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  1. Hello, struggling to find some replacement burrs for my E5, any ideas where I can get some from? Thanks Richard.
  2. Hello, this is the one I got, seems to be good but I just took a chance as I couldn’t find out much about them. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07G2VL2WP/ref=dp_cerb_3
  3. Hello, looking for a gas powered tea urn for our coffee van. We’ve found on very busy days making a tea cools our machine down too much. Thinking we could set it up next to the van on a sturdy table with the gas bottle underneath. So wondering what set up others have for this and which tea urn to go for? Thanks Richard.
  4. Hello, thanks for the reply’s. Yes it’s a gas machine and we went with a 2000w average, 4000 watts peak inverter and 2 x 105ah battery’s for the grinder and pumps. Each battery lasted 4hrs going flat out, which was about 50 hot drinks an hour for us. Went for a bigger inverter due to the grinder, which draws 350w average and can be a lot more on start up, if both pumps are also running this gives the inverter a chance, also nothing runs continually the whole day so the battery’s never need to supply 1500 watts for 8 hours. The problem with a generator is some of the smaller shows, fete don’t
  5. Thanks, that’s what it turned out to be, managed to get it sorted the day after I posted, was in a bit of a panic as we had a event a few days later.
  6. Hello, I’ve got a 2 group dual fuel Contempo and each group head has a different flow rate, both dispense the same volume of water but the left hand one is slow and the right hand one very fast, any ideas? Thanks Rich.
  7. Hello, I’m just finishing my coffee van and all I need now are, an inverter and 2x leisure battery’s. So after recommendations for a pure sine wave inverter and a couple of battery’s. My setup is a Fracino 2 group Contempo, flowjet pump, and Compak e5 grinder, in a VW T5, so plenty of room. I’m thinking a 1500 watt inverter and 2x 105ah battery’s, which I’m hope will get me through a 8hr day? Thanks Richard.
  8. Hello, what type of inverter do you use? Getting confused with pure sine, modified or just a standard inverter.
  9. Great thanks, I’ve gone for 2x 6kg bottles as they fit nicely in the van.
  10. Hello just after a rough idea on how long the gas bottles last on a 2 group dual fuel machine, it’s for a coffee van and unsure which size bottle to go for. Thanks Rich.
  11. Hello and yes I'll go for that offer, makes it nice and easy if you can collect both. I'll take the grinder off eBay now. Thanks Richard.
  12. Hello I've put the grinder on eBay now but would prefer to sell on here. Open to offers on both grinder and machine. Thanks Richard.
  13. Selling my Gaggia classic and Mazzer SJ grinder, I've upgraded both so no longer need them. The grinder came from Daren the forum and had been refurbished by Coffee Chap for Darren. I got it in 2014 and have used it 2/3 times a day. It's got a couple of small marks on the paint from moving house but is in great working order. Has the clean sweep mod and think the burrs were new for Daren but can't remember for sure. It has a crack in the plastic dosser lens but can only be seen from the inside and doesn't effect it at all. It's a great grinder and I've had some really good espresso from
  14. Drop bar cafe in Westerham and Velo House in Tunbridge Wells are both good.
  15. Just replaced my classic with a Verona and have a SJ grinder.
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