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  1. Sorry - just seen this (busy doing new business stuff since lockdown 1). Mine is indeed still going strong Mr Hips and hangs in pride of place above my machine. Its getting ready for some new piston seals if you could send me a set over.
  2. We use a Blendtec - it will crush pretty much anything Will it Blend ?
  3. What is their refund policy ? If they are following that then you may have a problem
  4. I got into making proper coffee after having a knockout espresso at a local restaurant so, for me, its about the coffee. If I could get a similar result from a jar of instant or by smashing beans with a hammer and chucking them into hot water then I would. I find a lot of the obsessing around prep that some folk perform annoying and unnecessary. That said, I have a simple routine and it produces very good coffee. The engineer in me likes well made equipment but I'm not yearning for the next big thing. I guess I'm not an obsessive sort of person and cant get my head around throwing unnecessary money at any hobby. And that's where the contradiction lies - some may see an L1 and Mythos CP as unnecessary spending.
  5. Not forgetting mateus or nasty asti if you were really celebrating
  6. If this discussion was about delivery charge then it would be more relevant. VAT is a component of the price of the machine new (assuming the retailer is VAT registered). If I buy it and sell it on as an individual then I don't charge VAT. If I buy it and sell it on through our business then I charge VAT although I have claimed back VAT on the machine when purchasing. Sale price should be similar As end users we are all buying in the same market and will pay the same price new (discounts excepted). Its second hand worth is determined by what people are willing to pay. I'm looking for an out of print book. Cost new £30. Cost now for an unused book £400, cost for a used edition £100+. I wont buy it at that price as its more than I'm prepared to pay but some will as the books sell.
  7. Thanks @DavecUK I'll not be buying one as I'm happy with my current setup. From what youre saying, and understanding that this is not from an in depth review of the new machine, it sounds like the X isn't just the addition of a letter to the name plate and theres much more to the new model. If it was on my list then I'd spend the extra cash.
  8. What are the differences Dave ? Taking the car analogy, I pulled out of a deal because the new model had a different radio and restyled bumpers and was a grand more than Id been quoted (ST220 2003). No difference in performance, no more functionality. Now if that grand gave me better handling, better looks, more performance etc then the increase could be justified. Is the extra price buying greater ease of use, better result in the cup, quieter machine ?
  9. Best way is to get involved in the forum, get a bit of on line reputation, introduce yourself and get your post count up which will give you access to the for sale area
  10. Exports from China have been impacted but as still going ahead. I had a message saying that one shipment was delayed as the government had extended the Chinese New Year holiday. Another shipment is now coming via a different courier to the one planned but shipments are being shipped from China. My first shipment arrived a week later than expected. Granted, the first shipment was 1000km away from the centre of the virus outbreak.
  11. Today he brought me this rather splendid coffee grinds brush OK - shaving brush Thanks @joey24dirt looks even better in the flesh - the tuxedo knot was the right choice
  12. Agreed but it was funny to observe. Time served dedicated cyclists, out in all weathers, fixed gear in winter, shiney expensive stuff in summer. In he strolls, no real experience, cheap heavy bike and beats the top cyclists. Its fair to say that he didn't use the same bike in his pursuit riding.
  13. I remember a young lad joining our bike club and after a few weeks decided to enter a road race on a heavy framed old knacker of a bike. He either won or came close to winning. Had the 'all the gear' brigade wondering why they'd spent all of the money. He was one of my old teachers sons, lad called Rob Coull who went on to represent the UK in the Olympics pursuit. But aside from pure natural ability I get the analogy. A Porsche is a lovely car with great performance but you wouldn't use it to plough a field.
  14. Ahhhh … so monin syrups are the graphic equaliser of the coffee world. Whack that bass, mid and treble to the max and make it sound better than the studio recording.
  15. Bought some kona five years ago. Think they were about £15 for 125g. Totally underwhelmed Rarity / exclusivity didn't result in great coffee
  16. Looks very kitchen friendly but I'm not a fan of the curved corners. I guess the main thing that matters is what it produces
  17. I was expecting to see some abused machine but it looks well looked after. Whats betting it gets near to a grand ?
  18. If you want to create some revised seals to resolve the problem for the few, having a product that all are happy with, let me know. I will test on my machine and report back. Thinking about this, based on the same routine, same grind setting - one seal working as expected, the other not. Theres a chamber that fills with water and then is pushed out of the chamber via the puck, under the pressure of the spring. The only way that the grab point can be higher is if less water is entering the chamber or some of the water is escaping back over the seals. The water will not be compressing any further. @dfk - a bit of a test that we could do. Ive just pulled a shot using 16g coffee - grind set to 32g @ 30 seconds and let it drain all the way until the puck is dry. Weights were 44.9g coffee in the cup + 16g water in the puck. I know that our coffee will vary but the amount of water dispensed should be similar. This would be an interesting comparison and give a dirty indicator on volume dispensed. I'd run both tests on my machine but it would mean destroying the Londinium seals to get them off.
  19. The video is the same as I experienced with the silicone seals
  20. Thanks Paul I'm not after a refund. If you have some over sized seals I am more than happy to try them and report back. The longevity of silicone seals is the thing that appeals to me.
  21. These were bought as part of the forum group purchase so were bought directly from yourself but not by me. Your seals are not the same as OEM - the material is significantly different, Dimensions may be the same but the seals are not the same. The seals I am using are the old style Londinium seals. I'm willing to try any suggestions that you may have to make the seals work. Offering suggestions on this thread may help people other than myself. I still have the silicone seals in a drawer.
  22. As Ive said repeatedly I would prefer to use the silicone seal but it doesn't work for me. I posted a video some time back showing the high grab point. Its not something that I am imagining or making up. My point with shell was that they changed the product to work with all car models rather than blame Vauxhall. I'm sure you can see the parallel that I am drawing. Londinium seals give me a low grab point, silicone seals give a high grab point - theres only one variable changed. More than happy to try a revised seal if you decide to make some. Edit : Ive just re-read your reply. First you ask if a humble seal can make a difference, then you agree that the material can make a difference. Then you go on to dismiss 'lever slip nonsense' and tell us how many thousands of seals you have supplied. I run my own business and if I dismissed my customers issues as you do, I wouldn't have many customers. Just my twopenneth Paul. Rather than defend a product which (in some cases) isn't fit for purpose, consider making a product that works as effectively as the OEM product, regardless of the group. If you are unable to provide that product then consider withdrawing the product or adding a disclaimer about the potential issues. This is the second thread where you have defended your product to me. Not once have you offered me a solution.
  23. Although I have no experience of any of them you have three options that spring to mind if buying new. Silvia, Gaggia or Sage. If you are willing to look at second hand then you will get the occasional bargain that comes up on here - mainly HX machines. If it was my money I'd look at buying used
  24. A lot of the advice is still relevant but there are advances since then. There is more up to date information but searching for it isn't always easy. What do you have in mind, any machines that take your fancy currently ? And how much are you looking to spend ? The machine types are as they were 6 years ago, albeit some new players on the block and a few machines with added technology.
  25. My seals were bought in late 2017. Think I ought to get a new set ordered as this will have been in the machine for almost 2 years now
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