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  1. I use the Premium. There’s a breakdown of the difference on BWT’s website.
  2. I’m using a Bestmax and have similar hard water to you. My duetto has been plumbed from day 1 of having it, originally with a brita but I swapped. There’s a definite taste difference to the water, I’ve plumbed my fridge as well. I recently had to swap the seal on my steam boiler and there was absolutely no scale inside the boiler. I still to do a cleaning descale with citric acid every 6-8 months, I figure it can’t hurt.
  3. Your viewpoint appears to be unimodal.
  4. Trying to price up my Alex Duetto 3. Purchased in 2015 from Bella Barista. Recently replaced pump, seal on steam boiler. Cafelat group gasket IMS shower screen Machine has been plumbed since day 1, fed from BWT Bestmax filter. Descaled every six months just in case, done last month. Used daily, powered on when I’m at home. Group action is smooth. Selling with 3 portafilters (single, double and bottomless) standard baskets Decentish tamper and the original useless plastic one! Spare antivac valve Spare PID No operating faults that I’m aware of, warms up nicely, steams nicely. Machine had a couple of leaks, one from the steam boiler element (new O-ring fitted) and one from one of the pump feeds from when I replaced the pump. These have both been fixed but the leaking water has caused the rear feet to peel. Current fitted PID has one segment light that doesn’t work. I’ve purchased a PID to replace but seeing as the existing PID works perfectly apart from that I haven’t swapped it.
  5. Can a mod mark as sold/no longer available please?
  6. I’ve used a naked PF with a 15g and the Niche
  7. I know how much effort goes into the polished stuff and how frustrating it is for some sarky git to come and point out an error. I just wanted to be the sarky got for a change Thanks for putting the video together!
  8. Nice video Dave, amazing how clear the audio was through those gritted teeth! Was it my lack of coffee or did coarse and fine get swapped around?
  9. I compared the niche to my E37s. I prefer the taste in the cup of the niche and the workflow isn’t that much different. I can swap beans at a whim now though! The only thing I need to remember is to grind the beans before putting them in the portafilter!
  10. I’m at 13. 15g into a vst. Running at 8 bar through my duetto.
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