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  1. I’m really liking these bean. Best results 17.5g => 36g 30 secs. Orange Citrus and berries Contact time with the water seems to make a difference. Anything over 32 secs seem to go a bit chocky
  2. I’m having some great results 18=>39g 35 secs. A good mix of citrus orange, sweet berries with a bit of caramel. I might try coarser as I’m possibly over extracting slightly.
  3. I stunning Ethiopian on filter from Origin cafe in Porthleven Cornwall. Ethiopian KOKE Honey. Really clean tropical and berries. A great example of staff and roasters knowing exactly what they’re doing. Well worth a visit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. First try as espresso, way too fine. Still tasted very promising red fruit citrus choc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Cheers Dave my only reluctance with going ebay is if they don't work. or turn out to be nicked
  6. My Son as after a mobile for his birthday. He's on a sim only contract so no upgrade with Vodafone. He's found an IPhone 6 64g for about £120 on Quick mobile fix but the company reviews are terrible. Any recommendations on where to source one from. Cash Converters?
  7. I've just started listening to very early 90's Dance Mark Moore stuff....progressing from acid house. S'Express Mantra for a state of mind [video=youtube_share;fY5Jzlg9WcM]
  8. Mine arrived Wednesday. I’m just finishing off the previous LSOL before tucking into these. Looking forward to these
  9. Looking forward to these. I’m heading down to Cornwall in a few weeks and I was going to call in and see them. Cheers FBS and Darren
  10. Some beans tend to be 5-7 days. From what I know of cc I’d say 10 days
  11. I use a 58.4 with a VST. I think the .4 is worth it. I’ve tried 58.35 and 58.5 and 58.4 works best for me.
  12. I've used VST's in all of my machines including my Classic. It does make a difference, but it is less forgiving if you get the basket prep wrong compare to a stock backet. Coffee chaps advice on a Bottomless PF is pretty good too. It's only when you get one of these that you realise what disaster is going on in the PF.
  13. I use a lower pressure on the Sage DB by lengthening the pre-infusion
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