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  1. Wobin19

    Brew Burundi

    Agree Girl in the cafe is unusual. I did an aeropress at work today, it had quite a black treacle molasses kind of aftertaste. I brewed it for 10 minuted so maybe I over extracted it. Not tried as espresso yet. The dear green I did espresso so can’t really compare it yet. 19 in 40 out in about 40 sec at 6 bar. Liked it, stewed dark fruits and a bit of tea like dry finish. Need to play with these a bit. May try the GIrl as espresso tomorrow. Hope I get snowed in !
  2. What was I saying? Just tied as a flat white and definitely getting boozy chocolate now, unless someone put a whisky in my coffee when I wasn’t looking[emoji3]. Nice.
  3. I went for the same one the Keen as Espresso 19 to 38g, 38 second. Massive chocolate hit. It a natural, but I could not detect any funky flavours. Very nice, my wife will love this. I reckon it will make an awesome flat white.
  4. First Dog and hat sub. I was low on coffee so good timing it’s all roasted about a week ago so can get stuck in immediately [emoji106]
  5. I could not resist this either. Just signed up and very nic touch with the extras. Thank you!
  6. Mine arrived thank you! Lovely packaging. I did an aeropress at work - It made a bright refreshing brew. Yum.
  7. Did a v60 earlier with the pink espresso. Bloomin lovely. Getting some floral notes some acidity and some slight berry funk.
  8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Best of on vinyl. We saw him at the BIC in Bournemouth the other week. One of the best gigs I have ever been to.
  9. Thank you to the Drewster[emoji106]
  10. Can someone edit sheet for me pls I would like my 500g sub all as espresso please. Struggling with a phone to do it. Cheers.
  11. Got mine too, yippee! Lovely smell and nice packaging. Must resist.
  12. Just realised this is an old thread and I already mentioned Tidal!
  13. Plus one on Tidal. Brilliant.
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