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  1. Have you had any training to get the best out of the equipment ? What is it that you feel is currently lacking in the coffee ?
  2. Went a bit finer today. Fig rolls anyone ?
  3. Opened these this morning. Packaging on the 250g bags is great. First shot poured through in less than 20 seconds so didn't bother tasting that one. Ended up going 1/4 turn finer on the Mythos which is a lot finer than I would normally be. Fruit, more fruit and then more fruit. Juicy, bags of flavour without being overpowering. I'll try to be a bit more descriptive with tomorrows drinks As a long black, hints of tea when it cooled. Amazing coffee for @Hairy_Hogg 's first LSOL outing. Will be saving the second bag and trying again in a few weeks time.
  4. Its changed but places do change or evolve. I couldn't get on whilst on holiday and posted the issue on here. As yet, no feedback - not that I was expecting any. If I'm honest I didn't miss the place but a couple of years back it would have frustrated me. I cant get excited about the stuff that's posted - more chaff than wheat imo. I still have a love of good coffee but find myself starting to reply and deleting my posts most of the time. It isn't the place that I joined in 2013. There doesn't seem to be the same focus or momentum but that may be because my knowledge has changed. All that said, there seems to be a reasonable amount of activity on the forum so maybe the forum is as it was and its me that's changed. edit : Oh … and welcome back
  5. Welcome to the forum from a fellow home brewer (although I hang my head in shame as I haven't brewed for about 6 months). Stick around for a while and you'll feel that the money you spent on home brewing gear will seem like pocket change. Same rules apply to coffee as to brewing - temperature, water, freshness of beans all have a huge impact on the finished product.
  6. Happy to be on the list for consideration
  7. One that you may already be aware of. Cloudflare blocked me from any network that I logged in from in Bulgaria. Error 1020 - access denied Probably not going to impact on many members but the restriction may apply to more countries / ISPs
  8. Think I'll add ginger to this years chilli jam - sounds like a good idea. I have habanero, jalepeno, ring of fire and serrano growing nicely in the tunnel to be dried / pickled / chutneyed
  9. Why does that not surprise me ? All well in your world coffeedude ?
  10. The two machines are almost definately using a different grind to reach similar saturation times. Time for a lie down. I hadn't considered that
  11. Interesting. Sounds like the pressure (1.1 vs 3(variable) bar) doesn't have a huge impact on the time for the puck to be saturated as I see similar times. I'm not saying that preinfusion is the same, or that this is the only difference between the machines but has anyone done side by side pours with the same bean on both machines and timed the first drops. I guess that there aren't many with the space and luxury of having both machines on the bench so its a long shot.
  12. Yep - I was thinking 15 in/30 out in 30 seconds. Probably should've put that rather than normal shot parameters
  13. Generally speaking, how long does it take for drips to appear in the cup at 3 bar with normal shot parameters ? Interested to understand if the higher pressure forces the coffee through quicker
  14. I'm using a second gen L1 with light beans and get bags of flavour from it - the L1 will give you great results with light and dark roasts. I have no yearning to upgrade to an LR (yet). The biggest difference with L1's is that the panels on the original are screwed on whereas the second gen has pop off panels. There may be other differences that I've forgotten. Preinfusion on the L1 is achieved when the lever is pulled down. Length of preinfusion depends on when you release the lever - that's your only adjustment. I guess the answers you'll get (on the whole) for L1 vs LR will be based on the kit that the respondee owns (nobody wants to be told they have an ugly kid and all that). To get the best out of either you will need a good grinder. Factor in a good chunk of money for this, unless you already have a capable grinder.
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