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  1. Surely the roaster is the one to give the information.... is a 2020 bottle of wine better than a 1998? 1954? roasted on xx/xx/xx optimum use date xx/xx/xx-xx/xx/xx best before xx/xx/xx+1 best before dates for roasted beans come from Some Sort of table/reference for food stuffs? Normally 12 months post roasting/packing? isn’t it amazing a roasted tree seed lasts exactly the time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun 🤔🤔🤔
  2. Welcome, a few Somerset members on here, if you haven’t seen it give this a watch https://youtu.be/dn9OuRl1F3k
  3. Bump no one got one having about in a drawer or box?
  4. Welcome the law of diminishing return is strong 💪 set a budget... you’ll blow it!
  5. Used classics are a great place to,start and if not in a rush one may come up at a suitable price @allikat is in Somerset, and may know of any local, gumtree eBay marketplace all worth looking at they are easy to work and service and I don’t think you will get much better for the cash. A rancilio Silvia steam wand £15 transforms the steaming experience. good news if you do stretch to a classic or one of the other machines it’s based on original baby, tebe etc they tend to hold their value ( the early classic are sought after but a pony ore 2015 model will work. I wouldn’t over pay
  6. Timely email re Black Friday deals I would think a decent hand grinder, aeropress, v60 and good amount of beans (and frother if you drink milk based drinks doable well in budget)
  7. Good point as @Missy mentions, depending on what you want to make/drink there are other options. For under £100 you could buy an aeropress, hand grinder and frother/cafetiere and arguably make far better drinks although they wont look like what you get in shops may well taste better. https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/aeropress-gift-set-with-grinder?variant=36927381274792&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=CjwKCAiAnvj9BRA4EiwAuUMDf7FMWH7AjlQW46S1NRp33pdwJlcVrXwd81zZxvNGwNsF3PlwahpjlB
  8. Wilva great for pour over, that’s a race ready classic package you have, but you missed the learning curve that comes from modding, you can get a standard portafilter and pressurised baskets cheaply is you really want to try (don’t forget the little black plastic thingy) in fact I’d be willing to buy the bottomless and basket from you.....
  9. My classic spent 4 years in a box in the shed along with my mignon.....🤷‍♂️ only came out again as SWMBO started wfh and was missing “coffee” from the “coffee shop” in the office...... back in regular use for now...... also found a box of unopened espresso cups and saucers 🤣
  10. Yes as first to reply in thread I believe you get the item. my bad for not specifying the payment. Shoot me a pm with address
  11. So the lovely @Missy sent me a bottomless portafilter and some baskets however it’s slightly wrong for the group head on my classic, it seems a little larger as both tabs won’t fit into the group. 🙈 originally from a Francino Cherub so should fit any machine with that size group Happy to forward for cost of postage probably £3.10 as that’s what it costs to get to me will come unbranded double and triple baskets pictured. let me know before I attack with a file
  12. Make & model of machine will help....... maybe someone would swap the bottomless for a standard??? the pressurised baskets are designed to make crema from stale preground espresso not make wrongly ground beans taste better. The svart isn’t really an espresso grinder, a Rocky, mc2 or mdf are about as low as you can go. I would expect a pressurised basket to make a mess uncontained never tried it, not sure anyone would.......also if machine has been modded likely not pushing 15 bar which the double walled baskets are designed for.......
  13. Which bit aren’t you keen on? Doing the modding or the fact it can be made better? for £500 you will struggle and a modded (pre 15) classic can be yours for £200 or less (or more covid 🤷‍♂️) simple, reliable and parts easily available, leaves enough budget for a decent grinder...... massive advantage is its likely worth you paid for when you do decide to upgrade or go back to pods (yes it happens you just don’t hear about as people don’t tend to come Back and say “jeez that was a faff pass me the pods” The alternatives likely won’t be ......but who knows....
  14. Forgot to add yes the rancilio steam wand £15 on eBay U.K. is a great upgrade if you want to make milk based drinks.
  15. Very easy to adjust OPV but you need a gauge to do it properly. Some guess at 270 degrees but 🤷‍♂️ It’s a guess. Here is the inside of a 2001 (soft water area) machine before and after mechanical cleaning and £10 on eBay for full gasket set £10 for new thermostats, also with that age machine loose scale can easily flake off and cause a blockage remove it first easy on split the boiler just go slowly label connectors and use good tools it’s 4 hex/Allen bolts 2 screws (Philips) and a nut to remove boiler system from case then 12 hex bolts to Strip down to components the solenoid can be further s
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