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  1. Has the code changed? With the last couple of orders, it’s not worked...
  2. I have a 15, 18 and 20 ridgeless VST, and until recently only used the 18 with the L1... I switched down to the 15 about 6 months ago and probably won’t switch back... it allows me to pull a higher ratio shot if I want to with the L1.
  3. Hi Phil, Package arrived and all good... Thanks!
  4. Now this is what this forum is all about! Well done Paul!
  5. I’ve got some of the premier cru arriving this week... I’ll let you know!
  6. Nope! I’m going to have a dabble too!!!
  7. What a great idea!
  8. @RobW C’mon, we need to see pictures of your new toy, now you’ve got it home?
  9. Fingers crossed for you Hasi!
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