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  1. Very interested, Im in the industry but still very much learning. Ill ask the Mrs for a day pass and see if any of my coffee mates are interested.
  2. flyingpig

    The Coffee Cannibal

    Eddie Merckx, greatest cyclist ever- though some would argue it was something a little stronger than caffeine that fuelled his success.
  3. Well, Glenn helped me out here and told me to add a 3-4 second pre-infusion by half opening the lever in addition to the normal shot pulling time. The idea being that the coffee is wet and so expands, so when the pumped water comes through it hits a puck that has a more even consistency. However, I tried it for the first time this morning and it seemed that it had the opposite effect. Im blaming myself obviously, but for some reason the shot after infusion came through very quickly. After extraction, the puck came out easily, evenly and fairly dry but the espresso was lacking in a good crema and tasted a little under-extracted. Its the first time I tried it so I have a lot more fiddling to do- grinder setting and so on. Ill try to put up everything I learn in here.
  4. Ive got a Giotto Rocket which is an E61 group head. Had it a while and only just found out about pre-infusion while reading a bit about the FAEMA original. My instruction manual said nothing about it. So, I know nothing about pre-infusion other than the reason for doing it (this is explained in loads of places) but how to do it seems to be eluding me. How long should I do it? With it being none pumped on my machine, do I take the infusion time away from the pull time or add? Any info greatly appreciated.
  5. My Tamper is just about 1mm shy all the way round so often leaves a stack of ground around it. This often falls on top of the puck, most times not, so i tap. Sometimes I tap and get away with it, others I get a proper gusher and when I remove the PF I can see a wide hole at the side of the puck. Im gonna try that 'north east south west' tamp, just seems a bit long winded when you have a queue.
  6. First of all I'd like to thank myself for correctly filling in the log in details......
  7. Only just found this, Ive never won anything, I haven't prepared a speech or anything. Is it too late to claim my cupkozy?
  8. Oh, and of course a handmade tamping stand. Now if only I knew where you could get one of those.....
  9. Some good stainless jugs, bell bottomed ones for cappuccino really makes a difference! Puly caff for cleaning is the only thing worth getting.
  10. I just ordered some from james gourmet beans. They have some expensive beans, but give a detailed description of the flavour of all the beans on offer. So if you are just starting out it might help to find what the different flavours are like.
  11. Thanks for that, pics aren't the greatest because of the phone pic, but its actually nice mahogany.
  12. I would heavily recommend looking on ebay for a second hand Gaggia classic. They are fairly heavy duty bits of kit and lots seem to have been bought by people who like coffee, but don't like the faffing. I bought one off ebay that apparently was broken (got it for £40) and when i got it it just needed a clean (dirty seal made it leak). I think a lot of people on here will agree with me, the easiest way to get better coffee at home is to grind your own. You can spend hundreds on a coffee machine but if you dont grind your own, your not getting much better than instant. Just a good hand grinder can give great results.
  13. Are you watching your milk as you are warming it? I have experimented whilst watching, what different depths and angles do to the milk. If you still have the original Gaggia wand on you should be able to get a lot of good foam. When I had my Gaggia, I would set the wand at an angle so the tip was half in half out. This would create a current where you could see the bubbles being pumped around and sucked back into the wands stream. The bubbles would start big and get smashed each time they went under the wand, ending in fairly good foam. This was great for capp's but I never got very good latte style milk. The Gaggia wand does seem geared up to give as much foam as possible.
  14. P.S. The brunette looked a little like my PE teacher.
  15. Thanks! My latte tasted great when it went in, not so great when it came back up!
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