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  1. Hi all Looking for feedback regarding what actual coffee industry types want from their Coffee/Tea cups. We do a wide range of cups on our website (both plain and branded) but what are you - the Coffee Shop/Restaurant Owner - actually looking for? What shape - bowl or tulip? Sizes - Espresso, 6oz, 8oz, etc? Thick or thin rim? Plain or branded? Handle comfort? Let us know your thoughts and help us become a better supplier of all things crockery.
  2. For those interested in such things, we are offering 20% off Hario V60 white 01 & 02 drippers, plain or with a logo, until the 5th August as part of our 2018 Summer Sale. Check it out at coffeecups.co.uk/summer-sale-2018 Thanks all
  3. It's been raining fairly heavily in the last 24 hours, but the sun has some back and is streaming through the office window, directly on to my monitor screen. Swings and roundabouts.
  4. Hi all Although we've been members of this community for a good long while, our account hasn't been active since 2013!! So, now we are back up and running, we thought we'd say hi again. So... Hi. Look forward to getting involved again and making some new friends, and reacquainting ourselves with some old ones. See you on the flip side...
  5. Thanks Tony! Will you be at this years Caffe Culture show?
  6. Who's visiting Caffe Culture next week? Don't forget to drop by stand A16 and see Simon and Marie. They will be showcasing a brand new offer for all new cafe's.
  7. Then you need to be following us on Twitter - @coffeecupstweet we are giving away free boxes in our weekly promotions.
  8. Product name: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 3 pack. Box: 40 packs Useful selling fact; 1 million packs are sold in the UK every month – these will sell well on the counter top Sell price: 1 box £26.50 ex. VAT 3 boxes £75.00 ex. VAT If you would like more information on this product, why not give us a call on 0114 2489416 and let us prove to you there is money to be made!
  9. Hi Callum, That's correct we are based in Sheffield. We have many local customers that collect from us, just let us know that you would like collect the crockery when placing the order.
  10. Hi Michael, We source these cups direct from Inker in Croatia. Not only does buying them in bulk let us sell them at a great price but we can also add a logo to create a bespoke piece of crockery.
  11. COFFEE CUPS BRING EXCITING NEW RANGE INTO STOCK Luna Blue, The Forefront Of Coloured Cup Fashion These high quality porcelain coffee cups are perfect for daily use in busy cafe’s and coffee bars. We have listened to our customers that love the Luna white range on shape, size and durability but want to stand out from the crowd. The new Luna Blue range is extremely modern and certainly will strike up interest in any coffee shop. By adding your logo to these cups, you will be at the forefront of coloured cup fashion and bang on trend. If you have any questions about this new product or for more information about Coffeecups.co.uk or any product we sell just ask.
  12. Hi Charlie, Here is a ball park figure for 12, 7oz Como cappuccino cups with a single black logo - £80.00 inc VAT & Del I hope this helps with pricing, but this is only a rough quote and it may be cheaper once we see the logo.
  13. Hi Charlie, Without seeing the logo it is very hard to quote. We have to factor the size, shape, colour and quantity when quoting. Would it be possible for for us to give you a call to speak with you and give you an accurate quote?
  14. Hello from CoffeeCups.co.uk! We started our company in 2001 with the intention of supplying bespoke crockery and glassware with no minimum order quantity. We wanted our customers to order the exact quantity they needed when they needed it. In order to offer this great service we invested in the latest kiln technology and built up deep stocks of all our advertised products. Since these beginnings we have expanded our range and now stock the widest selection of coffee cups available in the UK. In 2005, we purpose built our factory and offices in Sheffield. This has enabled us to increase our production capacity and our stock holding, further improving the speed of our no minimum order quantity service. Our expert team are always on hand to deal with your enquiry, whether you are searching for cups to start a coffee shop, or wanting to place a repeat order. Continuity is our watchword - continuity of product design, quality and service. We hope that if you are opening a coffee shop, a coffee shop owner or just love coffee! You will check us out and see how simple it is to get your logo or branding on a wide range of crockery. We hope to hear from you soon! www.Coffeecups.co.uk
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