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  1. It takes time for machines / burr's to settle down. The burr's require a several kg's of coffee through them before they are consistent. You say it was consistent before you removed the top bur / carrier ? This suggests that replacing caused the change ? Did you thoroughly clean the area where the carrier sits ? any tiny grounds of coffee will prevent the carrier from sitting precisely.Coffee varies day to day with temperature and humidity.
  2. The thread thing is a 'Helicoil', insert you also need the tool to insert them.
  3. It looks like a case of serious over tightening, it has stripped the 'threads' out of the head component. Replacement disc / component required.
  4. What steam arm / nozzle is fitted ? Is it the original Panarello (black plastic) or one of the Silvia types (big improvement) If it is the Panarello the small groove that admits air may be blocked with congealed / dried milk. Take nozzle apart and clean internal components and check the fine / shallow groove at the top. I do not think the alternative thermostat is the problem.
  5. Various thoughts on the forum as to IMS or VST baskets. I have used both but much prefer the VST, some say they are difficult to use ?? Like any tool / component you get used to them. I would suggest an 18 gram non ridged VST.
  6. The advert says a max of 6 - 8.5 mm projection from shoulder. Personally I am not impressed with the wide range fill on baskets, it has to leave too much head space with the lesser fill. + or - a gram but 4 grams no.
  7. That is a new one on me. Just looked them up, in the enlarged view the arms are offset from the centre and in the photo the arms do look slightly offset. Possibly that is what they are and why phil / poz do not grip well.
  8. No torx bits have 6 points, those only have 4 but they do look a little odd.
  9. More likely 'rarely' available due to inability to keep up with required replacements
  10. The problem would appear to be that your distributor / tamper is not adjusted correctly OR it is fixed and not suitable for your basket. You do not say what type / make it is but I do not think the problem is with the basket.
  11. Make sure you are using the correct type of s/driver, not sure if they use philips or pozi drive , also the correct tip size in good condition. The head does not look too bad.
  12. Plus the fact you can remove the top burr carrier complete with burr without upsetting the grind setting, making it easy for cleaning by just the removal of three screws.
  13. Initially I would have said check the S/V, even though you have cleaned it ( was that a complete strip clean ?). If there are bits/ crap floating about you may need to do it more than once. How long are you running the pump for ? 1 min + or much more ?. They are not intended/ built for protracted pumping. If it is an old pump it may be 'tired'. If you are getting agood flow of water through the steam wand and not the brew head, good chance still some crap in S/V.
  14. Equation (££££££ spent on new machine) = +- (improvement in coffee ) £ ?
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