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  1. 5 min walk from city centre and you are at Gloucester docks. Couple of cafes there over looking the canals. Gets busy on a sunny weekend.
  2. Been using the 5 hole tip for over 6 years. Makes superb microfoam.
  3. too embarrassed to say! has to be an Austin Allegro Vanden plas then
  4. I use Tesco mobile. Had zero problems in fueteventura. Very strong 4G coverage . would image Mainland Spain would be similar.
  5. Another home made jobbie. Mine cost £28 to make, that included the bottle of Four Roses small batch Bourbon it came from . SS from an old food whisk. does the job
  6. a speedy recovery DFK. a real CFUK stalwart
  7. i am a gluten for punishment. being a tight wad buying the 5g sachets of molykote 111 off ebay, soon run out
  8. anyone got the Motta levelling tool? only cost a little more than the knock off OCD one!
  9. found an old kids rear view mirror in the glovebox, simply clips into drip tray and its on a ball joint. problem is, its not a vacuum chamber coated oleophobic one, bugger!
  10. From poundland Rotating magnified mirror. Does the job and saves a crooked neck
  11. what machine is it? could be milk in the boiler!
  12. New codes come to your email when you sign up to their newsletters only
  13. Waiting for my Peru Cochalan to be delivered
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