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  1. Thanks all I will Dremel the end of it mod to give me another few months
  2. Getting fed up with renewing a dripping steam valve and just wondered if the new 2019 model uses the same bad design ? Thanks
  3. robti

    Coffee Compass Mystery 11

    So anyone have tasting notes for a flat white ?
  4. robti

    Coffee Compass Mystery 11

    8 was great, 9 was okay and I don’t like to talk about 10 although the rest of the family liked it
  5. If I remember rightly it’s just a matter of lid off and loosen the 2 Allen screws holding the valve and move it slightly and then check for clearance then tighten up
  6. Yes I’m on my 3rd order with it, others like that it’s not too strong
  7. Sorry missed the end of this thread as i had ordered, i went for the mystery no.10 although not as good as 9 or 8 but family like how its not too strong and i also went with the red roast so that will keep me for a couple of weeks then i will try the other suggestions on the next order Thanks
  8. Hi loking to put an order in tonight and looking for some recommendations for a bean for flat white coffees, no citrus or floral notes please ? Thanks
  9. dont need the code but do we still go through the banner for glen ?
  10. screwdriver and nick the silicone Argh, thanks for the tip
  11. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz 5. Nicknak 6. Inspector 7. Kitkat 8. Mrboots2u 9. Matt B 10. GeoffTucks 11. Robti
  12. i know what you mean consistant grind every time. although starting to get static in mine Dave whats that under the camera hood mod ? Thanks
  13. Can I ask, I assume that the company are still only taking orders through Kickstarter and if I order they can fold at any time and no refund, or have I got this wrong ? Thanks
  14. I have 4 flat whites made with 18g first thing in the morning but only tea after them
  15. Dave is there any possibility of a group buy after the beta’s are gone or is it then just full price ? Thanks
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