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  1. Take the OPV apart and check the seal and the seat for damage also check for scale.
  2. Back flushing is unnecessary , just lift the lever for a few seconds, lower fit P/F brew. Using your palm you may be compressing the puck unevenly. Side tapping can displace coffee to one side in a ramp shape. Try to get an even mound in the centre of the PF, then tamp using fingers to gauge equal compression. ( fingers on rim of basket)
  3. FOOD Today,s lunch, Spanish chicken with morcilla. Served with new potatoes and cauliflower.
  4. Elegant with room for expansion.
  5. Sounds very much like a failing pump. You can strip it down, look for broken spring and worn plastic ball. Parts not available but but gives you more experience. With a new pump remember to back off the Opv adjuster to nearer original position.
  6. The oscillation of the gauge can be due to air in the gauge compressing and rebounding. Can also be the action of the pump. Is there any water returning to the tank at 8 bar ?
  7. I presume from your statement this is an older machine (pre owned. In which case I totally agree with M R S, PID , pressure, wand forget the gauge. The PID is definitely the biggest improvement.
  8. If there are 'clicks' it is a stepped grinder and what you are finding is a common problem ie one too coarse /one too fine.
  9. Observations. Is the corrosion around the perimeter from welding flux ? The corrosion on the limit stat looks more like chemical corrosion rather than water ? In order to reseal the pipe fittings it looks as if they will require the L/stat, tem/sensor and possibly the element out to enable the fittings to be rotated. The wires to the sensor need repositioning to remove the sharp kink as this is a common breaking point.
  10. Method. stainless steel cleaner.
  11. Although not great, would the reducing mass of beans be responsible, similar to having a hopper filled with beans ?
  12. Hi Frank;

    Hope you are well these days and keeping safe.

    I managed to fix the Ceado with the help of a member on here, he removed the pcb as now all is well again!

    I now have another problem; this time with my own Gaggia Classic. It has a Shades PID and front mount pressure gauge. Yesterday I got up and switched on as usual and went about my morning ritual. As I returned to the machine I hadn't noticed that it had not come on, no power at all to anything, PID,front switch, machine stone cold.

    Im guessing a fuse as gone somewhere, but to be honest I don’t know where to start looking. I’ve enclosed some photos of the interior and wondered if you could direct me in any way to a remedy.

    Its a 2002 1425w with Ulka pump.

    Regards Gill




    1. El carajillo

      El carajillo

      Hi Gilly,  take a look on the top of the boiler L/H side, you should see a wire inside a piece of plastic tube under a clip held by a screw.

      This is the 'thermal' fuse this carries all power to switch.

      If it has overheated this may / could have gone (melted)

      With your new meter set to low ohms = resistance, touch the probes to the fuse / wire where it leaves the plastic tube, if no reading the fuse has blown / melted ( most likely). test  with machine unplugged.

      Does not matter which way round you use the probes.


    2. Gilly


      Thanks Frank

      Ive replaced many a thermal fuse on Classics so this won’t be a problem.

      If this doesn’t cure I’ll let you know and maybe you could advise further.

      Take care Frank

      Kind regards Gill.

    3. El carajillo

      El carajillo

      Also check the lead for continuity end to end each core, more use for your new meter.

  13. You need to have 5 posts to be able to upload photos. Have you stripped and serviced the E61 group head ? If not it could be worn valve stems and seals.
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