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  1. Yes we are. As far as I'm aware couriers are operating as normal almost everywhere in the world but there could be a bit of a an additional delay.
  2. Hi everyone, Just to let you know we are currently doing 10%Off at Horsham Coffee Roaster on all orders of £20 or more with free delivery on orders over £15. Same day dispatch on all orders placed before 10am. The virus has had a really big impact on our shop in Brighton (Bond St Coffee) and many other wholesale customers but we are working very hard to make sure that home customers still get great quality coffee delivered quickly. Thanks Bradley
  3. Thanks for the mention. Yeah we do 5 x 100g sample packs, always a selection of great coffee (no fillers of old crops coffees). Or there is the 4 x 250g selection pack on the website if you'd like a bit more of each coffee to play with. These are always our best single origins covering a range of processes. Currently offering 10% off on all orders of £20 or more with free delivery over £15. Trying to keep people caffeinated at home in this difficult time!
  4. Hi everyone, We've got a great Black Friday deal from today until midnight on Monday. Spend £25 of on coffee and automatically get 25% applied at the checkout. This applies to all coffee including our new Colombia La Estrella which is tasting amazing is you light bright juicy coffees! We've also just realised our first Christmas blend if you are looking for something with notes of chocolate, orange, nuts, dried fruits and a hint of booze.
  5. Just released our first Christmas blend! Directly sourced coffees and a blend of Rwanda natural, Costa Rica and 20% Brazil. Think dried fruits, raisin, orange, nuts, chocolate and a hint of booze! Available here with 25% over the black Friday weekend https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/products/horsham-coffee-roaster-christmas-blend
  6. We sell the C40 on our website. I personally have only used it once to test it out and to see what all the fuss is about. Most of the brewing we do at our roastery is via an EK43. The C40 is probably the closest I've seen to EK grind quality at anything under £1000. They really are great grinders!
  7. Hi everyone, Hope it's ok to mention my roastery (Horsham Coffee Roaster). We roast a fair amount of coffee on the light side on a Loring S35. We used a Lighttells colour meter to score every batch, it uses the Agtron scale. I'm genuinely surprised at how few roasters use these but they are a fantastic tool to ensure you remain on target from batch to batch. The scales runs from 0 to over 100 with most roasted coffees fall in the 60-100 range. I recently colour scored the Allpress blend which came out at 70 (higher number is lighter) and I'd consider this on the darker side of medium. It'
  8. Hi everyone, I've just bought a Duo Temp Pro, managed to grab one from ecookshop for £229. Fairly impressed so far but I'm finding the steam wand to be very slow, took around 50 seconds to steam about 200ml of milk. Would you say this is fairly normal? I'm more accustomed to a La Marzocco FB80 so yes I know it will be slower but just wanted to compare with other forum members. Also, any commercially available bottomless portafilters for these? Bought this for both home use and also to get a good idea how our coffees taste through a sub £500 setup. Thanks Bradley
  9. Hi everyone, firstly just want to apologies for not keeping on top of this thread! Poor on my part but there are just so many distractions at the moment. Just getting everything sorted out now and it's been sold. Should anything change I'll update the thread. Thanks Bradley
  10. Hello, thanks. If it wasn't for the dreaded VAT I'd be happy to accept but unfortunately we have to charge VAT so the lowest we could go is £2450 inc VAT. I could probably put it onto a small pallet for you and send it up your way. I don't think it would be much more than about £60. Thanks Bradley
  11. We at Horsham Coffee Roaster are selling our 3 year old Linea Mini. Mainly been used for training once every one to two weeks but now isn't needed as we've replaced it with a 2 group Strada. It's in good mechanical condition with just a few paint chips that would be less noticeable with some black touch up paint. Selling for £2595 inc VAT which is just over £1000 less than the RRP price. Collection from our roastery in West Sussex and I'll include some free coffee too. Here are some pictures:
  12. ​​Selling our trusty VST III Refractometer. £390 including postage and packaging from Horsham, UK. International shipping to be paid by the buyer. Payment via Bank Transfer, or if you'd prefer goods and services insurance, Paypal is acceptable if you are willing to pay the extra fee. The device works perfectly, and as you all know is the industry standard for measuring TDS and ultimately extraction %. It has served our roastery well as part of our Quality Control procedure. Selling due to us having 2 of these devices. There is some external cosmetic damage to the device. The
  13. Morning everyone, I just wanted to post the dates of our upcoming open day at Horsham Coffee Roaster: Sat 5th August from 10am-1pm. The open day is planned as a fundraiser for our Rwanda school project and you can read a bit more about it here: https://www.gofundme.com/the-shye-school-project-rwanda Please come along, try some coffee, pick up retail bags and see how we approach the sourcing and roasting of our coffee. Thanks Bradley
  14. Hello, I see Krema have already been mentioned and yes they do sell retail bags. They are doing a really good job in the area! No website I don't think but facebook here.
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