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  1. Just cracked into this bag. Did a quick clever dripper. Definitely getting the tangy fruit notes, tastes a bit like a fruity chocolate bar. I reckon its an African natural. Maybe Rwanda.
  2. cjonny

    Ceado E92

    @adamkovacs1126picked it up today. It was a easy and covid friendly transaction. He even gave us some home made croissants, which were very nice. Good to now the grinder will go to someone who will get some proper use out of it.
  3. cjonny

    Ceado E92

    Great. Moving to pm
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  5. Bagception. I have to admit that the plain brown bag had me stumped for a couple of minutes as well. I thiught it was just super simplistic packaging
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  7. Just got into these today. Agree with what others have said, getting a natural vibe from the beans in the bag. But not too funky. tried an espresso 19g-40g in 30s. Very smooth and fruity
  8. cjonny

    Ceado E92

    christmas bump
  9. cjonny

    Acaia Pearl

    Bought in the summer when I put my coffee machine in storage when moving house. Nit getting as much use as it deserves so looking to move it on. looking for £110 delivered.
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  11. Got some of the Yirgacheffe Beloya and the mystery box. As well as some Yagua scales that are back in stock.
  12. I had a bag of these from Rave a few weeks back and have definily noticed they go off sonner as I have had to tightewn the grind quite a bit since first opening. Im going to support using recyclable materials so will be buying a air tight jar. Was thinking of getting one anyway.
  13. cjonny

    Ceado E92

    Price now reduced to £900
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