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  1. The light theme just hurts my eyes during the daytime - haven't tried it at night time for fear of burning my retinas. I'm with the 'tone it down' brigade as it is currently too white. The dark theme could be one of many coffee bean sellers web site themes. I'm currently using this in preference to the headache inducing light theme but that's the reason for my choice - two very different themes but its the lesser of the two evils for me. OK - that wasn't very constructive but it was feedback. Now for the constructive part.... The latest version is much improved from when the forum was initially changed - it is starting to make sense again. Does the look have to be stereotypically coffee themed or totally stripped back / minimalist ? I know its a whole load of work but could there be a middle ground theme ? Apologies if this has been asked before. I have not followed the forum that much since the changes and cant bring myself to wade through the previous pages.
  2. working dog


    Got back into the house this morning after walking the dogs. Popped crumpets into the toaster - set to cremate. Cleaned the group on the L1, coffee ground - 16.1g so near enough 16 for me. Cup warmed and on the scales, pf tamped and in place Pulled the lever down, drips in the cup so I released the lever BANG !!! pf hit the scales, cup hit the floor and smashed, coffee grounds and water everywhere, scales covered in water and not working I can only think that I didn't fully lock the pf in place Now to clean the rest of the mess
  3. 😂🤣 Too much time on your hands Boots Although I did a similar thing some time ago for a workmate who wanted a Mazda MX8 but it was out of his grade. He wants a brand new car, its not a jaguar He wants an MX8, but he can have a kia, kia, kia
  4. They joined within an hour of each other Sounds like the making of a pulp song or, perish the thought, they could be the same person
  5. The cup looks like a hint to the inevitable end of this quest
  6. Not sure of the reasons for the change (I haven't read the linked thread) but I did think that there was an issue with the forum when I logged in this morning. It needs to grow on me
  7. Postie brought mine yesterday but I didn't read the warning post until it was too late. Another opened envelope
  8. working dog


    Doesn't look like that to me. When I first lubed my piston I left too much grease on and that left grease in some of the larger holes. It would give a polka dot effect on the screen. @Sparkyx have you been removing the screen and soaking in cafiza or similar ? I'd be getting in touch with the supplier. Clogged screen or not, you wouldn't expect it to pop out like that
  9. I didnt realise that making tea could warrant so much tuition. I suppose tea lovers say the same about coffee.
  10. Yep and its really good for lathering up the soap due to the lumps on the floor. You use less soap than you would with a smooth bowl. IIRC it was from Little Wren on etsy. I sent them a message and they made it to order. It will take a few weeks but its worth the wait. Cheap as well !
  11. Not wanting to detract from the sale but a bit on DE shaving vs multi for @igm45 Multi blades pull the hair out of the follicle slightly and then cut so this can lead to ingrowing hairs or infection. DE just cuts the hair at skin level. Best results are obtained with soap and a brush - Palmolive do a cheap soap stick which lasts for ages. As with anything, you can spend much more. The resultant shave feels much cleaner than with a multi blade, once you master the technique. Its a case of getting the angle right, not pressing on - very light touch and taking your time
  12. Stunning coffee. Feeling just a tad pleased that I guessed the country but that was only due to having a very similar coffee previously I've still got to work my way through the rest of the bag - its a dirty job ….
  13. Found it ..... Last one I had with these flavours was a Costa Rican.
  14. Got nearer the ball park with teh grind on this one. Initially all I got was a biscuit dryness Now - sour morello cherries, bags of booziness Got to be a natrual Now off to hunt for the last bean that tasted like this
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