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  1. Just to follow up on this... I went with the bezzera duo. It arrived today and I had it set up / heated within an hour. Massively impressed. I also know that my technique is not doing it justice, this is my next focus. Great machine and service from black cat coffee.
  2. Once or twice a week. Mainly I use it for light roasted beans as espresso. However definitely need the ability to make 2 or 3 milk based drinks on those occasions.
  3. Hi, Sorry for another recommendations thread... Looking to upgrade my fracino cherub. Currently thinking of a dual boiler as it will mostly be used for espresso, but the occasional milk based drinks. Lelit Elizabeth seems to have a strong following at the moment, but the bezzera duo mn has caught my eye. Is it worth the extra £500? Any other machine I should be considering? Cheers!
  4. It failed twice... I returned it... Got a second hand commercial grinder instead. Sent from my GM1903 using Tapatalk
  5. Happy to pay a few quid more too. Sent from my GM1903 using Tapatalk
  6. I did last weekend, it is pretty good. Choice of espresso and a funky Rwandan!
  7. Not heard of waylands yard. Pretty excited to give them a go at the weekend. Cheers.
  8. Quarter horse and faculty spring to mind for me...
  9. Me too. These beans were a real crowd pleaser for my family and friends. Sometimes they don't like the funkier beans, especially in milk. The outpost coffee had them all commenting how nice it was as a flat white.
  10. Three for me... The stone roses (got into them during my teenage years) Kasabian (a levels) Lcd soundsystem (mid 20's). Might go and have a little listen to all three!
  11. Hi, I will happily take this at £105 delivered. It will make one of my friends very happy! Move to pm? Thanks!
  12. I don't actually see a vote button or option in tapatalk... Am I missing something?
  13. Thanks all... Less than 24 hours after posing the question, I have taken delivery of a ceado e37s. Personally hand delivered by coffee chap, no less. Only had a quick play, but already very impressed. Compared to the sette it is built like a tank. Looking forward to getting the best out of this!
  14. Thanks all. The 75e is a good shout. Appealing as it is within budget brand new. A used Mythos is also a great shout. Difficult to pick out of these options when they are closely matched. At least there is not likely to be a wrong choice!
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