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  1. You will be surprised at the crud behind the block, with it removed it is easier to change the group seal .
  2. I do not think the screen has any form of coating but it does build up a residue of coffee oil. I would think it has stripped off the oil and will need a thorough soaking in hot water to remove any D/S residue. Did you clean the dispersion block ? (the alloy block behind the screen held by two allen bolts) This does corrode quite badly being attacked by the acid in the coffee. Remove and thoroughly clean, also the area behind the block. Long term replace the alloy dispersion block with a brass one.. Replace the seal at the same time
  3. The pump will only run while it has power,is the brew switch sticking / faulty and not cutting power to pump ? When you say actuator do you mean switch ? If you have changed the switch , have you replaced the connections correctly ?
  4. De-scaling is the process of pumping D/scaling solution (citric acid) or de-scaling mix through the boiler and letting it stand to dissolve any scale buildup. Flushing with several fills of fresh water to remove all residues after. Take a look on I /net. Check machine manual FIRST.. Some manufacturers recommend returning to them for this work.
  5. Possibly boiler over filling and water being drawn up with the steam. How old is the machine ? Is it in a hard water area ? Has it been de-scaled ? Remove the water fill probe from the boiler and clean / de-scale it. Does this fix it ? De-scale the machine .
  6. Take care if you try "easyouts" = stud extractors. If the stud /bolt is very tight the extractor will begin to flex. Do NOT force it, if you break the extractor off in the bolt you will not be able to drill it out as they are exceedingly hard. Proceed carefully, use good quality extractors (not cheap ones)
  7. Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed ?? Or was your coffee to sharp / acidic ? It was meant as a funny / joke. No I did not find what I was looking for, there seems little of interest since the forum changed.
  8. Only just looked at this thread but for technical information. Small changes in hole diameter give a considerable change to orifice area (hole), Doubling the hole diameter quadruples the hole area. But you new that didn't you. Knurling the inside instead of rifling would increase turbulence Knurling the outside could add another phase to cleaning
  9. Try disconnecting the outgoing side of the pump (leading to the boiler) use a cut off plastic bottle to catch / direct any water away from machine innards. Operate the pump and check the flow, is there a good flow ? YES= it is not the pump. NO = poor / intermittent flow , replace the pump. Release the pump from it's bracket (s) taking care not to twist or damage the pipe connections.
  10. . Take the hopper off then squeeze the plastic cover on both sides, this will lift off and you will then see the adjuster mechanism and in the centre the burrs. The cone shaped burr is the bottom one and the top burr is pressed into the black plastic holder with teeth around the edge. You cannot see them touch but if you unplug the grinder and rotate the lower burr (10 mm socket) and gradually wind the adjuster until you hear them touch. If you then back the top carrier off by about 90 deg you will be back to roughly espresso grind.
  11. One point with the MC 2, do not adjust grinder until burr's touch. If you do this with it running OR try to start with burr's touching you will strip the nylon gears inside. They are replaceable but at £12.00 plus and lots of aggravation best avoided. As WD said the adjustment is very slow and very fine, =a worm drive turning a large gear.
  12. A greater variation in grind can happen due to age of beans and changes or room temperature and humidity. Good coffee shops may tweak the grind several times a day.
  13. With the amounts of coffee you are putting in your baskets do you not find it is jammed against the shower screen ? Gaggia Classic baskets usually hold 8 gms for the single and 16 for the double, can usually be increased by a gram depending on the grind (fineness). Have you tried placing a 1 p coin on top of the puck and locking in place, then remove and examine for coin indent. You should have some head space to allow for puck expansion.
  14. Not sure on that M/ch but the nut is usually 1 1/2" AF. If it has a teflon seal and given its age you may well find the element is corroded in. DO NOT rely on the pipe work and brackets to hold the boiler as you try to unscrew the element or you will disturb/ break joints or damage the boiler. Either hold the boiler with a large strap wrench (close to end with element) NOT in the middle. OR Take the boiler out and go to a garage and ask if they will remove it with an air gun. Make sure you keep the seal centred when re-assembling.
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