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  1. Hello coffee lovers, For many years now we have been supplying our products to many households. We are a family business and have recently expanded and are looking for restaurants / coffee shops and even offices out there that may be interested to supply or use our products. Please visit (link removed) to find out more. If any of you are interested to discuss what we can offer your yourself or your business please feel free to get in touch, we will be more than happy to answer any questions or to visit your establishment to discuss personally what you need and to show you our products so you can sample for yourselves. We Really appreciate all your support, we have been very low key for years and due to alot of our customers demands we have finally joined the masses, we believe our coffee and service is unique and are looking forward to hearing from you, many thanks for your time , Colombias finest.
  2. Hello, I was just looking at the forum and came across this discussion, I must agree about the freshness and how to appreciate coffee to the fullest it must be roasted in the uk to ensure freshness, please visit our website www.colombiasfinest.com, if you are interested in Colombian coffee please do not hesitate to get in touch and maybe we could discuss some options as I respect what your trying to do
  3. Hello Everyone, Please have a look at our great new deals on Colombian Coffee and coffee makers, http://www.colombiasfinest.com/deals All our coffee products are freshly roasted to order so we hope you find what it is your looking for. Thanks for your support, Kind regards, Joseph Colombias Finest (COFI)
  4. Hello, We are a family business who specialize in 100% Colombian Supremo Arabica coffee, which is nothing but the best Colombian coffee under the name COFI. With generations of experience we can assure you that the best coffee is handpicked in Colombia and shipped here to the UK mantaining top quality throughout. Our Coffee beans are 100% Colombian Arabica, renowned as the finest beans in the world. We are primarily a green bean coffee wholesaler, but we also can provide roasted coffee beans, all 100% Colombian Arabica and freshly roasted in the UK. You can visit our site at http://www.colombiasfinest.com We have been trading for many years as Don Jose Fresh Colombian Coffee, hopefully some of you may have experianced this before We have recently launched this site and rebranded the same great product. Please feel free to conatct us for any details, I look forward to speaking with some of you in the future. Regards Joseph Colombias Finest
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