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  1. Lie it on it's back, open steam valve , switch on steam briefly, this should drain the boiler. You could do a quick repeat on brew to remove last few drops. Wrap up well and store.
  2. Completely drain them, store them preferably inside. Roof's can be colder than sheds above the insulation layer.
  3. Possibly faulty steam stat allowing overheating = over pressure ?
  4. I really don't get booze in coffee. The only thing worse is Sherry in trifle! If the jelly sets there is NOT enough sherry in the trifle
  5. Anyone tried any of the Christmas coffee offerings as yet ? Any thoughts on tastes / true to descriptions / are they really that different from usual varieties ? Any ' that's really great' or no my liking ?
  6. @DavecUK Thank's for that, I have a spare set of filters. I will sterilize the system and replace the filters.
  7. Osmio Zero maintenance light ? @DavecUK Does the filter warning light work on time or volume of water filtered ?. Light came on tonight, checked the water from filter 30.4tds ? any thoughts ?
  8. The boilers are not filling? Is it because of a blockage OR because the PID / controller is not sending full / correct signals ? Remove the R/H side panel (1 csk screw at front, ball ended bolt at rear and one screwtop front) Check behind the return edge of the front panel, there is an orange transformer there that controls the PID, check for voltage in and voltage out. 240 in / 12 out (i think). Check for any spillage that might have reached the transformer OR the brew switch ( I had an intermittent problem with the brew switch )
  9. Is the broken forum intermittent ? No new posts ? your request cannot be processed. Old posts being shown ? Any news as to when things will be sorted ?
  10. Check make / manufacturer of existing kitchen, same pattern may still be available ?
  11. Batten along the back will be fine, two legs at the front and the top will sag in the middle depending on the weight you put on. A thicker more substantial top will sag less. OR Adeep rail on edge under the front will reduce / prevent sag. For economy a length of worktop would be considerably cheaper than an oak worktop. Also timber work tops need treating to protect from moisture / stains. A mix of legs / unit could support the front. ?
  12. Where have you been hiding, not seen you on the forum for some time ?
  13. If you are testing pressure you need to leave the basket out, otherwise the water passes through the basket and up the outside and escapes at the rim
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