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  1. John Lewis and AO have the DTP for 250 at the moment, and Bella barista sells Eureka mignon manuale for 239. Should be within budget. Also AO do smart grinder pro for 160 if you want to go that route
  2. Quick update, mignon just arrived very quick, only ordered yesterday. Included was a packet of beans to sample and a packet of substandard beans to season burrs. Very impressed, just need DTP to arrive then we are off.
  3. Yep just down the road from me, sunny Haslingden
  4. Thanks for that, I see a trip to clitheroe coming up. (Hopefully they will have some redundant beans spare)
  5. Ok so if I hear her shouting about pumping harder, and hear thumping, I shouldn't worry, but expect a cuppa imminently. Cheers, what is seasoning the burrs? Do I need to do anything specific? I assume I will waste a fair bit of coffee trying to dial in at first. Got to be an improvement on my Nespresso though, and more environment friendly.
  6. Ok eventually made a decision, for my first espresso machine, just ordered a sage dtp and Eureka mignon, patiently awaiting their arrival. Been looking for a gaggia classic, watching sale threads and evilbay. Lost out on a few I bid for, then spotted a review of the DTP. Quick start up time PID and pre-infussion, sold itself. Sure I will be back on with some stupid question at some point soon. Now to start looking for some beans to grind for when it all arrives (and a set of scales). Wish me luck.
  7. Hexagram, have you now sold this to someone else? I've had no response from you
  8. No problems, it'll give me time to get a grinder. I'm happy to proceed. Shall we go to PM exchange details
  9. I don't mind faffing, was just wondering if we could get both types, she could use pressurised basket with pods. I could go whole hog with grinder tamping etc That way I could sell Nespresso machines, to put towards beans, new seals If pods in the gaggia are useless, I will have to keep a Nespresso machine for her.
  10. How bad is the coffee using pre ground or the pods? Can't see my wife going all in, she likes the convenience of the Nespresso, if it's not to bad using the above, I can get rid of the Nespresso and she can still pod
  11. Cheers, off to check that out as well.
  12. I've been looking at the sage pro for a grinder, also knock if I were going manual. (Admittedly didn't spend ages research manual ones)
  13. Thanks, must look up PID now, more research required.
  14. So, seriously considering an upgrade. Currently using either a moka-pot or Nespresso machine. (Stop laughing now) I'm toying with getting a gaggia classic, for espresso latte cappuccino. Seems to get much love on here. Seen a few second hand, 100-150 range. Appart from getting older model, anything I should look ou for?
  15. ciaran


    thanks guys, im hopefully off to look at either a 3 or 4cup pot today. As far as beans go i will check out that list thanks for the heads up, im hoping to see what my local dealer 'the coffee exchange' in clitheroe has on offer also
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    hi all, i'm new to the whole coffee thing entirely. My moka pot arrived today, and i made my first pot with some fresh ground kenyan beans from the local deli. Great start... apart from only buying a 1cup pot over the net, there idea of a cup of coffee and mine differ in size. So loved the taste, and got tips on brewing method on here lurking over last couple of days which helped. Next steps, looking forward to try out some different beans in future and also work out what size of pot I should of bought
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