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  1. Problem sorted thanks. Bizarrely my original email was to their coffeebeanshopltd domain, but an email to [email protected] got a response.
  2. I ordered their 14day promotional pack (as usual) on Sunday 26th Feb and I received a shipping email on the Monday. But the beans have not arrived. I have sent an email asking if there is a problem but no response. Anyone order recently?
  3. What a great setup - do you get any comments about the room your take up?
  4. I don't think I could have waited that long to get it out of its packaging and take photographs!
  5. You are possibly right there. So many variables to consider and fixing a few of them helps. Good luck.
  6. Welcome Kenneth. If only I live nearby to try your roasts
  7. Welcome to the forum and hope your journey continues.
  8. Hi Mike and welcome to the forum. It's very friendly on here as I assume you have observed already. Dive in to get the best out of the experience.
  9. Glad to hear you are still enjoying your machine and able to iron out minor kinks.
  10. If the machine breaks in a few years, can you send it somewhere to be fixed or an engineer in the area that can visit? When I had a problem with my Gaggia a few months back I seemed to fall through the crack between domestic and commercial machines and struggled initially to get anybody interested.
  11. It might be worth laying off the coffee altogether for a while and has been suggested already consider other environment factors - blood pressure, diet, work/personal stress - perhaps caffeine is just exaggerating those symptoms. A few years ago I developed an intolerance to anything spicy but after a six month sabbatical I was able to return to my curries and chillies albeit not as hot as I used to eat. If you have a rest, afterwards try some decaff and then a little while later a lower caffeine variety.
  12. Welcome Shaun. Nothing wrong with humble beginnings because you can hone your skills. But when you start to see the shiny machines...
  13. Welcome. What a good start. If you fancy variety I can recommend the fortnightly promotion from CoffeeBeanShop.
  14. Hello. An interesting step up which I am sure you will enjoy. No harm having plenty of steam
  15. Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your new setup.
  16. A very nice machine you have there. Have you had many comments from visitors, or family members, or having a commercial machine in your kitchen?
  17. Can I ask if you are weighing the quantity of coffee that is in your PF? Different grinders can mean different weights even if the volume appears to look the same. I would suggest weighing the ground coffee to ensure that particular variable is fixed. Trying something like 16 or 18g for a double.
  18. You might sleep for a while after that meal
  19. A nice setup and hopefully the MC2 is coming into its own.
  20. I'm pretty sure they are all the same. My TS has a more commercial PF which means its just more solid and heavier.
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