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  1. The weather / climate around the world seems to be in turmoil and getting progressively worse. Whether it is man made or long term cyclical changes it has serious consequences for the world
  2. Looking out of the window at some bedraggled 'leafless nut bushes I wondered what the lime green appendages where ? Should have gone to specmakers Time for bino's OMG they are catkins IN DECEMBER. The squirrel is confused now, he buries nuts one day, digs them up and re-buries them the next .day.
  3. El carajillo


    I think Milly -- M --Mup has a nice ring to it.
  4. I think you have stripped probably partially stripped the gear When you have removed the lower burr, try gently holding the spindle between finger and thumb and turn the grinder on. You should be able to feel the vibration of the spinning motor against the plastic gear. This will indicate the motor is OK and just the plastic gear stripped. The plastic gear and spindle is about £ 12. It is not difficult to replace (just a PIA). You will need to remove the base to access the motor and gear. Take care when removing the base as some of the screws hold a lead weight in the bottom, If you release these screws it can drop down and cause damage.
  5. The 10 mm nut (holding the lower burr) has a L/H thread. In order to undo it, wrap a couple of turns of tape around the lower burr and place a ring spanner over the taped burr ( about 18 -- 19 mm ring S/P, use your socket to undo the nut while holding the ring spanner. IS THE MOTOR RUNNING OR JUST BUZZING ??? Did you try tapping the spanner initially to try and undo the nut ? If you did you may have stripped some of the teeth off the gear the spindle is attached to (it is only NYLON/ plastic.
  6. How did you hold the motor still to undo the top burr holding nut ? Did you shock the nut to undo it? Is the motor running or just buzzing ?
  7. The lower carrier should not be misaligned as there is only one position it 'SHOULD' fit (a groove in the carrier locates with a key on the shaft). It can be put on in the wrong position BUT if it is it does not go down far enough as the key stops the carrier going fully down. The carrier can be deformed/ distorted if someone has tried removing it by levering with a screwdriver. =Replacement £50 ap If you remove the carrier definitely use a puller. PS Does it touch uniformly as you spin the shaft. Try unplugged and turn by hand as you tighten grind. (or use a socket)
  8. You will lose the bulk of any heat through the metal of the door. You could try 25 mm urethane board in the door but it will probably affect the balance/ up& over. Probably best bet is the old curtains / bedspread/ thick material. If you want to retain any heat in the garage, you would be better insulating between the ceiling joists of the trusses, otherwise the heat will pass into the roof space.
  9. As long as the filter does not sit flat on he bottom ( end on)it does not matter.
  10. I personally would soak them in VERY (boiling) hot soapy water and use a hard tooth brush to clean in the grooves. Rinse in boiling water and dry immediately , the residual heat should drive off any moisture OR you can place them somewhere warm to be sure.
  11. Always good when members report back on exactly what the problem was.
  12. How much in twist is it ? What material is it ? ( looks like steel zinc dipped). Have you tried fitting it without the gasket to see IF it pulls flat ?
  13. Has it been cleaned out and re-calibrated ? grounds and oily residue in the burrs ? Reading on other forums apparently your problem is not uncommon. It is believed to be caused by the slow turning of the burrs (from electric grinders) it supposedly allows the larger pieces of bean to ' wiggle through' the burrs and exit. It is also suggested that the Pharos is not ideal for brewed coffee.
  14. It is still possible the moisture has entered an electrical component and is still damp. It may also have damaged a component. Had the machine run dry before it was being filled up ie had it cut off ?. Look carefully inside at all electrical connections and look for darkened / discoloured or burnt connections.
  15. It does mention auto off for EU, it does not say if it is optionally on/off or non adjustable. ?
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