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  1. Its been sat closed for 5 years so I think it just jammed. I got a pipe cleaner right up the hot water wand and as far into the back of the valve as I could and it come out pretty clean, hopefully its all good
  2. Hi guys , managed to fix it today I disconnected the line coming from the boiler into the hot water valve. I noticed there was no movement inside the valve when turning it to open/closed where as inside the steam valve I could see the inside rotate and move down slightly . So I applied a small amount of pressure with a screwdriver (through the small hole where the pipe was connected) and it popped open really easily. So it turned out the mechanism inside the valve was stuck. Once I put it all together again it worked excellently Many thanks again for all the sound advice
  3. I have found a local service man on google who I am going to get in touch with today re: a service / new valve replacement seals etc. I will take the tap part off and clean it up but I will stop when I reach the valve. There's a few things I spotted that caught my eye inside the machine so I will take some photos and post them up. Once again many thanks for the help guys. I'll keep reporting back to let you know how I get on. P.S - I am in Teesside - I believe the water here is relativly soft - Will it cause me a problem if I don't use this filter unit that came with the
  4. I am in Teesside , Redcar to be precise , well the machine is I will pick up some descaler and run it through. If I can't find the exact procedure for this I might be back How do I remove the valve ? As long as I don't go too deep will I be relatively safe to just take a set of spanners to it and have a look ? I will stress the importance of the service guy to the inlaw
  5. Thanks for the help guys . The machine is from the Wakefield area . Here is the description from the seller . [TABLE=width: 776, align: center] [TR] [TD]The machine came with a filter unit so I presume it was ran with it previously. I have not rigged it up as the plastic threads on the stepdown piece into the filter are shot so it leaks. I haven't as yet descaled the machine. I know I need to but I am not sure how . Do I just place descaler into the basket and run the group ? Also how do I back flush this machine correctly ? The gauge behavior you have explained sounds ab
  6. First post on here so a big hello to everybody! I have recently purchased a Fracino Classic commercial machine (2nd hand) for a cafe my mother in law runs. I rigged it all up over the weekend but I am having a problem , the machine will not produce hot water from the wand. The steam wand , and the group (I believe it is called the group, The coffee "brewer" in the middle) both work fine. If I turn the manual valve for hot water - nothing happens!. The steam gets upto pressure/temprature rather quickly but the hot water side does not move past 3 (The green zone is at 12
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