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  1. robti

    Mara X

    I have been using 18g basket with 18g in and 36 out in roughly 36 seconds for many years using my gaggia classic, upgraded to a maraX and used the same settings for my flat white/lattes in the morning 5 off. Then I started to only drink 2 a day thinking that the coffee was too strong so dropped down to my 15g basket with 15in 30 out in 30 seconds , that lasted one day the coffee was too weak so back to 18g and just decided that I switch beans too much for my tastes
  2. robti

    Mara X

    I had this with mine at the start there was a video on here also a link on bellabarista for owners who bought from there
  3. robti

    Mara X

    Water in my area is very soft and it then goes into filter for fridge water and I use this and also have the filter in the maraX water tank, so if I just add a boiler empty to my monthly routine it should be okay ?
  4. robti

    Mara X

    Thanks for the helpful reply
  5. robti

    Mara X

    Can I ask about cleaning the boiler out, I clean the shower screen, lube the lever, clean the water tank and sterilise, but what do I need to do with the boiler, do I need to descale or anything, I make 4 flat whites daily and use filtered water, sorry if it’s been covered before
  6. Just wish there was some tasting notes, doesn’t have to mention anything about the beans just taste
  7. robti

    Mara X

    Can I ask when you would do this ?
  8. Simple request from me, a backlit gauge with a diffused led like the power button and I would be happy for now
  9. robti

    Mara X

    Original was locking just before 6
  10. robti

    Mara X

    Funny I got a 8mm red one for mine and the pf would lock at 7 o’clock till after one month I dropped it in pulycaffe and it now locks at 6 o’clock. It has been out and cleaned in hot water and detergent twice before this and nothing changed
  11. Argh just opened mine for the morning coffee after only buying chocolate/nut tasting ones before, oh well we will see
  12. Many thanks for the helpful replies will get one ordered tonight
  13. Hi have a maraX and was looking to get a wooden bottomless portafilter but not at the price they sell at and I don’t need the extra basket, so I seen a wooden handle and wondered if anywhere would sell the Portafilter without handle or basket ? Thanks
  14. robti

    Mara X

    Just watched the video at the Lelit insider youtube channel above, can i ask how often do we need to remove the bottom of the group head to clean and relube ? Thanks
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