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  1. Just to follow up on this... I went with the bezzera duo. It arrived today and I had it set up / heated within an hour. Massively impressed. I also know that my technique is not doing it justice, this is my next focus. Great machine and service from black cat coffee.
  2. Once or twice a week. Mainly I use it for light roasted beans as espresso. However definitely need the ability to make 2 or 3 milk based drinks on those occasions.
  3. Hi, Sorry for another recommendations thread... Looking to upgrade my fracino cherub. Currently thinking of a dual boiler as it will mostly be used for espresso, but the occasional milk based drinks. Lelit Elizabeth seems to have a strong following at the moment, but the bezzera duo mn has caught my eye. Is it worth the extra £500? Any other machine I should be considering? Cheers!
  4. It failed twice... I returned it... Got a second hand commercial grinder instead. Sent from my GM1903 using Tapatalk
  5. Happy to pay a few quid more too. Sent from my GM1903 using Tapatalk
  6. I did last weekend, it is pretty good. Choice of espresso and a funky Rwandan!
  7. Not heard of waylands yard. Pretty excited to give them a go at the weekend. Cheers.
  8. Quarter horse and faculty spring to mind for me...
  9. Me too. These beans were a real crowd pleaser for my family and friends. Sometimes they don't like the funkier beans, especially in milk. The outpost coffee had them all commenting how nice it was as a flat white.
  10. Three for me... The stone roses (got into them during my teenage years) Kasabian (a levels) Lcd soundsystem (mid 20's). Might go and have a little listen to all three!
  11. Hi, I will happily take this at £105 delivered. It will make one of my friends very happy! Move to pm? Thanks!
  12. I don't actually see a vote button or option in tapatalk... Am I missing something?
  13. Thanks all... Less than 24 hours after posing the question, I have taken delivery of a ceado e37s. Personally hand delivered by coffee chap, no less. Only had a quick play, but already very impressed. Compared to the sette it is built like a tank. Looking forward to getting the best out of this!
  14. Thanks all. The 75e is a good shout. Appealing as it is within budget brand new. A used Mythos is also a great shout. Difficult to pick out of these options when they are closely matched. At least there is not likely to be a wrong choice!
  15. Hi, My sette 270w looks like it has given up the ghost. I am more inclined to get a refund rather than a repair and risk it breaking out of warranty. So I am in the market for a new / used grinder and would appreciate recommendations. Bit of background... I have a fracino cherub. I usually make 2-3 espressos a day. Exclusively light roasts. Previously had a super jolly, and would want this to be a step up from the sj / sette. Am open to the idea of a used grinder too. So far I have been looking at the atom / eureka 65e. Should I be considering a second hand mythos? Or
  16. Sadly mine appears to have broken this morning. Made one coffee (for my dad), went to make mine shortly after and it refused to grind. I have taken the hopper off, removed the burr carrier and reseated everything. Anything else I should check? Will contact coffeehit in a little while if not.
  17. A lot of these have been returned after a few months. Mine is still going (and I do like it a lot) but I would consider an alternative until reliability issues have been ironed out. If you do go down the 270w route then at least you know that coffeehits customer service is well tested and spot on.
  18. Changing it to suit how you are going to use it is best. Certainly less faff.
  19. Wow. Cannot believe that is the same grinder! Weigh out beans, put them in the top, turn on, pull the paddle a handful of times and it kicks in. I used the camera lens hood as it can be covered and pushed down to blow the grinds down. Oh and a bent tea spoon works well to empty the chute if needed!
  20. That is a part for the mazzer major I believe so would never have been there.
  21. Missy is spot on. You should already have a lense hood on top of that sj...
  22. Glad it got there in one piece. I think the missing internals would be connected to a little flap over the grinds chute. When the doser got full it would automatically turn off. These being removed allowed single dosing and easy access to the chute to make sure it is clear and the grinds didn't go stale. I look forward to seeing what can be done to this with a little time and effort!
  23. Mine is still going... But I really do feel like it is a matter of time now!
  24. Yep sounds good to me. I will see how much dpd costs as recommended by fatboyslim. Move to pm to work out the details?
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