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  1. I used to cough to disguise a fart. These days I fart to disguise a cough !
  2. Anyone want to buy 250 pork pies and 500 mini cocktail sausages ? I mis-read the headlines and thought everyone was picnic buying....
  3. Ooof !! That's a brute, nice one! I only do 1kg flour batches at a time so I've just gone for the Sage Bakery Boss. 1200w motor which can apparently manage that qty of dough, and is topping the ratings for domestic stand mixers at the moment. Remains to be seen but will report back when I've had a chance to stretch it's legs.
  4. Which mixer did you get? I love making pizzas but I'm finding the actual mixing is becoming a chore... and I love a gadget
  5. I've had my ooni3 / uuni3 (?) for a month or so and have had some great results using gas, not tried wood pellets yet. We go heavier on toppings, the Mrs and nipper prefer it that way so centre bases are sometimes a little moist but still delicious. Less is definitely more when it comes to toppings it seems if you're after a crispier base all over. We even tried a sweet pizza, nutella and salted caramel sauce plus mini marshmallows. Lesson learnt, the choc and caramel managed fine but stick the marshmallows on after and flash them till toasted as they combusted into ash in seconds LOL !! pepperoni, jalapenos, onion, pepper and mozzarella parma ham, mushroom, onion, goats cheese and mozzarella sweet pizza before, no afters (to embarrassed to show the charred remains of that one LOL!)
  6. Just bought the ooni 3 with the gas attachment as wanted to be able to do both gas and wood pellet. Reality is it's gonna be gas most of the time but if cooking for a party then probably go with the pellets for a more "authentic" end result. Will take some piccies next time I use it. Also handy for when I go camping as an alternative to BBQ.
  7. I just bought and installed a Coffee Sensor thermometer and it's really helped. Main improvement is that I'm now aware that I was flushing too much. Flushing less (i.e. the right amount) has improved the taste of my coffee noticeably so it's a thumbs up from me.
  8. What he said lol! Rave is my go to but want to try something new. Could someone share the code please - many thanks in advance
  9. I've always maintained that I think Rave produce (IMHO) great beans at great prices (even post increase) and yes no doubt I would end up paying more elsewhere - completely misses the point of my question. I was just asking this very well informed and well connected community if something specific had changed. Clearly no one knows and quite frankly I've given up caring..... To those that vaguely helped or had an open mind - thank you.
  10. Like I said, I'm not saying this is not good value for money but it's a 20% increase, seemingly out of nowhere. What I'm asking is has the price of green beans changed, maybe due to supply issues, or have Rave changed commercially, like they have new owners that want to make more money or maybe hedging their bets for impending Brexit cost challenges etc ? Just inquisitive that's all.
  11. Hi All, My typical go to beans are from Rave. I tend to buy 2kg every couple of months. Previous order cost for 2kg was £31, the one before that was £30. Latest order from yesterday was nearly £37 ?! Same beans. I'm not saying that this represents bad value for money but has the price of greens gone up or has Rave's commercial model changed ? Seems like quite a hike for the same thing. What's changed ? I'm not cross by the way, just inquisitive. TIA - Ollie
  12. As a fellow 65e owner, I'm surprised that you get anywhere enough ground coffee in that time and at that setting (acknowledging that machines will vary and also depends on bean). Mine is set to about 11.5secs on 2.5 grind setting (Rave Chatwood blend) and I'm getting approx 19g into an 18g VST. Are you sure you're putting enough coffee in the basket ? Have you weighed like everyone else has said ?
  13. As per RobW, VST 18g ridgeless. I went for an IMS screen and a silicon seal as well. You may need to re-calibrate grind to get your shot timings back as I found they effected things when I changed them.
  14. Same - some beans are better/worse than others. I find it's a case of adjusting the grind first and then adjusting the timing of the grind after. That said, if/when the grind needs to change to accommodate change of temp/humidity/bean age, the timing's off again so I usually always go short on the time and top up to the required weight.
  15. short and catchy is a rubbish name for a coffee shop...
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