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  1. I could not see from where I was standing by the till. No brand of beans being promoted.
  2. Hi I visited this coffee shop for the first time on 18 Nov. Staff where friendly and helpful. The person who served me explained that they had been open for just six weeks. I spotted a La Marzocco being used. I ordered a flat white (made with full-fat milk and Avo on toast with a poached egg. All tasted great and I recommend you visit. The only thing I would suggest could be changed might be to hang some long curtains in the corners by the glass windows and install a few acoustic absorbing pads on the ceiling to reduce the background noise. You can park right outside the door for less than one pound per hour. (Purple Parking Zone) Address, 280 Witan Gate West. MK9 1EJ
  3. Hi sisturix, It might be worth me calling M at BB to highlight that I am not the only Customer experiencing this. I also noticed that the temp can drop to as low as 118 during steaming. It starts to howl a little when it does this. Busy with work at the moment but still plan on buying a 5 hole ECM tip.
  4. Thanks for sharing your first impressions of your ECM machines Quick technical question, before I order a brass Y fitting. The plan is to screw this on to the outlet of the filter the other ends will be split between my filtered water tap and my new ECM. Is the supplied (ECM) flexible pipe fitted with a ½ or ¾ inch fitting, please?
  5. Your welcome...the pump is very quiet. I will order the 5 hole tip next week from BB
  6. Hi Took delivery of my machine on 13th July. Hope you don’t mind too much however I am going to make some comparison to my Vivi (My Way HX, PID) that I had for nearly seven years. First impressions, positive points 1. Love the look of this machine, the lights and dials. All very symmetrical. It’s a little wider than my Vivi was and deeper. 2. The shot timer is useful 3. The water tank is easier to fill 4. The valves are very high quality and nice to use compared to ones that need turning to open 5. Comes with a high quality porta filter and tamper 6. Machine and accessories very well wrapped 7. Heats up quickly enough. 8. The hot water from the brew head does not smell of brass. 9. Makes nice tasting coffee. Once the grinder burrs are worn in a bit I’m hoping for ‘great’ tasting coffee ;-) Not so good points 1. Small mark on the brew lever screw where the person who built the machine let their flat screwdriver slip a little. 2. Drip tray has less capacity than my Vivi did. 3. If the drip tray is nearly full and you slide it up and out towards you, the water can spill on to the electrical switches. Already decided that machine needs the drain plumbing in. 4. The valves need some additional silicone lubrication right out of the box. See photo 5. The brew lever was stiff to use before I applied silicone grease. This evening I carefully removed the cam, cleaned it up and applied Molykote 111 to all friction areas. Certainly feels smoother now, no more metal on metal friction. Will update the post if it now stops weeping when in the mid position. (45 degrees). A little steam still does seep out of the shower head. 6. It takes longer to steam the same amount of milk, temp set to 124. BB suggested I try it at 126. If this does not work then I will buy the ECM 5 hole tip. Update, it takes 1min 15 sec to steam 250ml of milk to 65 degrees
  7. Hi mania I have had mine for about week now, made a dozen latte's I guess. Happy to comment and going to post some photos with some suggestions for any new owners. There are I think only about 10 in the UK at this point
  8. Hi jimbojohn Could you share a few more details on the file used and a photo if you have time, please? Here is a photo of my 3 day old steel blades. Look ok but don’t feel sharp when running my finger over the blades. I decided to grease up and reassemble. Caught out in the act by Mrs H ”what are you doing with your new grinder” etc… BB has kindly offered to buy in some 83mm ‘red speed lucidate’ coated burrs. I can share a photo of those when they arrive in about a months time.
  9. Hi All I want to be able to steam my milk quicker for latte's. Plan is to swap the two hole tip that comes with the machine for a 4 or even 5 hole tip. They only cost about £8 from BB but just wanted to see if anyone on the forum had a spare one they would be prepared to sell for a reasonable price? Regards
  10. Hi Mrb2020 Thanks for buying the Vivi today, all went smoothly. A pleasure doing business with you.
  11. Hi Mrb2020 It's a Mark 2. I will accept £500 and happy for you to pop in on Sunday coming. I will send you a pm so we can arrange payment and collection details
  12. One used hand coffee bean grinder, with 83mm, conical, titanium coated burrs I imported this beautiful looking hand grinder from the manufacturer in the summer of 2014. I waited for the upgraded 2014 version with the clearer marking system and of the coated 83mm burs. The design of this smart looking machine means you can smell the aroma from the beans soon after you have started turning the wheel a few times. 18g of beans can be ground in just 20 turns. It has ground only about 12Kg of beans during the two years I have owned it. That’s two, 250g of beans a month. I have the original shipping box, two hex keys, grease and user guide These currently retail for $985 plus shipping of $448 and import duty Price £600 ono Item located in South Northamptonshire. Photos are located in my dropbox account, link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d1m4n69o1hh0isr/AABK4SyLpyvOXM1GMc_yYj9Ta?dl=0 Original Manufacturer website http://hg-one.com/the-hg-one-grinder/
  13. One used espresso machine. PID controlled, HX Single Boiler, Espresso Machine Made by Gruppo IZZO, Italy. Machine Serial Number 005 I purchased from Bella Barista in Aug 2009 and owned since. In terms of how much use this nice machine has had is, I make two flat white coffee’s each day and four at the weekend. Always been used with a quality under sink water filter. One of the little blue LED chips stopped working a while ago, however, you can still tell what temperature it’s displaying. Look closely at the middle digit in the photo. I have the original box, portafilters and user manual . I found the single spout to be almost useless so decided to make it into a ‘bottomless’ version by drilling it out. The two spout one is clean and original. Th The photo of the large white water filter cartridge is simply for information to show I have used one, not included in the sale. Recent servicing: • Pre-delivery checks performed by Bella Barista on 15 June 2016, reference the attached image of the document. Jordan also kindly replaced the E61 gasket and small steam valve rubber valve tip. • Descaled on 12 June 2016, using the product supplied by Bella Barista • Back flushed with 4g of Puly café and lubricated cam with Molykote 111 on 1st June. Ref the photo • Four new felt pads for the feet Price £525. Machine located in South Northamptonshire https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8whg0tz9zd794rn/AADEf-SRuc-KUd7LL363ny99a?dl=0
  14. Oaky

    E61 HX machine wanted

    Hi Jim I have a Vivi, PID HX machine I bought from BB in 2009. Would that be of interest? It has been regularly descaled and used with a Grohe water softener. Regards
  15. Hi JV I have a Vivi, PID, HX machine. However, it's a 2009 model, bit older than you wanted but well looked after. I use it once a day during the week and twice at weekends. Regards
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