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  1. Found the problem, one of the wires leading from the B/B sensor had broken off inside the shroud at the sensor, with a lens it looks as if it has arced= end of wire looks like miniscule globules of copper. Sensor looks like a standard part but only marking is 02 /14. = year of manufacture ? Any Idea of part code or is it a call to BB.
  2. Thanks for that, don't think it's l/scale= RO water, will remove sensor and inspect/ have a general look around.
  3. @DaveC Any reason why pid offset has suddenly started to run cooler? Quick Mill Verona, offset 11 deg as per manual, suddenly coffee cool, water from brew head ap 87 deg with pid set to 94deg ? Changed offset last pm to 12 this am set pid 96 coffee OK. any thoughts on variation ?
  4. Are there any part numbers on each valve ? you may be able to buy just one valve. As @Davec said looks like two on a plate
  5. Your question is very open ended, there could be several reasons why it does not turn on. Is the socket where it is plugged in sound, try something else in the socket (kettle) Is the lead damaged/ cracked, has it been severely bent/ kinked ? Does the power light come on on the machine ? Does the pump run ? Have you rechecked the thermostat trip ? Do you run water through the brew head after brewing to ensure the boiler is full, do you run water through the steam valve to ensure boiler is full. Is your water supply hard= scale. Do you de-scale the machine. If a ther
  6. Enjoying cooking and being quite at home in the kitchen cooking British, European, Indian & Moroccan food Mrs El c ' suggested' I might like a barbeque for the summer ??? I cook a lot of Spanish food much of which lends itself to B/Bq. We never eat beef burgers and rarely sausage unless it is in other dishes ( chorizo / morcilla & toulouse sausage) We do eat quite a lot of fish and vegetables in various dishes. Any Ideas or suggestions for barbecuing ? Any suggestions for/ about BBq's= eg tools ,fuel, I do feel inclined to gas for ease but might be convinced
  7. Why ??? do you want an insulation tester ? I have a insulation and resistance tester to sell. Probably put it in the for sale section shortly.
  8. As it is disconnected from the boiler it woud seem the problem lies with the switch or it's wiring. Did it trip the circuit ? Possibly water / moisture inside the switch. UNPLUG--- thoroughly dru the switch and cables with the hair drier. Did you check the boiler terminals to case with a meter ? = result ?
  9. I presume from the term province you are not in UK
  10. Take a look at Coffee Compass range / descriptions you should find something suitable there. Try the Old brown Java.
  11. Not used it myself, read dosage / dilution instructions and follow them.
  12. If any water / moisture gets on the heating terminals the insulation material inside absorbs moisture and shorts out the elements. If this has happened it can take quite a time to dry them out as M-- 87 mentioned Using your meter set to low ohms, short the 2 meter terminals together, this will usually give a buzzing sound from the meter and indicate no resistance. Now place meter probes one on element terminal the other on the boiler case. This should not gige a reding / nobuzzing. Repeat on other 3 terminals, you should not get a reading =0 Why did the hose come off ? is it sp
  13. As Ratty said ref PTFE. Remove the wad of tape then carefully tightly wind the tape clockwise around the THREAD only 4 to 6 / 8 turns, remove any excess past the threads.. If you OPV is not moving at 14 bar I suspect it has possibly seized in position. Remove the overflow pipe and the 107 mm nut, remove the adjuster, spring and seal thoroughly clean and the bore of the valve, lubricate and replace. Set to original position and check for pressure. If it does not release now slacken off the adjuster.
  14. If you cannot move the spindle with pliers I think you need a new steam valve. I do not think d-scaler will be sufficient to release and rectify the problem. You MAY be able to remove and dismantle the valve and overhaul it but your simplest remedy is replace it.
  15. You need to remove the dispersion block behind the screen = 2 alan screws then thoroughly clean screen , block and area behind. Try running brew without the block and screen in place = does water come through ?? If not the solenoid is blocked / stuck. Puly Caff is NOT for running through the boiler, only a cleaner for group head. If you are in hard water area use d-scaler in water tank. You need to severely UP your cleaning regime.
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