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  1. Remember how many Pstats and opv's I went through on my Quick Mill in 18 month. These were parts sourced from Bella Barista too
  2. Doesn't sound great unless they miss the import duty!
  3. As this guy said it’s pretty straight forward. I made a pressure gauge with the Porter filter so I could get an idea of what the bar pressure was.
  4. I think it was something like $42 plus shipping which was about $15
  5. I fitted an auber timer to my Mazzer Major and with a mini hopper. The result in the cup is great. However I currently only make 2 cups of coffee a day (so there’s a different kind faff). I can also see the appeal of going back to single dosing.
  6. Mazzer Major Motor cover. I used it to do the Octopus funnel / fudge funnel mod. Original Mazzer part bought from espresso parts. I’ll include a couple of hex screws free of charge and foam strip to get a better seal at the back of the funnel. £17 plus postage or collect from South Birmingham. Photos to follow
  7. I’m not sure what to say. The only thing I can say is I noticed the difference going the other way from a 55mm mk2 Mignon to a 64mm SJ
  8. I took the plunge and tried RAVEs Guatemala El Morito No 97 special reserve as espresso. (While the hopper was empty. Fantastic espresso, a proper complex espresso. Gentle fruit and a slight botanical edge. If your buying from Rave Coffee it’s worth adding these as special treat. They’re really nice as filter too (probably the sensible thing to do as there’s only 80g in a tin)[emoji3]
  9. As a ball park try (with the grinder switched off) tightening the grind till the burrs touch. Then wind it back approx 12 notches. That should put you n approx espresso range. The adjustments are tiny when going coaster or finer (half a notch on the side of the dial
  10. Ignore the last part about springs, I can see them in the photo.
  11. How long is your shot taking. Looks very fine, plus that looks top burr looks messy especially it’s not long be cleaned out. You’re not missing the spring for the top burr carrier?
  12. My first try of Raves Guatemala El Morito No 97 special reserve yesterday. I tried an Aeropress. 15g (non inverted 1+10 on the old Feldgrind. 200g. It was meant to be a 1 min steep but the new puppy was in need and it was probably closer to 3min. Gentle Pomegranate with rich treacle. I was also getting a tiny cocoa edge to it (probably down to me over steeping it). Even so it was bloody amazing and complex. It’s probably my first try of Rave in over 2 years and I’m very much impressed with their standard again.
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