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  1. However, if you want to go heavy; Rocket PortaVia https://rocket-espresso.com/portavia.html matched to an ultra quiet Badnams generator. I admit that the combination is hernia inducing, but in the world of Top Trumps......
  2. 👍 for Neato I take all the credit for hovering the house, tested it against the Dyson (well I hovered the same area afterwards with the Dyson which hardly picked up anything extra). It lives in the kitchen and has a program to hoover up after breakfast and then if we leave the door open it will wander around and do the rest of the ground floor, it has to recharge halfway through, but will go back and finish off. The Neato scans the room and doesn't bump into everything, we put a magnetic strip around stuff we don't want hoovered at Christmas, for instance. You do have to be careful to not leave wires around. Batteries are cheap to replace, it's easy to maintain, mine is three years old and keeps going, I would replace it the second it gives up. Got mine from Costco and they will replace for up to two years.
  3. Sticky

    Mazzer Mini E model A

    Many apologies to everyone who responded, I have been away from my computer. I’m also afraid I sold this privately. Could a moderator move this to sold?
  4. Sticky

    Mazzer Mini E model A

    OK, somebody save me from eBay.... How about £250? They are £679 at the moment in Bella Barista and out of stock. This is perfect for under kitchen cabinets and is pretty immaculate except for the two marks where the portafilter prongs hit the chassis, which are hard to see in daily use as they are under the portafilter holder.
  5. What's Rhod Gilbert doing in that England shirt?
  6. Hi Rob, are you drinking Americano's? I'm trying to do the maths in my head, to get through two litres of espresso even with a cleaning flush would be hard for me to do. It sounds like your cleaning flush must have been pretty thorough. Perhaps I'm more traditional with my espresso volumes.
  7. It is interesting hearing from people that like Nespresso pods, it just doesn't taste of coffee to me. It's like when you try a really cheap chocolate bar and realise that it isn't really chocolate. I've used the little Hario H60 coffee dripper and still think its faster and better than a Nespresso, with virtually no clean up.
  8. Welcome to the forum, I think the move from Nespresso to 'proper' coffee, made at home, will be a transformation that many people on this site empathise with. When I'm asked by friends what coffee machine to buy, I'm afraid I always go on to explain that the quality of the grinder is probably the single most important investment they should make. The reality is that better quality grinders make the little rocks of coffee close to a uniform size and therefore when you force hot water across them you will get more consistent levels of bitter and sour notes with the lovely coffee flavour. The shiny device that forces hot water across the coffee and gives you steam pressure makes far less difference but cheaper machines require higher levels skill to maintain consistent temperature and the steam pressure is often somewhat asthmatic, making decent milk drinks a tad harder too. I will let other, more knowledgeable people suggest what machines to purchase.
  9. Just when I thought I knew a bit about the coffee varieties I liked, I discover I know nothing. Amazing to see all these different options, I clearly need to experiment more. Thanks for the links @Batian
  10. I’ve spent a few weeks with my R9 one, so I thought I’d add to this thread. I’d like to answer a couple of the points raised in this thread; ”why no cooling flush? It’s a fully saturated group the tank and the group are one unit, not an HX design. ”the internal tank is so small it will need plumbing in” I don’t know how many litres of espresso you are drinking per day but I think the design is perfect for domestic use. I’ll explain why - as this has stainless steel tanks I only intend to use bottled water, my understanding is that stainless steel is hard to descale compared to copper tanks, so good quality water is essential. Also if you really want to get the benefit of pressure profiling you want the input pressure as low as possible, tank fed is perfect. I have a GS3 which I have plumbed in and really struggled with manual profiling initially, I was getting spikes of 5 bar when the shot started. In terms of the online reviews, I can see how they make the various settings seem complicated, however in everyday use you build a pressure profile for the coffee and save it, each shot will be exactly the same, even the bleary eyed first shot of the day, in effect press one button and you are set. I have enjoyed replicating an old fashioned lever starting at 12 bar and slowly dropping down and then with the same bean doing a longer pre-infusion followed by a 9 bar, which is as close to the GS3 as I can get. I have had the machine apart, as there was a small quality control issue, which for a machine at this price point is a little disappointing, on the other hand with the cover off you can see that generally the build quality and components are top quality. if anyone is considering this machine or has questions, please don’t hesitate to ask
  11. Sticky

    Mazzer Mini E model A

    For some reason the marked chassis photo didn’t appear;
  12. CMA badged Mazzer Mini electronic dose model £300. Originally purchased from Bella Barista, owned by me from new, it has some age related marks but is generally good clean condition. It has the smaller hopper which just about takes 500g. The only damage I can see is where the portafilter forks have hit the paint and worn the paint away, please see the photos. /b1758eebca23bf02cf4a50199cf05fa0.jpg[/img]
  13. Rom, OK, thanks for the clarification. I leave the country on May 6th, so if you haven't accepted my offer by next weekend let's agree to leave you to sell both together and I will respectively bow out.
  14. Thanks MrBoots2U - Yes, I did read that, it wasn't in the original listing and if you posted the rest of the quote it says he would rather have a deal on both. I'm not trying to negotiate a lower priced deal. It has been listed here for a while and I thought I was making a fair proposal. I am travelling for most of May so I didn't want to be unable complete the transaction. Perhaps, we can help promote getting a deal on the Vesuvius, however with the manufacturer offering new ones at discounted rates and others available on this forum, I completely understand Rom's position. I'm sure there will be someone who will buy both together, they seem like a good combination.
  15. I want to double check that we can agree on the grinder on its own and it isn't dependant on someone buying the Vesuvius at the same time?
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