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  1. Well the pod machine has gone to the recycling centre they might borrow my spare classic for a bit and see how they get on with it and the manual process for a while they are moving soon so won’t be buying before the move I don’t think and aren’t looking for a new hobby at this stage.
  2. Another retailer has stated that there is only 1 eureka part number for 50mm burrs in the parts catalogue I have the older mk2 which apart from cosmetics appears to be identical to the chrono empty grinder chamber chirp and espresso grind are close together and the numbers are meaningless I have been contemplating fitting a dial gauge to the adjustment mechanism to give an element of repeatability but don’t want to dismantle my used several times a day grinder to try
  3. HDAV

    How to Embed gifs

    Won’t be bothering with that BS nonesense then 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. How do you embed gifs since the smilies were taken away its our only hope https://giphy.com/gifs/season-3-the-simpsons-3x5-3o6Mbmx4k4D0xwSRDa
  5. This is why we need laughing reaction smilie .... but they could be misused 🤷‍♂️ Simpsons gif will have to do but how 🤔
  6. Select deluxe maybe worth £50 looks like a classic but isn’t a classic worth £25 for parts but lack of solenoid and adjustable opv means not very valuable
  7. No you have your unit back and working. if it had failed within a week or even a month you may have a case, but near on a year old, the retailer legally can offer to repair the unit. I suggest you get it shipped back ASAP as your the one loosing out in this situation not the retailer. As for hands all over it think about the person who has to work on after it’s been who knows where with who knows who? Hygenie works both ways and a professional repair shop of food equipment will be well aware of the need to decontaminate and sanitise equipment. You just have to clean it as you
  8. They aren’t the same but are all basically the same mignon internally all to 50mm burr models are basically the same and the 55mm model has bigger burrs the rest is nothing to do with the actual grind as such just the ancillary items and no say the mignon is brilliant it’s passable if you don’t have big budget/space a Dacia sandero is a car but it’s not the best car but it will get you to work on time if you leave early enough just the same anything else
  9. Assuming machine is out of warranty? biggest issue with sage is the lack of parts support to end users, hopefully you will find any parts you need on eBay etc (German eBay may have more but shipping may now be an issue) im not familiar with the solenoid they use in the sage but it might be possible to clean/repair it
  10. Niche is an option not everyone loves them but most do, there are the newer eureka models (may or may not be much of an upgrade in real terms) or as suggested the commercial grade units (have a feeling there may be some hitting the market over the next few months as commercial operators fall foul of current situation 🙁 )
  11. Bots are cheaper and more effective
  12. That looks similar and hydraulic (I did have a quick look at pneumatic fittings) are a good shout yes m12x1.0 is a very fine pitch for that diameter these are M12 fine pitch https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pneumatic-Air-Quick-Connector-Fitting-Metric-M12-M12X1-25-Male-X-6mm-OD-Tube-F0-/201866219791?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 clearly don’t order from America but local supplier probably has them quite cheaply
  13. I would have used the like button but I don’t want to “bump a reputation” however he/she/? with the most friends (or ability to buy them) wins....... 🤷‍♂️
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