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  1. Anyone have a spare/ unwanted gicleur Thanks
  2. UNPLUG from power. Remove the top burr carrier and thoroughly clean out any coffee. Make sure the 3 stand up wiper arms are clean as the coffee can build up in front of them ( particularly if you adjust with the grinder running). Use a paper towel and spatula to clean between the power burr carrier and the grind chamber. Clean the outlet / chute. Replace top carrier and tighten screws.Move adjusting lever to the right (tightening grind) while rotating the burr by hand until the burrs begin to touch. If they do not touch when the lever reaches the stop, you need to release the 2 small screws and move the lever back (to left) and refix, adjust to right until burrs touch. At this point the lever should be against the R/H stop. Move the lever back to central position. This will be your average grind set position, further fine adjustment will be required depending on bean type and freshness. If you adjust it when running you will create a buildup of stale coffee in front of the wiper arms and uneven dosing.
  3. Other than people who are interested in GOOD coffee would even bother to read the instructions let alone CLEAN the machine. As you pointed out common sense is a very limited commodity. How many people even have a screwdriver to their name or can even change a fuse/ wire a plug. In common with cars , if a light does not come on to say something is wrong of course it's alright!!!!
  4. The practical / proven/ inexpensive is my go to but I do have a 15" BRITOOL adjustable for dire emergencies
  5. Has anyone into catering / cooking used one of the above ? Any good ? worth the money ?
  6. The nearest spanner too brass I can find is a 'SIBILE' ? non sparking spanner= copper beryllium. A 35 mmA/F O/E. X Ring (close to mushroom size) COST. varies between £196 and £ 230. New mushroom valve anyone.
  7. El carajillo


    Is that staged. for the photo section ??
  8. Had a notification the other night-- hosting problem ?
  9. I am not aware of anyone that supplies jaw protectors, some adjustable's come with protectors. With the variety and differing shapes of adjustable's I do not think you will find any (that fit) Use a QUALITY adjustable and possibly wrap some electricians tape around the jaws ,preferably just use a QUALITY adjustable firmly tightened OR buy a correctly sized spanner. I have filed out the jaws on an old spanner to be a precise fit to the mushroom valve ! We spend £££££££'s on a machine then go cheap on tools to maintain it .
  10. Looks like the base is bent / deformed on the L/H side, has it been dropped ? Remove the boiler to carefully dress / planish the base flat,
  11. He uses R O water. For lubrication use Molycote 111. or equivalent.
  12. Do you refill the boiler after steaming and after brewing ? With a blind basket in the P/F can you see water returning to the tank ?
  13. I'm pretty sure that's just one we found in the garage when we moved in. I do have some of my dad's woodworking tools which are at least 50 years old. Thanks for checking about venting. We're an offset semi, so I'm aiming to vent to the external wall to avoid an annoying plastic thing in the living room Only joking about the hammer ? I would think your dad's old tools are far better quality than any you can buy now
  14. Antique hammer ? Do not forget to put a vent in if you close the aperture . Depending on the lining, they can " sweat" and cause pattern staining on walls.
  15. They look like 'POZI 'drive screws No 2 or 3 point. Are you using a short / stubby screwdriver ? very easy to be out of alignment with a short S/ driver causing the tip to CAM OUT damaging the head. Check tip fits correctly in screw head and use a long screwdriver. OR. As above use a bit in a socket + extension with either a T bar or ratchet.
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