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  1. Only downside of the raspi is that it won't output HD formats of Dolby digital and DTS (but will output their SD 5.1 versions. If u want HD soundtracks would recommend a chromebox with Kodi. Bit more expensive though (£130).
  2. Cartoon HD extra on kodi has every episode of every TV series available (or so it seems). Absolutely fantastic. Phoenix has lots of HD films as well. Kodi on the new raspi is phenomenal. I've set up quite a few for friends.
  3. Finding these very meh. Not getting anything interesting from them. Be glad when I'm finished with them!
  4. Really enjoyed these, I'd consider ordering again.
  5. What are you doing with it? Recently got a Lenovo server with a Xeon quad core processor dirt cheap as a server/NAS. Bit overkill bit can handle Plex transcoding with ease now!
  6. I've really enjoyed these so far. Easy to dial in and mega crema. They are darker than the colour indicates, very easy to grind on the HG1 unlike some others we've had in the past. Would definitely consider buying these again. Thanks Milan and Ron once again for organising.
  7. There's nothing quite like having the cinema experience indoors.
  8. Panasonic 55VT65B tv Panasonic projector Draper React 2.4m wide screen Onkyo amp Tannoy SFX speakers (due an upgrade) BK Electronics XLS200 sub Raspberry pi 2 running openelec/kodi feeding the TV A chromebox running openelec/kodi feeding the amp and pj. Server stores all the media and obtains it, stored out of sight (it's big!). Sky box is getting very close to becoming redundant.
  9. Can anyone link or provide an easy dough recipe with ingredients available in a normal UK supermarket? Most recipes online require tipo 00 flour. TIA
  10. Is it my phone or tapatalk? Text is black and unreadable against the dark grey background of tapatalk. Do I need to change themes or something?
  11. Yep the size of the bean was interesting, struggled to get some into the HG one. Found them really good though.
  12. A Mac mini would work well here. Alternatively consider something like a i5 or i7 NUC type boxes from the likes of Intel, Zotac and Gigabyte. Very small but powerful boxes.
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