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  1. The white teflon ring in the package you have is the replacement for the black rubber ring ??
  2. The sizes are BSP, if you measure the male thread in inches and deduct a 1/4'' this will be the size of fitting. In your case= 16.5 = 5/8'' -1/4''. = 3/8''. =. 3/8'' BSP
  3. Stephanos espresso care rebuilding a steam valve utube
  4. Just checked a video on line showing strip of valve and wand, shows teflon seal being fitted but no rubber ring / seal ?
  5. It looks like you have had a leak possibly 2 from the red pipes or the white plastic item. The boiler element connections look burned and the insulation on one looks cracked /broken. The only way to test the element is with a test meter to test the resistance. The drying in the oven and removing the earth cable refers to the earlier Classic models You initially need to find the leak (s) and test the boiler. I think the parts are available.
  6. Not sure why that is there, the Rancilio wand is sealed with the 2 cupped teflon ring seals on the ball joint. Unless they have been modified? Was the machine pre-owned ?
  7. If you think it is bent, remove it and place a steel rule along the shaft and rotate the shaft. If it is bent you will be able to see light showing where the bow / bend is. Unless you have been exceedingly heavy handed I do not see how you could have bent the shaft, the shaft is 8 mm thick X 70mm
  8. I doubt you have 'bent' the cam, I also doubt you have bent the cam shaft.You are applying pressure back towards the machine =not normal. As the cam lever is a close fit to the switch push button you need to make a slight adjustment to the cam switch/ push button. Note the 'lock nut' on the switch/P-button, there is a matching one on the inside. You need to slacken the outer one 1/2 -1 turn and tighten the inner one to take up the slack. This will move the switch away from the cam lever and make it less sensitive. NB If there is no inner nut, spacing may be done by the addition
  9. Machine requires a three phase supply and the 240 volt supplies power to an external pump ?
  10. You will still need to get the bolts out to reuse the boiler ?
  11. Don't forget to fit an isolation valve after the 'T' to enable you to isolate the filter / tap.
  12. Lack of flow through the brew head is frequently caused by a blockage in the solenoid valve= remove , dismantle and clean, if you have scale in the system you may need to do it more than once. Ref pump and steam, if the pump is not refilling the boiler and you continue with the machine switched on you may well burn out the elements in the boiler. Look for a wiring diagram on the I/net to check your wiring.
  13. Red herring, without the P/F and a basket filled with coffee that is perfectly normal
  14. It will mean packing it up but Fracino in Birmingham will fully service it for you.
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