference here, but I haven't had a chance to grind for two cups yet, so I'll report back when I know more. I took a few family photos before posting my v1 off to its new owner.
  11. I'd also like to know how tightly the lid fits. Does it have a gasket to hold it in place?
  12. I didn't see any posted since Saturday.
  13. I'm interested to see when the latest batch actually ships. There are still plenty of complaints about lack of communication and delivery on Instagram and Facebook. Some poor sod ordered a grinder back in October and still hasn't received it.
  14. Both the Feldgrind and the black alu Hausgrind, as well as some hybrid wooden models if they don't sell at the festival.
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