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  1. FYI, the pressure stat went a couple of years ago, which I replaced with some excellent advice from Giovanni(?) at Elektros. He is your man for upgrades / maintenance of these machines, lovely guy. At the same time, I replaced the gasket, and I believe I have another one/couple of brand new one(s) around (although not entirely sure so not technically included in the sale. But if i can find it/them, they are included too.
  2. Hi @nightslayer, hope you are well. I am a little unsure whether you have agreed to buy or not ? :-)
  3. Up for sale is my beloved Oscar, which was an absolutely perfect espresso machine for getting a bit more serious with home espresso making. I bought this from coffee chap about 4 years ago, and its been an absolute pleasure. The outer casing is starting to show some signs of age, with a few scratches and marks, however the internals are going strong and the steaming power is as crazy as ever. I am selling with the following additional items as a package.. 1 x blanking plate for backflushing 1 x regular portafilter 1 x naked portafilter (modded by a coffeeforums member
  4. Your inbox is full again :)

  5. I seem to remember some cups I put up last year going within a minute, maybe my pricing is too low! :-)
  6. Hello. Without being next to it, I would describe the condition as being somewhere between 'good as new' and 'excellent condition' Only 9 months old and no mishaps or suchlike. I do not know of any marks on it (I have not noticed and cannot think why there would be any). I will be able to do a full 'under the magnifying glass' check on thursday evening, thats the best I can say for now, hope it helps.
  7. Due to my impending return to education, I am having to restructure a little bit, and unfortunately that means reducing my investment in coffee equipment for a little while. So up for grabs is my HG One grinder with the 83mm TiN aftermarket burr set, bought new in July 2014. The burrs are now perfectly worn in, I would estimate an average over the 9 months of 1.5 coffees a day. I am away for a couple of days so cant take any photos, however if its still unsold on Thursday evening I will post a few pics then For more info, please visit: http://hg-one.com/the-hg-one-grinde
  8. Hi, your message inbox is full, I can't send you a PM :(

  9. 1. Big_Fat_Dan 2. fluffles 3. Ratscallion
  10. Hello, had it for a year, most certainly suitable for a flat white!
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