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  1. Ive just checked and I have 9 espresso cups, 5 double sized espresso cups , 1 flat white sized and 2x Cappuccino cups. Illy cups not included I have approx 7 assorted ones of these Neither are the gift coffee cups that have been bought for me over the years[emoji1787]
  2. I thought you had more than that. Have you had a cull? You seemed to buying them on a weekly basis at one point
  3. [emoji122] all round to yours for acid cocktail!
  4. I still have other beans for espresso, so I’m just doing brewed for the latest offering of the LSOL from North Star coffee roasters. Aeropress inverted fill to the top 2 more min brew before pushing down. Tropical fruit with a slight floral edge. Generally I’m not a fan of floral notes but this works really well. It seemed to have an edge of parma violets. Thanks again to everyone who has organised this LSOL offering, these are a proper treasure. Are these on north stars website?
  5. I’m no expert but I’d definitely not recommend drinking citric acid.
  6. Where do you live? If you go online your water company should post their water hardness on their website. If I lived in a hard water area I’d just use bottled water it will kill your machine. The likes of Ashbeck and other supermarket water cheap as chips
  7. I’m in a soft water area, descale 3-6 months. Using citric acid or puly descaler
  8. Cheers Ajohn I did notice it tipped the price over the import duty £19+ I had seen these from RS components and wondered if they’d be ok. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/seals-o-rings/5279756/ https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/seals-o-rings/5279784/ Cafelat also do their own version of the group seal too https://www.cafelatstore.com/products/breville-58mm
  9. Looked good then there's 27 Australian dollars shipping Are there not any alternative ones?
  10. Where's a good place to source a new group gasket for a sage dual boiler? I've had a quick look online, the one on amazon doesn't look that great. I'm also after some o rings and i may as well do the pump too.
  11. I think he may have visited me in fever dream once.
  12. Banished from here on a remote island like Man in the Iron Mask[emoji3]
  13. Fair point Boots. I wonder what Vintage Cigarman thought of the forum by the time we joined. Would he have cared that much about impartiality or the general community feel? I bet he would have hated the Eurovision thread.
  14. I’ve never really rated the aubergine (despite living with a veggie for over 20 years) till I started having babaganoush from the local Turkish takeaway. I think you may have inspired me to try and make it at home.
  15. Great shame. I saw his post on facebook
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