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  1. The Classic is a good starter machine, well respected and liked on the forum. Many members started with a Classic and many members stuck with them. Easy to maintain and parts readily available (if / when needed) Ref grinder , have you considered second hand ? Many members have bought S/hand and been very happy with them. This gives the opportunity to buy a S/ H commercial grinder for less than a new Niche etc and they tend to be bullet proof.
  2. Take a look at Baytown coffee, you should find something to your taste.
  3. What is the best / easiest way to upload photos and videos from phone / computer to the forum ?
  4. The problem lies with the switch. It could be a "dicky" switch but I think the actual problem is the switch adjustment. The nut you can see has a corresponding one on the inside, these are (should) be adjusted to to give a smooth transition between on and off. Some switches have a plastic button on the end of the switch to help smooth the movement. With the length of protrusion I do wonder if it should have a button on.?
  5. Ithink you will find there is a flat on one side to stop it rotating.
  6. I think they are a replaceable part, but you would have to press the burr out to swap them.
  7. The pump output for the Classic is 110 - 130 mls /30 secs depending on which pump it has. You can check by placing an empty vessel on scales and timing 30 secs = 110 - 130 mls /gms or with a measure.
  8. Obviously he was not that bothered Dave.
  9. Wrap a duster around the plastic and try again. Did you cross thread it when you replaced it ? Perhaps that is why it has stripped the teeth when trying to adjust. With the worm drive removed it should turn easily with fingers.
  10. It look's as if you have turned it off too tightly and sheared the splined component. You MAY be able to use superglue but it depends on the plastic, also it obviously takes considerable force. I do not think the screw idea will work ( worth a try ) I think you will need to replace the entire component .
  11. Take the temperature up a little more 60 - 70 , get the air in quickly, keep the wand/ tip about 20 mm from edge of jug with the wand pointing "along the side and bottom " of the jug (20 deg). Keep the tip close to the bottom. This will swirl and mix the foam. You can also tilt the bottom of the jug towards yourself, this will increase the swirl. Hope this helps. Using a smaller jug will make foaming more difficult with a 4 hole tip
  12. The clips and cards appear to be another stupid sales gimmick =more waste. The cost for this has to be applied / covered somewhere in in the price you pay for your coffee.
  13. The pump is running and from the sound it is running DRY. Try taking the pipe from the tank that supplies the pump, hold it vertically and dribble water in until the pipe is full with NO air bubbles ( between pump and end of pipe) Put the pipe back in the tank and switch on with the steam valve open. Water should now flow through the pump and out the steam wand. IF NOT Remove the pump and disasemble , check for damage / broken spring. otherwise change the pump. NB You may still have blockages if there is scale still floating about.
  14. Does the motor run ? Does the motor run without the burr's turning ? A not uncommon problem can be the plastic drive gear stripping a few teeth. With the lower burr removed try holding the spindle while switching the machine on, If you rotate the spindle and the motor catches and flicks the spindle it is the stripped gear teeth. Replacement gear app £12.
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