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  1. Thanks all. The handle has stayed in place but I picked up a set of circlips from Screwfix just in case.
  2. Not exactly a modern smart phone but you can see where I chipped the lip on the edge of the valve where the circlip should fit in. The clip now moves around and doesn't stay in place. I used a cheap screwdriver that I got from a kit for opening my TomTom and that seemed to cause the damage.
  3. Are there any other ECM/Profitec dealers in the UK? I bought the machine from Bella Barista hence the reason for trying them first.
  4. Yes that is the part that chipped off due to me forcing the clip off. Clive Coffee in the US have it in stock but Bella Barista said they would have to order it in as it isn't something they keep stocked (most people aren't as careless as me).
  5. Does anybody have any experience of replacing the steam valve on the Profitec Pro 700? I have managed to damage the end of the valve where the circular clip keeps the handle in place. In short some of the handle had been worn away which was making the steam valve grind as I opened or closed it, so I removed the circular clip and managed to damage the end of the valve which means the clip no longer stays in place.
  6. Hello from St Neots. I did the same as you - looked at mid range before I decided that I would just regret not spending the extra.
  7. Yellow Bourbon in Northampton on Angel Street (Derngate end)
  8. I'm currently drinking their Brasil Mantiquieras de Minas which I'm really liking
  9. Hi, I have an issue with my Profitec 700 where turning the steam valve to the off position is still producing steam through the wand. I've had the machine under 2 years but haven't replaced any of the O-rings in the steam valve assembly and wondered whether a perished seal could be the cause. Nothing feels different in terms of turning the tap to the completely off position. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  10. chewy

    Gaggia Classic 2009

    Moderator please move this to sold.
  11. Steve Peel has opened Yellow Bourbon on Angel Street
  12. Welcome from just up the A421 in St Neots. I bought my Profitec from Bella Barista which I'd recommend paying a visit as they are very helpful.
  13. chewy

    Gaggia Classic 2009

    A few more pictures
  14. chewy

    Gaggia Classic 2009

    Just to mention that I tested it this morning after unblocking the solenoid.
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