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  1. The two machines are almost definately using a different grind to reach similar saturation times. Time for a lie down. I hadn't considered that
  2. Interesting. Sounds like the pressure (1.1 vs 3(variable) bar) doesn't have a huge impact on the time for the puck to be saturated as I see similar times. I'm not saying that preinfusion is the same, or that this is the only difference between the machines but has anyone done side by side pours with the same bean on both machines and timed the first drops. I guess that there aren't many with the space and luxury of having both machines on the bench so its a long shot.
  3. Yep - I was thinking 15 in/30 out in 30 seconds. Probably should've put that rather than normal shot parameters
  4. Generally speaking, how long does it take for drips to appear in the cup at 3 bar with normal shot parameters ? Interested to understand if the higher pressure forces the coffee through quicker
  5. I'm using a second gen L1 with light beans and get bags of flavour from it - the L1 will give you great results with light and dark roasts. I have no yearning to upgrade to an LR (yet). The biggest difference with L1's is that the panels on the original are screwed on whereas the second gen has pop off panels. There may be other differences that I've forgotten. Preinfusion on the L1 is achieved when the lever is pulled down. Length of preinfusion depends on when you release the lever - that's your only adjustment. I guess the answers you'll get (on the whole) for L1 vs LR will be based on the kit that the respondee owns (nobody wants to be told they have an ugly kid and all that). To get the best out of either you will need a good grinder. Factor in a good chunk of money for this, unless you already have a capable grinder.
  6. Just finished cleaning out the pond filter (bigger job that it sounds) with the 'help' of the dogs and the silly old t..... sorry, postman arrived at the gate pipping his horn constantly. Yes, I heard the first 10 peeps - no need for another 10. Two perfectly formed pizza boxes arrived Thanks Nicknak and Hasi for making this group buy possible
  7. Looking forward to trying these. The mystery bag will be accompanying me on holiday where I cant get decent beans. No pressure Hasi - these will give me caffeine heaven or hell for about a week
  8. If the company realises that you are working extra hours and still give you a warning (official or otherwise) then you need to seriously consider your future there. If the job was costed badly / cheap (I think that's what you are saying) - when did this become your issue ? Its the issue of people above you. Ive done it. Sent Mrs WD and her friend on holiday so that we could bring in a new service smoothly, worked weekends and evenings with no payment. Got sucked into the 'our people are our biggest asset' rhetoric. Sad to say but when working for most companies you are a commodity. Hindsight is great but I should've made more changes when I was unhappy in my work. So glad that I made the jump and now have a far better work / life balance working for our own business. I guess what I'm saying is if you get up in the morning and are not looking forward to the day ahead, consider if the job is for you. Good luck with whatever you decide
  9. First day into these beans. They taste very familiar. Black cherries, strawberries, super creamy mouthfeel. Long black works really well.
  10. I'm not going to say how unjust this is as I'm not there and only have one half of the story. You mention previous issues. Were these valid issues ? If there are factors impacting on your performance, make notes of all of these by way of justification, should the matter be taken further. What was the outcome of the verbal warning ? Were there targets to be met ? Was the warning justified ? Did they take into account your reasons for the performance ? I was never a fan of people taking work home with them or needing overtime to complete the work. It means their workload is too high or they are not working effectively. Disciplinary process can be effective if the motives for applying it are positive. Ive had people improve and one who shook my hand and thanked me for the support as they were dismissed (the week before Christmas). Ive been on the other side, as witness for a disciplinary that was overturned as the issue could not be used for performance (disability discrimination act stuff). It should be applied fairly and both sides should be considered but in the real world, those disciplining will start off as favourite. If the workload is too high and you are being unjustly reprimanded, maybe its time to look for another job. In my experience you will never change the ethics of a company.
  11. Good to see you back in the saddle @coffeechap (that's not to say I'm glad to see the back of fbs) Ironic that you were also one of the early driving forces to DSOL Looking forward to some more great beans
  12. The hopper rotates as the grind is adjusted but I never found them to be that great a guide so went by judgement / experience although I owned the grinder for just 4 months so didn't have a lot of time with the MC2
  13. There should be a set of numbers around the hopper that are a guide but I found this pretty useless. MC2 will be ok but you'll find other grinders much easier to adjust. Stick with it until you have the spare funds to upgrade
  14. The adjustment on the MC2 does take lots of turns. If your shot is taking 15 seconds I'd look at 8 to 10 turns then try again. You will get an acceptable shot from the MC2 but adjustment is horrible. If you do decide to upgrade your grinder at some point you'll notice a huge difference in the results
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