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  1. For some reason the marked chassis photo didn’t appear;
  2. CMA badged Mazzer Mini electronic dose model £300. Originally purchased from Bella Barista, owned by me from new, it has some age related marks but is generally good clean condition. It has the smaller hopper which just about takes 500g. The only damage I can see is where the portafilter forks have hit the paint and worn the paint away, please see the photos. /b1758eebca23bf02cf4a50199cf05fa0.jpg[/img]
  3. Rom, OK, thanks for the clarification. I leave the country on May 6th, so if you haven't accepted my offer by next weekend let's agree to leave you to sell both together and I will respectively bow out.
  4. Thanks MrBoots2U - Yes, I did read that, it wasn't in the original listing and if you posted the rest of the quote it says he would rather have a deal on both. I'm not trying to negotiate a lower priced deal. It has been listed here for a while and I thought I was making a fair proposal. I am travelling for most of May so I didn't want to be unable complete the transaction. Perhaps, we can help promote getting a deal on the Vesuvius, however with the manufacturer offering new ones at discounted rates and others available on this forum, I completely understand Rom's position. I'm sure there will be someone who will buy both together, they seem like a good combination.
  5. I want to double check that we can agree on the grinder on its own and it isn't dependant on someone buying the Vesuvius at the same time?
  6. I used the Mazzer Mini e with mine with no issues. I think 'home' grinders have caught up and possibly overtaken the Mazzer's but they are very reliable, easy to keep clean and every spare is available should they ever need maintenance.
  7. Junglebert, I thought £1,000 for the Duetto and £800 for the Veloce. As soon as I know they are ready I'll let you know and post them for sale if you decide not to have either.
  8. Sticky

    Hand grinder

    I have a ROK grinder, I used it when 'glamping at music festivals' and have lost the little cup and the lovely box it came in. Also the sweeper arm to push the ground coffee broke (although I don't really miss it). If you are interested I'll pop it in the for sale section.
  9. Rom, I'll happily take the grinder at your asking price. Cash on collection or Paypal etc. are all fine.
  10. I'll be selling my Alex Duetto, if that would suit. It is one of the early Mk4 and will be going to Bella Barista for a full service tomorrow and will be available either to pick up from them or South Derbyshire. It is in excellent condition however the italian badge and the Alex Duetto stickers have fallen off, there is no trace on the steel they just came off. It has had a new steam manometer last year and has been regularly maintained, apart from that it looks very lightly used. I also have a QuickMill Veloce lever that is also heading to Bella Barista for a service and then for sale as an alternate option, again lightly used.
  11. Hi can I get the code too?
  12. Do you have a friendly coffee shop near you? Can you get someone to show you how to get the grind right so that you get a good tasting espresso, i.e. not sour / not too bitter, you will then be able to reproduce almost any coffee drink with practice. I'm sure others will agree it's the most important skill to learn. You will definitely throw plenty of shots away, so get loads of beans from a good priced roaster like HasBean, there are plenty of suggestions on the site. What kind of coffee does your wife drink? Cappuccino / espresso, latte? Good luck
  13. Sticky

    Le Café

    French video about the dangers of coffee
  14. For those of you with Izzo Duetto machines, the following are compatible serial numbers; E61 200 IM which is the competition integrated membrane version I use and am very pleased with E61 200 RM which is a commercial quality woven mesh E61 35 WM which is a traditional woven mesh
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