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  1. I like the grind thats coming out, creamy espresso's I got 5 of these grinders, wanted one could only buy the bunch! In my Compak E8 i do have the same 151a The 151a make considerably less noise, while the grind that they produce is very nice and gives good espresso.
  2. Nice, I have the Mazzer Stark and did walk against the same problem, do I will follow Your idea!
  3. It took me more than 6 weeks to receive it in the Netherlands. Actually, the fun is over, the Chinese save a sea container destined for Europe mainland, which is shipped to Poland, further distributed to the respective countries, even if you have chosen with an additional payment for faster shipping, that is wasted money, everything in the mass shipment, the shaker has a little more play than the original but is workable with some attention.
  4. Nice and not for a Niche, goes perfect on my Compak A8 G.O.D. (I hope) [emoji848] Thanks for the tip. [emoji847] Will take a lot longer then was estimated ?
  5. Good coffees needs great milk, I could do around 5 to 600 great coffees on an day, most are milk based, 10 cappu from 1 liter milk, so you have to bring 50 liters fresh milk, 10 kilo beans, yes you serve a lot doubles, 10 hours shift without leaking or draining yourself, also good Chocomel and choice of 16 teas and during this only cashpayment and an Migraine at the end! [emoji856]
  6. I never give names without permission!
  7. Sold to Munchen, and is packed like an Pro!
  8. You only ad up the Dc x 2 and the Sc counter!! so total single shots = 546464 : 143 = 3800 kilo's by 7 gram shots
  9. I want to apologize here for the counter, these were not properly recorded by Me, the machine did considerably more than 700 kilos of ground, see the photos So the total come around 3800 kilo's, Keep in mind that the grind chamber is replaced for the latest type!
  10. Hello, Adriaan here from the Netherlands. I do have for sale an very nice K30 Vario "La Potenza" 2011 with the upgraded grind-chamber, new original grinding discs (20 kilo grind) so the are just run in, the hopper is the K30 Twin one, (hopper is new) or the Big hopper (not so nice), the machine have run for 700 kilo's that's why the new discs. Picture will follow tomorrow Asking price is in €1275,- shipping is no problem, For those who wants to pay with PayPal (Sorry) can't do! Pictures within 24 hours.
  11. Weihrauch? I'm more from the Clay Pigeon, Parcours de chasse . . .
  12. It's for free to pick, somewhere in 't Westland (NL) ;-)
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