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  1. I always use the 18g basket with 18g coffee and have modified the shoverhead screw to a flush screw. The output is about 33-37g in the cup.
  2. Thanks, I suspected that. Then I guess I will start researching a new grinder.
  3. what is the difference between the MK1 and Mk2 Mignon ? I'm asking because I have an old Mignon, and while it grinds great, the clumping and coffee retention makes me want to upgrade it.
  4. You really need to weigh both the grinds you put in the pf, and the shot afterwards. I always weigh the grinds going into the pf, and go for 17-18g in the portafilter, and about 35g shot in 25sec. One thing to remember when dialing in the grinder, is that there is a good amount of grinds from the previous grind in the chute, making the next grind a mix of the two. Always remember to tilt the grinder forward and bang it on the sides to get everything out. I usually grind about 14g, then tilt it for the last 3-5g, and then using around 17g in the portafilter. It is also har
  5. Very nice modification, I might try it out if I can get the grinder to deliver the same amount of coffee out the chute as I put in the hopper. I have a question I hope you can answer regarding my grinder clogging up after cleaning it But I think I overdid it by taking of the chute as well, and taking out the small bended metal plate in the chute. After the cleaning, I might have assembled the chute and metal plate wrong as the grinder glogs up now, and maybe I altered how much the plate was bended. This is my question, how is the metal plate suppose to fit, and how
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