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  1. I'd heard they need a finer grind but didn't know they age faster. I have been drinking it exclusively as I think caffeine had been giving me headaches (which have now stopped). Im going to give caffeine another go though as this is causing me a headache any way [emoji23] Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
  2. To answer questions I missed, the basket is standard (I believe) and ridgeless. I distribute the grounds using 3 little needles in a cork, I've also tried with a latte art stick, no difference. Yep this is with decaf beans, they're about a month old now. I've tried dialing them in but just can't get them to a point that I can enjoy them - nearly finished the bag now and have been having in milk to somewhat mask the taste. Will try and take a video later. Thanks all. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks all for the responses. It doesn't taste very good at the moment. If I grind fine enough that the espresso doesn't come out instantly, then the pill is extremely hard, and it's over extracted (I feel). If I grind course enough that the pull takes a reasonable force, then the espresso is coming out almost instantly and is just horrible - under extracted. Im going to grab some recently roasted caffinated beans and see what I can do. Feel like I'm going mad [emoji24][emoji23] Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
  4. Hi @KTD. The beans are a few weeks old - but I've found the same with 1 day old beans and 3 month old beans. Grinder is the Made by Knock Feld2, manual hand grinder - 38mm conical burrs.
  5. Morning all, I've had my La Pavoni for a while now, and have suffered with these issues most of the time, but switching to decaf seems to have exacerbated it. No matter my dose, my grind, my tamp pressure - espresso always comes from the outer circumference of the basket first (donuting), and fairly quickly. I though that maybe this is to do with a bad fitting tamper but it is no worse than on my Gaggia Classic, and I do not suffer the same issues there. During pre-infusion espresso will start to come out of the basket very quickly (almost immediately sometimes) - however when I pull the espresso I think that the pressure I'm having to use is too much. If I adjust the grind so that the espresso doesn't immediately start coming out of the basket, then the pull is impossible (or maybe possible but with worry of breaking something). It's the stock basket, a cheap tamper (but fit seems reasonably ok), stock screen, and cleaned regularly. Any ideas? Thanks, Harry
  6. Thanks for your responses. I'll try the routines suggested and see how I get on. W/r to actually replacing the gaskets in the group... not sure. I bought my EP last year off of here and the gent said they were replaced fairly recently if I remember correctly. I did notice some damage on the upper piston gasket last time I looked, but I can't imagine this would effect the output, as long as the lower gasket is still fine. W/r to clean and lube, I do this every few weeks or so. One thing I had considered if the pressure. I imagine that if the pressure is too low this could mean that not as much water enters the group/displaces the air. I noticed in your thread MRS that your PSTAT was set a little low when you received it.
  7. Morning all, What sort of output are people getting using one pull (no fellini etc.) on their millenium machines with a double basket? I find myself getting ~25g from a standard single pull, this is whether I dose 12, 13, even 14 or 15gs. I've done a bit of searching online and from the small amount of info I've managed to find people seem to be getting 30g plus... Thanks, Harry
  8. The best I've ever poured, shame it's wonky.
  9. haz_pro

    Dog lovers

    I think my dog is broken.
  10. haz_pro

    Black Friday

    What is the CC one?
  11. haz_pro

    Dosing Cup

    I just use a chocolate shaker with lid off, works fine and you can get different widths.
  12. I visited this newly opened branch of Origin this morning. I believe they first started in Cornwall but now have a number of locations in London. I've not visited one of their shops before, nor have I tried their beans. I grabbed a latte to go, it was £3.50 (I think). The service was a little slow - might just be becaue the staff are still getting used to it, not sure. They had two beans in their main grinders, not sure which I got but unfortunately the coffee didn't cut through the milk very well for my drink. I may try a cortado next time. Origin are using the new La Marzocco Modbar espresso machines - I think one of the first shops in the UK to do so. I'll visit again for sure - probably when I need beans as, if you buy a pack of beans the coffee is free.
  13. I think he recommended not to take the feld 2 apart. Just to loose the burrs a lot and clean through the gap, which is what I've been doing although could get it cleaner if apart. Unsure why the burrs would be loose, from what I can tell its a fairly simple design. Have you tried stripping it down and and rebuilding?
  14. Reduced to £85 - desperate to avoid using a courier.
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