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  1. Yes Row

    Problem Solved!

    Been drinking them in brewed via a Moka pot. They are a little without real substance and no discernible flavour but make a decent cup of Joe in the morning. Certainly not bitter, sweet’ish reasonable body in a mug. New beans arrived yesterday and I will enjoy getting back to fresh beans, mainly drink brewed coffee now and considering selling the L1 and E10... watch this space, so to speak.
  2. Yes Row

    Problem Solved!

    Not the foggiest! I will know in the morning
  3. Yes Row

    Problem Solved!

    For the first time in years I am out of coffee beans but am awaiting an order. Look what I found in the freezer, 4 years old! Needs must when the devil drives!!!
  4. Very nice Marcala La Paz espresso. Worth looking up if in Gràcia Made with love and cracking equipment
  5. I now favour a Boar brush than badger, I find it more workable and satisfying to use (I face lather in the main)
  6. Afternoon. Yes I’m fine with your offer and can post tomorrow I’ll Pm bank details if you could send your address please
  7. £80 including postage. Boxed Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote & Hub. All items are in excellent condition after having very light use - I hope the photos make this clear, however, I am happy to upload more if requested. Only the Remote, dock and hub have been out of the box and used. Box also includes the IR extenders etc which are unused. Happy to post or arrange local collection from Derby area. Bank transfer or cash on collection prefered but I'm happy to accept PayPal sent as F&F or if the fees are covered. Item is listed elsewhere for clarity
  8. That’s a shame. It was an offer not a suggestion.
  9. Most unusual! Anyone tried it? https://www.facebook.com/looksgoodbabe/videos/235328223723414/
  10. Minus eBay fees and PayPal fees I’ll leave £150 on the table and pay the postage if that sweetens the deal Leave it with you. GLWTS
  11. If you’re open to offers, how about £150 posted, for a quick sale
  12. I can not find a streaming service with this series. How did you watch it please?
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