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  1. Hi there, yes mine is fixed now (got round to it yesterday!). I disassembled and checked the inlet solenoid first, but realised after that it is in the line to the boiler fill (not hx pipe) and is closed when deenergised so shouldn't be causing no flow at grouphead. Also took off the manifold to hx pipe which was all clear. Next up was the jet at the top of the brewgroup. The jet was blocked so I cleared it all up and now its running fine again. Thanks for all the tips.
  2. Cheers. Just saw the manifold solenoid! Oops. Bit trickier to get to but looks doable.
  3. Thanks for the tips, I'll try the brass jet after the manifold solenoid. I may not need to take pipes off the boiler but I'll see how it goes
  4. So I've had a look and the solenoid seems to be ok (holes all clear, springs ok), unless I'm looking for the wrong thing? Could it be the coil? Here's some pictures: If that's not the issue I'll have to start taking pipes out and checking for blockages. Any tips which pipes to take out first?
  5. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it's worth investigating the solenoid valve first. I've not had the cherub to bits before but I'll give it a go!
  6. Hi, I'm after a bit of advice about my Cherub. It has been out of action for a few months while I moved house. When I finally got round to sorting the machine out and making my first coffee I found that no water would come out of the group head. The steam wand and hot water tap work fine, and the pump also comes on as normal and after a few seconds sounds like it is working against resistance to flow (the same sound as when back flushing). I have taken out the screen and brass bit but still no joy. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips? I assume it has somehow blocked but I have no idea how to find/remove the blockage. Fracino quoted me rather a lot to have it looked at so I will either try to fix it myself or sell it on for someone else to fix/ or parts, though it seems a shame for a machine that has had so little use.
  7. Thanks for the estimate - sounds about right to me. Now I just need to decide whether I can really do without my weekend flat whites!
  8. Thinking of selling my Cherub due to moving house soon and lack of use. It was manufactured March 2013 and I bought it from a forum member in November 2014. Whilst I have had it I have only really used it once or twice on weekends and always used filtered water, back-flushed regularly and descaled so it has had a very easy life! It has a few small scratches here and there but nothing major and it polishes up nicely. Just wondering what these tend to go for nowadays?
  9. Lex_B

    HX machine

    Sounds good to me. Deal! Just need to arrange deposit payment and a time and place to meet.
  10. Lex_B

    HX machine

    Yeah, Romsey could work. Just looking at the last Cherub which sold on here which is the same year etc and went for £380. If you could come down to that price I could pay cash on exchange in Romsey?
  11. Lex_B

    HX machine

    Yeah, thanks for the pointer. Although I just realised that you're about 3 hours north of me which is a bit too far! Thanks though and all the best for the sale.
  12. Ah. I'm also too far away for collection down in South Wiltshire. I'd be after the Cherub too otherwise.
  13. Lex_B

    HX machine

    Thanks for the offer - if nothing comes up second hand in the next month or 2 I will probably be in the market for a new machine. I can't go without a machine for too much longer!
  14. Lex_B

    HX machine

    Thanks, but I am after a second hand machine as stated previously.
  15. Lex_B

    HX machine

    Yes you were very clear Dave - it didn't sound like an offer. Just to say, I would also be very interested if you did decide to let it go - sounds like a great machine which has been very well looked after. However, as it will be posted on the for sale section, I'm not sure there's any point talking about it on here! I will keep an eye on the for sale section too.
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