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  1. Where the wand swivels there is usually a spring and a cupped washer and a 'O' ring seal in the bottom of the nut. It will be under tension, support it as you undo the nut.
  2. If it is new you should contact the seller or return to shop, or do you mean it was new to you ?. If you have dismantled it you will have cancelled any warranty. I do not have that machine and so cannot photograph. With the machine unplugged !!! Set your meter to low ohms, remove the wires from 'cold' boiler apply the probes to the terminals and take a reading. Also test between terminals and boiler body, note reading.
  3. On the E&B site they say that the filters fit majority of mocha pots and the number equates to usual cup size. Only other place mentioning them is caffeelab.com. 18 euros, not sure on postage.
  4. The Brita filters are not very good at reducing hardness. You will probably find quite heavy scaling. More expensive but using Volvic bottled water is your least likely to scale quickly.
  5. Possibly bits of scale floating about and settling in the solenoid valve 'partially' blocking, the ports are tiny. Are you in a hard water area ? Probably worthwhile doing a strip down and a chance to check every thing over. How old is the pump ? possibly getting tired ? ?? When flow slows is any water returning to the tank via the OPV ?
  6. Take the OPV apart and check the seal and the seat for damage also check for scale.
  7. Back flushing is unnecessary , just lift the lever for a few seconds, lower fit P/F brew. Using your palm you may be compressing the puck unevenly. Side tapping can displace coffee to one side in a ramp shape. Try to get an even mound in the centre of the PF, then tamp using fingers to gauge equal compression. ( fingers on rim of basket)
  8. FOOD Today,s lunch, Spanish chicken with morcilla. Served with new potatoes and cauliflower.
  9. Elegant with room for expansion.
  10. Sounds very much like a failing pump. You can strip it down, look for broken spring and worn plastic ball. Parts not available but but gives you more experience. With a new pump remember to back off the Opv adjuster to nearer original position.
  11. The oscillation of the gauge can be due to air in the gauge compressing and rebounding. Can also be the action of the pump. Is there any water returning to the tank at 8 bar ?
  12. I presume from your statement this is an older machine (pre owned. In which case I totally agree with M R S, PID , pressure, wand forget the gauge. The PID is definitely the biggest improvement.
  13. If there are 'clicks' it is a stepped grinder and what you are finding is a common problem ie one too coarse /one too fine.
  14. Observations. Is the corrosion around the perimeter from welding flux ? The corrosion on the limit stat looks more like chemical corrosion rather than water ? In order to reseal the pipe fittings it looks as if they will require the L/stat, tem/sensor and possibly the element out to enable the fittings to be rotated. The wires to the sensor need repositioning to remove the sharp kink as this is a common breaking point.
  15. Method. stainless steel cleaner.
  16. Although not great, would the reducing mass of beans be responsible, similar to having a hopper filled with beans ?
  17. You need to have 5 posts to be able to upload photos. Have you stripped and serviced the E61 group head ? If not it could be worn valve stems and seals.
  18. You need to have 5 posts in order to upload photos. I would suspect the non heating boiler is blocked with scale or the element is faulty/ dead. If you have access to a test meter or a friendly electrician this should indicate the problem.
  19. Pressure can be adjusted by the OPV / bypass valve. It is possible some of the water is returning to the tank via this valve if it is partially open , damaged seat /seal or scale leaving it open. Have you checked this ? Other than this it could be a failing pump or debris in the pump.
  20. The coffee M/ch waste pipes tend to be ribbed and can collect coffee grounds and oil which does tend to smell unless thoroughly cleaned. Also requires another hole in worktop. Personally I would not fit the waste drain. Also remember there are backs in units which do not allow you to get back to the wall.
  21. The angled wall plate adapter is an 'endfeed ' fitting it will require soldering to the copper pipe. Tke Grohe fitting could be fixed / retained using a ' hospital' bracket screwed under the worktop.
  22. @iroko not seen you on the forum for a while, good to see you are still alive and drinking coffee.
  23. 9 bar does not produce miracles, I think part of the problem could be your grinder compounded by the age of the beans.
  24. If your garage forms part of your house (attached / built in ) your house insurers may require extra fire protection + increased premium.
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