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  1. Just to update getting on very well with the new filter. Very easy to keep clean (easier than i imagined) just run under full pressure cold mains tap. For me.... I'm getting good results better mouthfeel and a more full bodied brew compared to my paper filters. Not as a clean a cup. This may be a result of the filter being not as restrictive as the paper filter and allowing for more fines and oils through which suits my palette for brewed coffee. One thing I also notice is that it is easier to inspect the slurry after the brew. I currently brew aeropr
  2. Thanks for the link and good too see a competition version has been produced albeit somewhat out of my price range. Have ordered a basic version per design of third photo too see how I get on with it. .....Am starting to get low on the paper filters and while I wait for delivery have gotten into the process of reusing the paper filters So far am getting to reuse (rinse under the tap and allow to dry) them approx 5 times before they start to lose performance.
  3. Thanks Dave very much appreciate the reply with all the pictures:good: Think will go with the screen type per your final photo:)
  4. thanks David...appreciated when you get a chance:good: oh and if possible can you give me diameter in mm:)
  5. Is there a particular one of the three you prefer David or do they all perform pretty much the same?
  6. Coming to the end of my current batch of filters and interested in trying out a stainless filter Cleaning the stainless will be not an issue as I only drink one coffee a day. I also see comments that its not as rigorous as a paper and lets more oils/fines through.....again not an issue as I introduce a tablespoon of crema/fines when I'm using the paper filters. Have seen two types available one with a mesh screen : [ATTACH=CONFIG]34104[/ATTACH] and the other a perforated screen [ATTACH=CONFIG]34105[/ATTACH] Was wondering which one to go for also i'm
  7. GS11

    Todays Roast

    After some time working through existing stocks I re-ordered 10kg of an old favourite Costa Rica Tarrazu (orderd from small batch) I enjoy roasting this bean as they are nice quality and gives good results in the Gene and Aeropress. I set to 240c > 15 minutes > cooling cycle =job done. Though do have to watch my voltage as can dip to 230v at certain times of day being opposite a school etc)
  8. GS11

    Todays Roast

    I'm only placing the towel after the 10min mark but guess it could assist on a cold day.
  9. GS11

    Todays Roast

    Roasted 250g Nicaragua Microlot El Buey this morning. Took them up to 240c with 1C at 12.15 then after 1min slowly back down to 230c finishing at 14.50. 213g finish weight. Volts good at 239 Experimenting to better hear first crack by placing ear against folded tea towel on top cover. Good results so far certainly cuts out much of the mechanical noises.
  10. GS11

    Todays Roast

    Hi! haven't posted on here for a while. Mainly been roasting outdoors through summer with the gene and the small chaff collector with good results. With the colder autumn temps etc have now moved the gene back indoors. I was not previously getting good results with large chaff collector/3m long flue I had exiting from top of kitchen window. Having seen Pete's (Iroko) set up noted he was getting much better results with a shorter flue. Flue has now been cut down to approx 1m and exits from bottom of sash window. All working a treat....good results so far with Brazil Santa
  11. Find 16g for brewed coffee in either Aeropress or V60 suits me. I use a 1:17 ratio to bottled water
  12. these look good for tea:good:
  13. GS11

    Todays Roast

    Hi Soll I'm off espresso so can't comment. I've use both v60 and aeropress. I like aeropress for work as it's quick / clean and easy and produces great results. I use the V60 with pouring kettle at home as I have more time for this method. The V60 gives a better brewing experience imo. Puts you in direct contact with the brewing process whereas the aeropress brew is locked away in the chamber. Love the V60 for it's simplicity. That said with the geisha I have the better cup so far via the aeropress/ zass.
  14. GS11

    Todays Roast

    First attempt with geisha struggled to find a recent profile for the gene but with help from coffeetime roasting logs selected a start temp of 230c. Finished the roast at 15m30 with a full genie cool. Very chaffy bean, turned out ok though I feel room for improvement (some singeing) would be interested if other gene users have a good profile for this bean. These smelt quite pepper/earthy! after 24hours but fortunately after 4 days development aroma improved greatly producing an interesting v60 brew. Somewhat different to my south american roasts, the geisha = a sweet citrus ho
  15. GS11

    Todays Roast

    Looking very nice Soll
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