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  1. I bought my classic brand new from Amazon about 9 months ago. I'll give the cup test a go and see how I get on.
  2. Maybe this method might help me? Running water through the steam wand first.
  3. I don't think it's down to grind since its doing it without any coffee in the PF. Water getting too hot maybe? Can I adjust this? The light still switches off so I think the thermostat should still be fine?
  4. I've done the OPV mod and got it almost perfectly to 10 bar down from 12. Though this was probably 4-5 months ago. I haven't tested recently. I hadn't been steaming no, just turned the machine on from cold.
  5. Here's a quick video of both. Cold flow rate: https://vine.co/v/h5hqWqQFguh 12 minute warmup rate: https://vine.co/v/h5heOzb0bzQ Hopefully that makes more sense.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a Francino (Cunill Brasil) grinder that I bought second hand, the doser is broke but I've recently fitted new burrs and everything else works great. However, it's a little too large for my kitchen so I've been considering an upgrade to a Vario. How much do you think I'd be able to sell for? Cheers, Ric
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been using my classic for almost a year now, and very happy with it. But how smooth should the extraction be? I've seen larger commercial machines slowly pour consistent espresso. My classic seems to splutter a little, does anyone know what this might be? If I turn my machine on from cold and run water through the group, it's at a smooth consistent rate. However once the machine has come up to temperate the water through the group it doesn't quite flow the same. My machine should be clean, I've descaled and back-flushed recently. Is this normal, if not any ideas? Cheers. Ric
  8. I really didn't like Has Beans 2012 Breakfast Bomb, the oddest coffee I've ever had! Tasted like it'd been marinated with old beef.
  9. Hi everyone, After a particularly difficult dialling-in session yesterday, have a couple of simple questions. What grinder do you have? How much coffee do you waste dialling in a new bean? I have a Cunil Brasil, and dialling in a new bean I can waste about 30g, is that normal? Each notch seems to make a massive difference. Thanks, Ric
  10. Hi everyone. I just got back from work to discover that my Gaggia Classic had been turned on all day! Everything seems to be ok with it. Could this have possibly done any damage to it? Cheers, Ric
  11. Hi, I've had a subscription for a few months with Home Ground Coffee, most of their coffees worked really well brewed but not quite to my tastes in espresso. However within the last few weeks they've brought out a new espresso blend called "Damn Jimmy". The name is down to me since they asked for suggestions on their Facebook page, and all I could think about was the "Damn Jimmy that's some gourmet s#%t" scene from Pulp Fiction. Lucky they liked it and sent me a few bags for my troubles. I've got to say I really like it, very smooth traditional type espresso with some fruity notes coming through. I'd say it was a medium roast and up until now I've only really liked dark roasts (I think I'm coming around now). I'd be really interested to see what everyone thinks of it. Home Ground Coffee are a roasters that I don't see mentioned on these forums too often so I don't know if any of you guys have pick this up already? If you are interest here's the link: http://www.homegroundcoffee.co.uk/index.php/shop#!/~/product/category=3671006&id=15580132 Cheers, Ric
  12. Cheers, it did taste good. I think I stretched the milk a little too far, but not bad for first attempt with a new jug. Things that I now do differently: - I weigh my coffee, 16.5g dose at the moment but I'm going to experiment with this a little. - I purchased a new smaller rattleware 12oz milk jug. - I'm now stretching the milk to 100° before I whirlpool. - I should have some temptags in the post, so I'll be able to get the thermometer out of the way as well.
  13. All things considered I'm now getting it right. Check it out. Thanks, I might never have got there otherwise!
  14. There was a hint of bitterness. I'll ease up on the tamp next time and see how that turns out.
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