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  1. Do any members have any knowledge / thoughts on the bron professional mandolin , quality / problems ? Other than watch your fingers !!! Thanks.
  2. It should lift out once the clamp band has been removed. Try placing the end of a piece of wood against the pump body and gently tap the wood with a hammer. Possibly some moisture has got between the pump and motor body. Also try twisting the pump body.
  3. Is he a forum member ?
  4. Wait until you have a gauge to use, you do not know exactly what it is set to now. 270 deg may be fine or may not. Also it would be worth removing the spring and seal to check the condition AND make sure you can turn the adjuster, it is not unknown for the adjuster nut to be seized in place. Also an introduction would not come amiss, you are hardly likely for forum members to post tools to someone they do not know ?
  5. I agree with Coco ref a cill , not a lintel it is too thin, most likely a doorway threshold and the pin is part of the hinge / pivot.
  6. When you get the next one , get a ridgeless one =straight sides without the 'bump' / ridge running around. Easier to remove from the portafilter, the ridge is only there to hold the basket more firmly. NB. Baskets are usually made to be + or- one gram, large ranges do not seem to perform as well ?
  7. The basket you have bought is a 16 to 20 gram basket. not a 16 gram basket. See the amazon add.
  8. If you prefer a rich full mouthfeel coffee with low acidity try the Coffee Compass Sumatran swiss water D/C. Goes well as a flat white. Doubtful you would know it was decaf.
  9. The elements in the boiler are insulated by a chalk like medium, it absorbs moisture / water like a sponge. What you did by immersing the boiler in water was to soak this material and now it is not insulating the element from the surrounding metal casing. As above give it a prolonged baking, until all the moisture is removed it will continue to short out. If you are cutting and connecting wires you need insulated connectors NOT twisted wires and tape. You are working with 240 volts if the tape comes loose and the wire touches the case it could / will become live = 240 volts
  10. Did you get the boiler terminals wet / damp when cleaning? As above change the steam stat and dont turn it by the terminals. If you wetted the boiler terminals they will need thoroughly drying out ( even dampness will cause a short)
  11. Judging by the scale it is in need of TLC, the valve circled looks like the anti vac valve which should vent the initial warm air and steam then close. You may get away with dismantling, descaling taking apart to check the seal and it's seat. Usually better to replace as the components degrade with time.
  12. As that connection is not under pressure a couple of turn of PTFE tape would ensure no dribbles, little more than finger tight as there is only a short thread.
  13. All you appear to have removed is the stub connector for connecting the plastic tube. If you remove the body of the A-vac valve, the other nut, you may be able to fish the circlip out wire or magnetic screwdriver.
  14. NO, you run the shot and then stop it. If it is too fast / slow, not to your liking you make adjustments with the next shot.
  15. Shimming worn out burrs will not improve the grind, if they are dull/ blunt they will not grind cleanly. The lower burr is fixed by the carrier condition (unless adjusted using a gauge). Adjust the top burr until they are parallel.
  16. It is the outer edge of the burr that does the important bit of the grinding, clean them thoroughly and examine the outer edges. Enlarging the outer edge on the computer the lower burr looks worn. Replacements - only buy OEM burrs. Check the holes the springs sit in to ensure they are not holding grounds. Also compare lengths of springs against each other. Clean the burrs thoroughly , use a felt tip marker pen to ink in the outer edge (fine cut area). Replace the burrs, wind down to touch point then rotate with socket. Remove top carrier and examine where the ink has be
  17. If you look at back post in the grinder forum there are articles there covering how to remove the doser and modify to fit a tube for single dosing and for blowing the last grounds out.
  18. After stripping and cleaning it is usual to wind down adjuster until the burrs just touch, if you do this by hand / using a socket on the centre nut you can rotate slowly to see if the burrs are touching uniformly all around or touching in one or more spots indicating they are not quite parallel. If they are not you can shim them with foil under the low side until they touch uniformly all around. This is only for checking the burrs, the grinding position is further backed off. You should aim the grind to give approximately a 25 to 30 sec pour. Does this grinder grind into a rec
  19. Look slightly above and to the left of the cable tie, there is a greenish blue stain that looks like a leak.
  20. What screwdriver are you using ? Phillips or Pozi ,they look like Pozi No 2 Try using a longer S/driver, makes it easier to ensure you are at 90 deg to the screw and lessens the chance of camming out. Take care if you use an impact driver, (hammer type) as you may deform the carrier.
  21. Are you grinding the beans or buying pre ground beans ? If pre ground keep them in an airtight , dark container in a cool place. They deteriorate rapidly once ground. Beans dry out quite quickly, pre ground beans dry out very quickly hence the need for careful storing. Dry grounds pass the brew water more quickly giving the shorter shot time.
  22. When the water is returning to the tank with the pump running ( sounding normal) the OPV is opening. When the pump is stalling and no water returning to the tank, the pump is struggling to pump because the OPV is not releasing the excess pressure above what is being released through the coffee puck. What is your water condition , do you use bottled water ? Have you changed beans / grind ?. Has your machine been descaled ?
  23. With the pump running while brewing an espresso, check the return pipe to the water tank, is there water returning ? If water is returning the OPV may be sticking and releasing. If no water returning probably problem with the pump.
  24. Are those scales set to grams or oz's ? it looks like oz's and the figure is 2.98 ?oz's. reset and use grams.
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