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  1. Ron, Thanks for your advise... But we are looking a good partner for long terms business in coffee but once again, thanks for your advise Hendri
  2. Yes Row, If you having courier account number we will give 20 grams of powder sampel free. Why we ask courier account number, because our partner such pay their shipping cost to their courier agent not pay to us, we not receive your payment, we just want to make a good business in coffee. So, we hope we can get your attention and trust. Our free sample are limited only for 3 months since this promoted. thanks for you all and admin
  3. Hi Ronsil, can you tell me what is that mean of " Oh dear - not again!!!" Our company selling kapok fiber, and still sell it, you can check it if I cheaters or not. http://www.importgenius.com/importers/delano-associate-bamboo-textile (please click this site) Coffee is our new product and we are looking a right partner who can working with us for long term. If my posting problem with you, please don't put any negative comment, "Please don't judge before you know it", If you have others question we will answer it. For Admin, thanks...
  4. Hi... My name is Hendri F Pasman, I'm from CV Niaga Jaya, Indonesia. I interesting to learn much about coffee industri in UK. Before we are trade kapok fiber, but now wanna try in coffee, specialy in civet coffee. We are looking for partner who can distribute our civet coffee. Our civet coffee is from Sumatera and it's wild civet coffee. (Robusta and Arabica) If you have courier account number such as : TNT, DHL or others, we can send you 20grams wild civet coffee powder, free sample to your address. We only work with serious buyer only. Beside civet coffee we also sell Lampung Robusta Roasted Coffee We hope that we can found a good partner here. Your promptly reply will be greatly appreciated Thank You Hendri +62-31-83055888 +62-81331686500
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