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  1. I'd echo the comment to go to BB and try before you buy. If youre looking at a machine that they don't supply, see if theres anyone local who has one that you can play with. These threads will invariably give you recommendations that someone owns or machines on their wish list. On money spent on machines, its all relative. What one sees as excessive, another sees as acceptable. If you have the spare cash and want to spend it then why not ? If someone told me that Id spend 1000's on my setup when I first dipped my to in the espresso I would've laughed. Now it seems ok but I would never try to justify the expense.
  2. Don't understand and don't care that it existed. Its why I will no longer donate - feels like I'd be lining some corporates pocket rather than funding the running of what was a great on line community Forum members come and go, the forum grows and with the changes the forum changes too. I do think that the life has been sucked out of the forum and don't blame the change of platform for that - the rot had set in before then.
  3. Got to be my Torr Grade 5 Titanium, grenadil bi coloured handle sharp edge tamper Cost me all of £5 back in 2014 in the raffle It just feels right
  4. Your builders eye will see that the drive needs 'doing'. The top surface has worn away in places. It's going to have to wait.
  5. Bit of an update on the roof. Its been done a while now (spring this year). Took the second quote There was no timber behind the dormers. The cladding was the sort of thing you use internally on a roof. All replaced with ply, insulation and proper cladding. We had a sun tube fitted for a dark half of a bathroom and that's made a huge difference. All insulation was replaced with Kingspan as it was rockwool before. 8T of tiles needed to re-roof 😮, almost a month to complete the job. Cutting around the dormers took a long time Upstairs is much warmer, the dormers no longer smell of fresh air. And he came in on budget (higher than he quoted as he made it clear that his quote didn't include insulation or remedial dormer work but he estimated 3K for this) Only photo I can find at the minute ….
  6. No problem. And I wasn't comparing the two. It was more an observation. I have no issue with CBD oil and its use. I have a 6 year old dog with arthritis and tried her on CBD oil but it didn't work so shes back on Metacam which I would rather not use but it stops her stiffness. A friend has a similar aged arthritic dog and CBD oil works for him. I had a good chat with the vet last week about its use and he was open to the idea and can see it moving into mainstream use for treatment once it is better understood. Same will apply with human medicine I would imagine.
  7. As soon as vapeing became popular I thought that this was a court case waiting to happen.
  8. They are very different beasts. Mythos is great for no nonsense press a button and get a nice mound of ground coffee. EK is a bit more of a ritual / faff depending on your standpoint In the cup they are very different. Some coffees through the are too extreme for my taste - EK does seem to pull every flavour out. You'll tend to find that people who own either will prefer the grinder that they own - partly not wanting their kid to be called ugly. Best advice is to try both side by side if possible and see which suits your tastes and which you are happier living with. My preference is Mythos as I prefer the coffee it produces and the no nonsense prep.
  9. People who benefit from using CBD oil will already be taking it. Also agree with the perception element Just focus on making great coffee.
  10. The reply wasn't shitty, it was merely asking why you seem to want to pick a fight in many of your posts. As for the rest of your reply, it makes no sense so I am unable to respond.
  11. Why this constant attitude Jony ?
  12. Thought I'd check interest here before we put in our next supplies order. We are (slowly) moving on a load of vintage china, making the cups into candles. Candles are made with quality soy wax and fragrances. The test candles burn evenly and smell great. I thought …. what about coffee scented candles in coffee cups. Below is a picture of some completed candles and some of the coffee cups that will be made into candles. If theres interest I will buy coffee and cardamom fragrance and make these candles to order. They can have other fragrances (pine based Christmas, plum and rhubarb, kitchen deodoriser, lemon currently). Looking at £3, £4 and £5 plus £3 p&p, depending on the size. If this is something you'd want, let me know and I'll make them if the interest is there
  13. I was all dark roast at one time but one dark bean put me off pretty much all darker roasted beans. Some good suggestions already. I wouldn't go too light as it may be a step too far. Square Mile would be another good place to start. Edit: Probably not the cheapest but they are 350g bags and sometimes have a black Friday offer
  14. Great intro. Spoilt for choice there. Need to sell the CP before the word gets out about these beauties !
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