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  1. While you are at this stage it is easier to remove the group seal as without the dispersion block in place it gives better access to remove the seal. Clean the seal and examine, check for hardness, cracks, and wear from the basket (showing as deep grooves in the face) Also check that there are no old bits of seal in the groove where it fits. For the cost of them it is better to replace it now.
  2. It is the shower screen, you will need a 'phillips' screwdriver to undo the centre screw, they can be quite tight. When you have removed the screen I would advise you to remove the "dispersion block", the aluminium block that the screen screws to. You will need an allen key to undo the two hex bolts to release it, it may be stuck but it is only the gooey gunk holding it. Thoroughly scrub both items and clean behind the dispersion block, then reverse procedure. Many members change the aluminium block for a brass one which does not corrode to the same degree.
  3. Use a narrow jawed pair of pliers with tape on the jaws to prevent marking. Then grip the damaged section and GENTLY lever outwards until you are happy with the shape.
  4. On the video he does say you cannot adjust on this model.
  5. Doyle (Popeye Doyle / film drugs) ?
  6. Providing the fill probe is clean and the machine is not over filling the valves should not be surrounded by water and leaking. Note the position of the puddle, then relate to items in / on the machine eg pipe joints / connections/ solenoid etc.
  7. Depending on the diameter of the gauge and the length of the adapter , you may have to remove the drip tray to use the gauge.
  8. Again it is optional. With the bottomless you can clearly see if you preparation is faulty as you can see the flow straight from the basket. The bottomless also gives you more headroom for taller cups and to get your scales under as well
  9. Tamper, go for 58.4 or 58.5 mm. This will fit a double Gaggia basket and the VST very well and you will not need to replace later on. Go for 18 gram VST basket RIDGELESS, the ridge only aids the spring retention in the P/F. Ridgeless gives cleaner edges. Milk jug / pitcher go for 500 ml size for two people, you can texture for one with care. Make of jug / shape is personal preference, my preference is the 500 ml Motta Europa.
  10. Can the vent tube cup be rotated slightly forward to increase the space or is it already touching the boiler ? Are the tubes stainless or chrome plated ? If plated you may cause the chrome to crack/ flake. If you decide to bend it, you could use a micro /brake pipe bending tool with formers to suit the pipe diameter.
  11. El carajillo


    Having recently returned from a trip to Spain , a couple of places members may find of interest. Vic is well worth a visit for the old narrow streets, square and Roman temple. Vilanova y La Geltru, down below Sitges. Quite surprising there is a large railway museum just outside the station with an extensive collection of steam trains. They range from the very small old engines up to some enormous locomotives. In the centre is a large turntable with track's leading to each of the engine sheds. There are also beautifully varnished old coaches from another era.
  12. Yep those are the ones, I like them as well.
  13. Anyone seen the new Art Collection Iris cups from Illy, designed by Mark Quinn. They look quite attractive.
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