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  1. After upgrading my mobile to one without a headphone jack I bought these Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless earphones to work around the loss of the jack. Bought approximately a month go from John Lewis I later decided to buy an adaptor for my current audiophile in ear monitors instead. The Sonys come with the original box (+ receipt), carrying case, USB C charging cable and all earphone tips. They were bought for £219 and come with a 2 year guarantee. Happy to sell these on for £190 or near offer delivered.
  2. I agree with the "less imposing" point - the mythos looks like a beast. I am half tempted sometime to see if I can somehow cut down the sides of the big hopper and then just screw in a holder of some kind into the top. It is nice to be able to see inside but not essential - I only ever load it with enough for the number of coffees I am making to avoid the beans getting old due to sunlight and air (i usually close the bag of beans and leave it in the fridge).
  3. £119 for a couple of bits of plastic - that is crazy!
  4. The one thing I would really love is to replace the monster hopper on the mythos with the smaller one from the mythos one - reduce the tower of grinding doom to something a little more manageable. I am fairly sure it would be compatible but have had no luck in finding one.
  5. Finally getting around to it - here is my new (well comparably) setup of my L1 and you can just see my mythos on the side. A perfect match I would have to say and, following the mythos mod to stop clumping, able to consistently produce excellent shots - limited only by my ability. I have also recently upgraded to a VST 18g ridgeless basket and have not looked back since (possibly a slight improvement in the cup - a significant improvement in the buildup of coffee grounds around the screen).
  6. If memory serves me correctly the steam valve can be left open - although given the steam power of this beast its good to master the one handed hold as the milk will be up to temperature quite fast if using a small or medium sized pitcher.
  7. After a bit of a hiatus from the forum while I got very busy with work I am now back and will try to be a little more involved. In terms of the Pompeii I found it too expensive to run, especially when it came time to service it (I was being quoted £250 per group for the service) so I ended up upgrading to a new Londinium 1, much more economical to run and I can service this myself whenever needed (the steam pressure, while a little less than the Pompeii, is still plenty enough to produce some decent micro foam and latte art). I will try and upload a picture of my revised setup sometime soon.
  8. @np123 - after comparisons with the motorola 360 I am happy to up my bids by £10, so £140 delivered (straight down the A12) or £130 pick up.
  9. I can't match that - but if pick up is preferred I can come collect today - it's nice weather for a drive down.
  10. Hi, The Huawei watch is a beautiful watch and has kept drawing me back in every time I tell myself that that it is just too much for me to spend on a smartwatch. Would you consider £120 collect / £130 delivered? I am near Ilford so pretty much straight down the A12.
  11. Lol Glenn, sounds like you have spent some time out in York! I lived there for about 2 years and I could only name Nicola from those 3 places.
  12. +1 for both harlequin and perky peacock.
  13. Same plastic as the original clump breaker but positioned closer to the burrs for less retention and redesigned for less clumping. It seems to do a good job.
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