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  1. bubbajvegas


    great to see her getting some continued love...hell of a machine and outstanding coffee paired with the mythos [emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  2. ooooh glad ya love her mate and she's performing her magic for you...amazing soul in the machine knowing the work that went into making her...enjoy [emoji1362]
  3. @Pseudonym good to see ya doing ya research bro [emoji1362] @ronsil any 1st hand experiences of pros and cons of your oracle u could share [emoji5]
  4. it is...I got one last weekend from them
  5. beeeeeeeeeautiful [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  6. that was the idea when I sent him home with em [emoji85][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. cheers pal...and she says no worries on the cupcakes...[emoji16] grinder looks good in position and hope it lives up to the hype...sure she will tho [emoji1362]
  8. collected and off to a happy home...enjoy Lee [emoji1360]
  9. sold pending collection [emoji1360]
  10. if @camboshelf wants it at 625 collected then I'm happy to let it go for that
  11. not sure on age ...where does it say
  12. in no rush ...so fee noted but declined at this moment
  13. fraid not mate...if I was still doing espresso I'd be with the mythos
  14. haha.. @dfk41 thanks for the backing of the pedigree of the machine [emoji1362] there's a few on here that can vouch for the history of this machine...it came off of Dave (coffeechap) originally who got an amazing find in the early days of the mythos craze and this machine ain't had much through it since considering the environment it's built for @risky fine by me ...people can put there offers on this thread and I'll either say yay or nay...the latter being the more obvious choice at the mo considering the amount of time it's been listed [emoji16]
  15. early days but send me one via pm and I'll see how far off you are [emoji16]
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