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  1. £5 for 5 months of Tidal. The quality of playback is exceptional. Some my say my musics choice is dubious Japan, Ghosts
  2. You keep your batteries longer than I keep my cars. I’ve had 4 cars in that period. (You are the sensible one!)
  3. Yes Row


    That’s what I said too...nearly
  4. Yes Row


    Changing the seals on the L1. I removed the group and the lever was down, I thought I would release it whilst holding it. I can confirm it bites
  5. Yes Row

    L1 Service

    Follow the link above, it takes you to the correct ones
  6. Search Aaron Lambo on Facebook. It’s him behind the business. A colourful character
  7. Yes Row

    L1 Service

    Glad I spotted this. I have ordered the silicon rings this evening. Ease of fitting swayed it for me
  8. I have signed up again, I enjoy the surprise each month. This year I have brewed each months coffee as opposed to espresso. I have enjoyed them all.
  9. The Kominsky Method. I found the 2 seasons most entertaining and really funny in places. Great acting, Danny DeVito was really funny.
  10. I’ve been gone too long, what’s that Dave?
  11. Yes Row

    Problem Solved!

    Been drinking them in brewed via a Moka pot. They are a little without real substance and no discernible flavour but make a decent cup of Joe in the morning. Certainly not bitter, sweet’ish reasonable body in a mug. New beans arrived yesterday and I will enjoy getting back to fresh beans, mainly drink brewed coffee now and considering selling the L1 and E10... watch this space, so to speak.
  12. Yes Row

    Problem Solved!

    Not the foggiest! I will know in the morning
  13. Yes Row

    Problem Solved!

    For the first time in years I am out of coffee beans but am awaiting an order. Look what I found in the freezer, 4 years old! Needs must when the devil drives!!!
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