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  1. The flow looks perfectly normal. If it is very slow with coffee in P/F it could be too much coffee, depends on basket size. Are you using the double walled basket/ with restriction or crema pin ? with your pre-ground coffee ?
  2. The bulbous (panarello)part of the steam wand is held secure by a compressed '' O'' ring inside at the top . Hold the nozzle in your hand and unscrew at the joint close to the top, a short section should unscrew showing the ''O'' ring, this may be broken or deteriorated. You will need to purchase a new ''O'' ring. Check first.
  3. Presumably there is a simple filter on the tank inlet ? should avoid. gunk ? Mounting clip not loose / pump motor not out of alignment ?
  4. From the later photo and the graduated rust discolouration I think the problem is with the Y junction / tubing connections . Placing paper under and running the machine with cover off should prove the point. Watch for drips/ slight spray , it could happen at start up or when reaching temperature, watch carefully. REF Warranty, it will depend on what was specified by the seller ACS ? Warranty is often ( bought out) ie the seller is responsible. EG Bella Barista take on the warranty for machines they sell / supply. It will probably involve return to base at your cost. Contact ACS
  5. First thing cure the leak from the tray. The captive nuts are not stainless, as they are in a position that was not expected to get wet they were probably considered suitable. Probably difficult to access (possibly from below ? ) Drill them out and replace with new ones ( stainless if available) OR coat the new ones with Molycote 111 in case of another leak. Alternatively drill them out and replace with S/S nuts and washers ( original bolts / pins appear to be S/S OR replace the pins as well. After drilling out the captive nut's , the hole will be larger than the pins, you
  6. If you are using the steam boiler you should run water from it regularly, failure to do this concentrates the minerals in the water . Not good. HISS. Just release the joint (s) wipe clean and apply 4 / 5 turns of P T F E tape . Keep it away from the very end of the fitting, you do not want any getting inside the pipe /valve.
  7. Has its mounting (s) gone soft allowing it to flex when under max load ? Can you feel knock / vibration through the case ? Remove case and run M/ch open - does it dance about ?
  8. It does not state the burr dimensions, It is a stepped grinder ( click settings= nothing between steps) The motor is pathetic 120 -140 watts, any remotely hard beans would stall it. Definitely not a professional machine. Draw your own conclusion.
  9. The answer was rather short BUT totally correct. Without other information it would be difficult to diagnose. Although the brew water and steam come from the same boiler they work on different principles. The brew pressure is produced from the pump and the OPV only works on this part of the system when pressure goes above OPV setting. The steam pressure is generated by increasing the pressure in the boiler by raising the temperature of the water = steam stat, the steam flow will reduce as you draw off steam because the boiler is NOT being supplied with more water. This is
  10. He is applying far too much, a thin smear with a C/ stick or a cotton bud is sufficient, much of the surplus will wash out in the coffee. Also that is not Molycote 111, possibly one of the newer greases on the market. No indication of what it is, not a fan of unknown products.
  11. I think you will find they are not standard components, I think the company has them made for the conversion. You would also need the steam tube and additional fittings. You are trying to fit 2 different kits together. To achieve what you are trying to do you would need to buy both kits and cannibalise them to make the it work.
  12. Try changing the steam stat. Easy job, do not over tighten the new stat, it is easy to shear off the fixing stud. Ready light not coming on could be because the boiler is not up to temperature.
  13. It would be worth checking the seals on the valves for wear/ ageing / damage. A stronger flush with Pulycaff would be worthwhile before dismantling. When reassembling make sure everything is completely dry before applying Molycote also apply sparingly, no blobs .
  14. The reason the alloy ones have tapered holes is because they are '' die-cast''. the taper helps release from mould.
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