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  1. Domestic automatics have a big drawback milk........ milk storage and holding system aren’t refrigerated and a pain to clean so while it may make a latte from a single press it’s likely to take longer to clean than making one with a manual machine or get iccky quickly especially for 1/2 a day
  2. @Zagato great thread @Coff Hey awesome videos 😉 slightly different question, what’s the difference (or nearest equivalent) of the chrono to the previous mk2 as far aI can see it’s a metal fork and a bit of chrome, the mk2 in 2013 was £309 ish.... at the same a classic was £180ish, now a classic is £400 and a chrono is £180 what gives? Also how do I know when I need new burrs? Which burrs should I fit if I need new ones?
  3. Worth checking if they adjusted the opv I do as a matter of course now
  4. Don’t take this the wrong way but do you coffee that tastes like coffee or costa/Starbucks? This may have been covered but A where are you and B what do you normally drink/enjoy drinking?
  5. Who stripped it? Yourself?
  6. NO for the reasons above a MR shades long slim drip tray and some scales are the best bet. the cost to engineer a 3d Printed tray with a recess for a particular scale wouldn't be huge. Trawl thingiverse or instagram for ideas
  7. 2 came with both my machines so I use it...... 1 £12 fuse to protect a £15/18 pump 🤨
  8. Making a YouTube video about something doesn’t make it correct or the creator an expert.....nor does posting on a forum either 😵
  9. Always another £50 to spend..... they had a set budget of £700 so silenzio and GCP fit budget nicely (it’s come along way since £200 pod machine...........already) machina have the best deal I have found (thanks to post above) I’m not sure where they ordered from in the end hopefully somewhere that chucked a bag of beans in with the grinder and somewhere that will actually deliver in a reasonable time frame
  10. If it powers up the thermal fuse is good the boiler should not be submerged in liquid...........
  11. You need a meter with continuity test to check the fuse cheap online £10 or less or any electrician will have one I have 3 🙈
  12. https://www.blackcatcoffee.co.uk/collections/espresso-grinders/products/copy-of-eureka-mignon-brew-pro-55mm-flat-burrs-1?variant=31520493797443 https://coff-hey.com/products/new-eureka-mignon-crono-coffee-grinder-matt-black?_pos=14&_sid=8b34d6672&_ss=r £115 assuming you can get a portafilter fork for £10 🙊 thats alot of coffee Anyone got pictures next to a GCP?
  13. Anyone seen a particularly good offer on the Mignon Silenzio models? VS gettting the chrono and saving £100?
  14. What grinder are you using and what beans? How are you tamping?
  15. Replace the steam stat, double check the wiring, reassemble and test, there is a safety thermal fuse on top of the boiler that cuts all power in an overheat situation, it’s possible the broken steam stat is the cause of the short. Use the hex to undo the stat with a wrench but only finger tighten as they can snap in he boiler...
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