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  1. Look at Osmo Polyx Oil. We have oak beams, oak windows and oak kitchen units. It’s expensive but available online in small tins.
  2. I’m still single dosing on the K10F using the rubber lens hood as a blower. I sometimes add a couple of drops of water to the beans to reduce static. A clear plastic lid from a pot of Tesco cream forms a good, fairly airtight lid to the hopper and a few presses as it’s grinding clears most of the grounds. 16g takes about 10 seconds. It works well enough for me.
  3. 1. Dayks 2. GCGlasgow 3. working dog 4. Fluffles 5. dfk41 6. Tewdric 7. mcrmfc 8. johnealey 9. scottomus 10. Sean 11. Kman10 12. Riz 13. bagpuss 14. Missy 15. christos_geo 16. dwalsh1 17. Steveholt 18. billcoxfam
  4. Unlawful is against the law, illegal is a sick bird.
  5. Well over 2 years since I bought my L1 and the lever still catches at 45 degrees and I haven't yet re-lubed or changed seals. The only maintenance to date has been to clean the shower screen every 2 months and to wipe the machine down with a damp cloth. Used daily for four or five shots and usually switched off mid day. If it ain't broke! It's probably time I ordered some spare seals and lube, in readiness though.
  6. Be consistent, always release some steam through the steam wand and then wait for the red light to go out just before pulling the shot. In in this way, boiler pressure is at the maximum and pre-infusion pressure is the same for each shot.
  7. 1 - ronsil 2 - Johnealey 3 - 4 - jonners 5 - JohnPrime 6 - paul whu 7 - Gangstarrrrr 8 - Doolallysquiff 9 - Jollybean 10- MarkyP 11- Blackstone 12 -Bignorry 13- Richard Penny 14- Milanski 15- stevogums 16- madaetihw 17- oddknack 18- shrubbery 19- squiggs1982 20 - TonyW 21 - Colio07 22 - chockymonster 23 - Mr O 24 - 25 - I'll drop out. I've enjoyed taking part and I want to go back to some of the earlier DSOL roasters and try some of their other roasts. Many thanks to Milanski and Ron.
  8. [h=2][/h] 1. Coffeechap 2. Kman10 3. grumpydaddy 4. NickdeBug 5. Systemic Kid 6. Xpenno 7. funinacup 8. sjenner 9. DoubleShot 10. dfk 11. Twotone 12. ahirsty 13. CamV6 14. Eyedee 15. Daren 16. ronsil 17. Mr O 18. Inkydog 19. billcoxfam 20. Yes row
  9. It absolutely is, the puff of air, especially when the burrs are turning seems to clear the entire grinding chamber.
  10. I don't get the issues some have with single dosing on the K10 F. 16g into the rubber hopper, a few pulses, a gentle tap on the hopper with the palm of the hand, 16g out, no retention. Simple!
  11. Sale agreed to El Cabron. Please send a pm with delivery address and I will reply with payment details.
  12. £335 is accepted provided delivery in UK.
  13. Ok you could probably re-sell the hopper and stainless steel tray for around £45.00 if that helps.
  14. Reg Barber stainless steel bases in unmarked condition :- 49 mm. used with La Pavoni Europiccola. £20.00 plus postage 44.5 mm. used with Ponte Vecchio Lusso. £20.00 plus postage threaded screws included. ( Retail price is £37.20 )
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